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We walked briskly on the wide path winding around mangrove thickets, through a maze filled with wild creatures who went about their daily activities as if we weren't there: alligators and herons, pink flamingoes, water snakes, frogs and tiny lizards. We were allowed a glimpse into a world normally inaccessible to humans, a swampy cluttered universe fit for smaller creatures with scales or wings....more

Getting Along With Each Other

3 Ways to Stay Fit During Your Miami Vacation

There's an old saying that states "when in Miami, do as the Miamians do." Ok, so maybe I stole that from the Romans, but I’m pretty sure that they'd be alright with me appropriating the spirit of their motto. Nowhere in the USA is looking good while celebrating and relaxing more important than in Miami. This shouldn't be a struggle though, as there are many ways to work working out into part of your vacation routine. Today I've gathered three great ways to help you stay fit while vacationing in Miami....more

Living Small in Bordeaux

We have been chasing down tiny houses this week. We had seen these cabins on "George Clarke's Amazing Spaces" on TV. So we decided to hunt them down to glean some of their practical space-saving ideas. They are called Suburban Refuges and are hidden in the urban fringes to encourage people to walk in these areas and discover new things. It is also a good excuse to explore some of the beautiful parks here in Bordeaux.People can book and stay in them for free. However, there is no water or electricity and a long-drop toilet. There also appeared to be no signs, only approximate locations on a map. We discovered the owl cabin behind a gigantic mall, through the carpark, in a park by the river....more

Temples Hopping in Thailand

I love temples, art, ancient history and ruins, especially when you look at the details. There is no other place offer a nice temples hopping country like Thailand, with cheap, safe and comfortable transportation along the way, plus the food are super delicious. Don’t you agree?...more

Pulling into History...

The Pullman Historic District neighborhood, a center of Chicago’s progressive black middle and working class population in the 19th and 20th Centuries, is declared a United States National Monument....more

6 Unforgettable Tours in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii's so-called "Gathering Place," knows how to impress. When you're not relaxing on a sun-drenched beach or sipping on a tropical cocktail, you can discover more about this beautiful island by setting off on an unforgettable tour. Here are six that you won't want to miss....more

1 Week as English Teachers in Germany

Our experience teaching English in Germany was quite an adventure. We signed up through Diverbo, a volunteer program that has immersion schools in Germany and Spain.At first, we both were pretty nervous about participating in this program for a few reasons. We aren’t teachers, and picturing a room full of students staring blankly at us, plus the idea being stuck in a German forest for a week with strangers who spoke little to no English, was pretty intimidating....more
Love the castle!more

Universal Studios, Orlando

 The Hard Rock Hotel...more