Black Woman, Long Dreadlocks

I am 41 and after 18 years of having dreadlocks I am just beginning to love them. Heck I'm just beginning to love myself. It's weird, most people at this point are normally contemplating the big cut. Not me, my hair is as healthy, long and beautiful as ever....more

Hot Tot Hair Care For Kids: As Seen On Shark Tank!


Long, Luscious Locks.....NOT!

I wear a wig every day.  It’s not a fashion statement or because I’m too lazy to do my own hair.  I don’t have a choice.Over ten years ago I was diagnosed with alopecia cicatrisata, a rare form of scarring alopecia.  I noticed my hair seemed to be thinning at the crown so I went to a dermatologist who had me try a few different topical steroid creams and did several tests before she gave me the diagnosis.  I went to her for instructions on how to get my hair to grow back, but instead she let me know that it was never going to happen....more

Not Enough Hours In A Day

Not Enough Hours In A Day! Many of you may have been wondering why my blog posts have been a bit more sporadic this past few months. The simple answer is: There just isn't enough hours in a day!...more

Benefits of Tea Tree oil for hair

Most people know that Tea Tree oil is a natural healing agent or an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes but it has many more benefits that just that. Tea Tree oil is extracted from a tree called Melaleuca alternifolia which is found in South Wales, Australia.  Natives make an herbal tea using the leaves of the tree and this is where the name came from. ...more

Beautified- Fall Hair Issue

You all can look at style magazines and other sources for the fall trend reports but this is the honest to goodness truth: Very few people make huge changes at each season. Some trends are easy to follow while others require a bigger commitment that most people don't find in their comfort zone. When I was still working behind the chair I did always encourage a seasonal change to my clients but I always tried to keep my suggestions very "real" ...Read more:

Yes, I'm Natural....No, I'm not Vegan

I'm compelled to write a short post on behalf of the many, many Naturals who are not Vegans and/or Vegetarians.  Why?...more

Frizzy to silky soft in five easy steps

The hair is a thing of beauty. Gorgeous, long locks have always fascinated me. Unfortunately, I have frizzy (gasp!) hair. But it’s not as terrible as you might think. Before enrolling at a Marinello Beauty College*, I had to find ways to tame my frizz without having to go to a salon. And boy, did I find them! I’m going to share with you some of the most effective remedies that helped convert my frizzy hair into silky soft tresses right now. Here’s what you need to do!...more

NC - Inside Oprah's HAIR Issue

(source)Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE...more
@Angel Knows Exactly!  Women do deal with hair loss and although men seem to get the most ...more

Greenwashing, it occurs in Natural hair product promoting

(origin)The Natural hair movement has pushed the uses of herbs, oils, and organic pr...more