My love for my Curly Hair

I have natural red curly hair. It is mine and believe it has taken a long time to love it and aprreciate it. I have straightened it and colored it brown, black and blonde just to be a rebel. For the last 10 years I have gone back to my look the one I was born with, now I have finally found someone that can cut my hair. THANK YOU KATHY SMITH!!!!!!!!  But the problem is strangers ask, is that your real hair? Can I touch your hair? What is the length of time it takes to do your hair. Yes this is my real hair. No, you can not touch my hair....more

How to manage Cowlicks

Today I wanted to share how I "manage" my cowlicks.Cowlicks are super annoying...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   ...more

Easy Side Bun Tutorial

Moroccan Oil Light Review

My hair is fine, super-straight, and prone to breakage. My hair is also soft and downey like a little baby child, so it doesn’t take much to make it go all limp and sad looking. When I heard that Moroccan Oil had come out with a ‘light’ version for fine hair, I wanted to get my hands on some!...more

Henna as a Natural Hair Dye

 I have been dying my hair for years. I have been many colours, natural and unnatural. Yet as I am getting older I have started to develop some wispy grey hairs and I am not ready to embrace this, so whilst I attempt to regain my natural dark brown colour after being purple, red, blue and black I also want to cover up those few little greys....more


[caption id="attachment_729" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo Courtesy of[/caption] ...more

Dual Texture Hair

Hey everyone, how we doing today? ...more

Smooth & Shiny. Just How I like It!

 So I have been saving my tip money to have the Coppola Keratin Treatment done by my awesometastic stylist Alicia.  Her and I have been talking about this treatment for my hair for quite some time.  Finally last week I had it done!The first thing Alicia did was...more

St. Patrick's Day Hair Style Idea

St. Patrick's Day Hair IDEA  St. Patrick's Day HAIR IDEA - Shamrock Hair 1....more

MJ's hair care tips

 Whenever I look in the mirror, I see changes in my hair. But MJ Maturan, my hairstylist here in North Carolina, calls them dimensions.To a layperson like me, it means something new. I went to have my hair done at MJ's salon last Saturday and like what I said in my first blog, she's really good....more