Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane on Aligning Her Life With Poetry

April is gone and with it National Poetry Month. For some, that thirty days of appreciation of the ancient art may be the only time they think about poets and verse or consider how much poetry adds to our lives. Sadly, too, for others, the only time they will hear a poem outside of school may be when someone dies or moves on in some other way. ...more

Autism and Acceptance: Lisa Genova on Her Book, "Love Anthony"

I have low expectations for novels about autism, as the autistic characters in popular books like Rules, House Rules, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time are portrayed so negatively -- as inscrutable, unpredictable, unreasonable tyrants around whom fractured, exhausted, resentful families revolve. Those stories do no show my reality -- I adore my autistic son, and our family life is generally happy....more
Thank you for this fascinating interview of Lisa Genova.  I am the parent of a 21 year old son ...more

BlogHer Talks to Bestselling Romance Author Jill Shalvis

I picked up my first Jill Shalvis novel because blogs had mentioned her but I kept reading her books and devouring her backlist because of her writing. Jill writes strong characters and the women in her novels are every bit as strong as the men. She's not afraid to bring some humor to her books and she writes a darned fine sex scene. ...more
Terrific interview.  Thanks!   I love a strong heroine.  I can see I've got some catching up to ...more

BlogHer Talks to "The Fault in Our Stars" Author John Green

We talked to New York Times best-selling author John Green about his BlogHer Book Club selection, The Fault in Our Stars. Here's what he had to say about the strength of community, signing 150,000 copies of his new book and how becoming a father changed him. ...more
Awesome!  more

BlogHer Talks to Eleanor Brown

We caught up with Eleanor Brown, author of BlogHer Book Club pick The Weird Sisters right before she left on her month-long book tour. ...more
O.M.G. I loved her book!more

BlogHer Talks to Jeffrey Zaslow

Editor's Note: We sincerely regret the passing of Jeffrey Zaslow on February 10, 2012. We enjoyed his work and his commentary. Our deepest sympathies go out to Jeffrey's family and friends. -Rita BlogHer recently caught up with Jeffrey Zaslow, the author of BlogHer Book Club pick The Magic Room. ...more
I really enjoyed this book and the perspective it provided. I applaud Mr. Zaslow for being able ...more

INTERVIEW: Sarah Jio Talks About Her New Novel, The Bungalow

If I had to pick a favorite book from 2011, it would be The Violets of March by Sarah Jio. So when I saw that she released her second novel, The Bungalow right after Christmas, it was the first book I downloaded on my Kindle Fire... and I blew right through it. It was a mixture of romance, mystery, war and history all tied together with phenomenal writing; I just couldn’t put it down. So imagine how tickled I was when Sarah agreed to an interview for our BlogHer readers!...more
I cannot wait to read it! I just finished Violets of March yesterday and was so sad that it was ...more

BlogHer Talks to Kim Edwards

BlogHer recently caught up with author Kim Edwards about her BlogHer Book Club pick, The Lake of Dreams. ...more
I'm definitely fascinated to hear that Kim Edwards does not outline! Especially with a book like ...more

Interview With The Phantom Tollbooth Author Norton Juster

The reason why the Phantom Tollbooth appeals to children is the same reason why the construction of the book appeals to adults. In both cases, it's a tale of the unexpected, the unpredictable, the fact that anything can happen. Milo walks into his room and finds a mystery gift. He starts playing with it and lands himself in an incredible adventure. What child didn't walk into their room every day after reading the book with the knowledge that anything could happen? (Isn't that an enormous thought -- both the good reality and bad reality of the statement.) ...more
I loved this book as a child. It just completely captured my imagination. I re-read it earlier ...more

BlogHer Talks to Stella Duffy

BlogHer recently caught up with author Stella Duffy. We're reading her novel Theodora for BlogHer Book Club. ...more
The history books record one of Theodora's great moments during the Nika revolt where she ...more