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The Hair Falling Out Panic A few months ago I was washing my hair when literally a handful of hair fell out. A handful....more


You know how after you go to the salon and your stylist has tamed your generally unruly hair into sweet silky oblivion? The boost it gives you to your day is invaluable in my book.So on my quest for "that feeling" I am planning on picking up a few of the goodies my gal used on me recently, plus planning on revisiting some old favorites and checking out a newbie from a line I've been meaning to try.Here we go!...more

DIY: Upside Down French Braided Top Knot

It's easy, really. And quick, too. This upside down french braided top knot. So easy, in fact, that you can do this on your own head, if you've got the skills for french braiding upside down...No worries, right? Either way, you're reaching behind your head, anyway......more

Hair Challenges: Dry Shampoo


It's BACK!!!!

Almost fell over the other day when I saw the glorious aqua bottles sitting there on the shelf. Felt like a mirage in the desert. Could it be???...more

I Enjoy Being a Girl...I Swear

 Women are amazing, aren’t they?  I am continuously awestruck and inspired by so many of the greats: ones I know, ones I don’t, and ones named Beyoncé.  Right, B?  Who run the world? ...more

Spoil Your Friends With These DIY Spa Day Party Ideas

Are you ready to plan a fun event that will have all your girlfriends excited for weeks in advance? Plan a spa day party! ...more