Wanderlust Wednesday. Corn Islands.

Wanderlust Wednesday. Corn Islands.Big Corn and Little Corn make up this small island cluster nestled east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.Photo credit: travel.nytimes.com...more

Continent Hopping : A Day in Africa {Morocco} Part 1

It’s hard to believe that less than 24 hours after arriving in Europe (Spain), we hopped on a ferry and spent the day on another continent, Africa (Morocco). It was an experience that neither of us wanted to pass up and looking back, we’re are certainly glad we didn’t....more

Fun with child included at SeaWorld San Antonio

Where in the World….in the Sea do I begin!? How about Sea World + Aquatica-San Antonio, Texas. It had to have a zip code of its’ own. There must be a whole city dedicated to the park alone.  Exciting, adventurous, time and money well spent. It was a day of exhilarating amusement that stimulated all of our senses in something educational as well as fun! Stupendous performances that blows life into your appreciation for the sea and sea life. ...more

Avoid the Rapids When Canoeing!

Of all the topics that our river guide, Mike, covered before we started our five-day canoe trip on Utah’s Green River, it was the mention of Cataract Canyon that stuck with me the most. I remember wanting to ask him more questions about how we’d know where our pick-up point would be out there in the wilderness, so that we wouldn’t get carried away into some of the world’s roughest rapids. Would there be signs or maybe a Starbucks?...more

When Your Summer Doesn't Work Out the Way You Plan and It's Okay

Those moments where things do not go as planned while on vacation. Yes, those. Yet, they turn out to be ahhh-mazing and the most memorable of the trip.This happened for me at Yosemite National Park years back. Some call those a happy accident. Sometimes you just cannot plan these things. And that is what makes them so special.We were coming back from a star gazing event on the Valley Floor that we seemed to miss or could not find. We were bummed and everyone was feeling hungry and grumpy. No campfire smores or shooting stars. Sad face....more

Road Trip - Returning to the Midwest

We love the Road Trip.And we love the return home.Home…ahhhh“My kitchen whimsy”...more

Legendary Dartmoor, Devon

I love Dartmoor in the South West of England, for its wildness, its rocky tors, dramatic landscapes and ghostly legends. There's a whole folklore down here about pixies who come out when no one else is around, wild beasts that stalk the moor, witches who cast their evil spells wrecking the lives of others and ghosts unable to move on from the scene of their mortal traumas. ...more

There isn't much in Milan

There is not much in Milan except the Duomo.  The scenery around the Duomo was beautiful but there was not much else. In fact some parts of Milan were a little sketchy.  The Duomo was the most amazing buildings I've seen on the trip. I loved the gothic archeticture....more

Why we travel with a sensitive child, by guest blogger Bronwyn Joy

No one ever said traveling with young children was easy. And anyone with a Highly Sensitive Child can tell you that doing anything that requires leaving the house, be it flying to Italy or going to the supermarket for eggs, can be a challenge. We try to do everything in our power to make our trips, short and long, as easy and comfortable as can be....more

Roman Holiday

Rome is wonderful.  I love the monuments and the history.  It's crazy to think your in the center of where the Roman Empire began.  The Vatican will always be my favorite! ...more