Tips for luscious soft and healthy hair

Tips for luscious, soft and healthy hair.BY KELLY // JUNE 16, 2015 // ...more

How To: Co-Washing Your Hair...No Suds Needed

So many of you have written in and begging me to review co-washing products - "What exactly is co-washing? How does it work? Which are the best brands on the market?", you asked over and over. So with all of the queries (and my own self fear of it), I ventured out to put together a hair-what-is-it and-how-to...yes, a mouthful indeed, but you will walk away with a good amount of knowledge (and some rocking clean hair!)...more

Hair How To: Amanda Seyfried's Tony Award Hair

You asked for it – we got it!So many of you wrote in asking how to get Amanda Seyfried’s Tony Award hair…thanks to our friends at Matrix and Amanda’s hairstylist Renato Campora  – we found you the answer.INSPIRATION: Grace Kelly – Timeless, Elegant, and Classic.HAIR-HOW-TO:...more

Does your man beard make the Father's Day cut?

Ladies and gentsOr should I say, ladies and a few distinguished men.... Hello and welcome to session II.All about the beard- A Father’s Day must....more

Fun in the Sun for Summer!

It's basically summer now (ok in SoCal it's always summer....) and that means it's time to lighten up that make up routine a little bit. Not sure what I mean? Let me help you out. When you're going to be out in the sun, by the pool, by the lake, in the lake, in the ocean, on the golf course, at the park, or enjoying some outdoor time, the last thing that you want (or need for that matter) on your face is that same heavy foundation you used in January. Instead, it's time to lighten it up a bit and go a little more natural. ...more

Put A Rainbow On It ~ How To Dye Your Hair With Food Colouring

When I was fifteen and away at leadership camp, my girlfriend and I walked downtown during our afternoon free time, bought some 30¢ packages of Kool-Aid from the corner convenience store, returned to the camp bathroom and proceeded to turn our heads {and the camp sinks} bright pink.* When I was sixteen and decided that Kermit didn't know what he was talking about and it would, in fact, be easy being green, I took my mothers food colouring and painted a long, dark streak through the hair on the right side of my face.** When my six-year-...more

Protective Styling with Wigs | Natural or Relaxed Hair

Don't you just love a good wig? Wearing wigs is one of my favorite ways to protecting my hair during my hair growth journey. Now wigs are not the only way to protective style. I've used buns, braids, and anything else that has kept my ends protective. Protective styling is a must on any healthy hair journey no matter the hair type of texture. ...more