I quit shampoo.

It’s about time that I shared with all of you another little secret of mine. Are you ready for it? The secret is this: I haven’t used shampoo since February. That’s right. The last time I shampooed my hair there was snow on the ground....more

High Humidity Hair

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite: ...more

How ‘Style’ is a Key Element to High Quality Hairstyles

Watching a woman’s hair move in the wind is an eye gauging experience, especially when the hairstyle is just right. Hair that compliments the facial features and persona of someone is key. Women love their hair being that it’s a part of them. Hair is part of what helps bring out the beauty in someone....more

How to Become a Celebrity Hairstylist/Makeup Artist

Image courtesy of Bode Helm Photography...more

Maybe Natural hair ISN'T for everybody...

Now, first breathe...breathe and calm your worried nerves about what I just said.  I know many in the Natural hair community hate that know the one,...more

3 Kitchen Finds That Can Transform Your Hair

How many times have you found a "natural" hair product that advertises exotic fruits and extracts on the cover but turn out to be 80 percent chemicals? More than you can count I am sure. Luckily, you don't have to go very far to get the health that your hair is begging for-- it also is a lot cheaper.It turns out that your kitchen is a hub for great natural hair care that is completely under your control. Here are three shine boosting, moisturizing, and curl enhancing kitchen items that can transform your coils....more

Clever Find: B A N D E D Headbands That Absolutely Won’t Slip

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife...more

Curling Rods are back!

Curling Rods are back!  ...more

OK, I'll Admit It - I Just Don't Get The Hair Thing

I belong to a neighborhood Facebook board full of Moms who swap tips and information and recommendations for all kinds of stuff in our town and our school district. It's been a big resource for all kinds of stuff, and today, there was a frantic post from a Mom that read something like this:Help! I need a recommendation for a good hairdresser! The one I used to use moved to another town and I'm at a loss!!!...more
I felt similarly -- until my gray hair became something I couldn't cover at home. I now will pay ...more

My Heat Free Hair