Chic And Simple Hair Cut

Over the weekend my hair went through a small...okay maybe a medium transformation.  My hair was at shoulder length to start with. It was starting to become unfashionable. I was stuck in a Mommy rut with my hair. I found myself starting to throw it in the Mommy pony or doing the flat strait hair. So I decided it was time for a trim...some Mommy pampering.  ...more

Trendy Hairy Styles 2014

Men get the short end of the stick when it comes to hairstyles. Women’s hairstyles are much more versatile and new ideas just seem to keep appearing. We previously did a blog on past hairstyles, but this year we are adding the the more popular trends we’ve seen. Think about your hair as an accessory to your wardrobe. Think about the outfit you are going to wear and how it can accent it. You can make a simple dress look edgier simply by creating a bold hairstyle....more

Girl Put That Box Down! Hair Coloring At Home

Should I color my hair at home?...more

Give Thanks Giveaway

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (eek!! Already?!) and in the spirit of giving and being thankful, I wanted to say THANKS to all my readers by GIVING away some fun treats....more

Fall 2014 Hair Trends