Why we're moving to Spain

Deciding to move to Europe is like being 9 months pregnant: everyone you meet is full of "good luck!"s and good-natured questions and all the questions are generally of the same ilk (I swear that's a word)....more

Thanks Denise!more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Gentle on My Mind

Well today was the day I had to say goodbye to Mr. P. We talked until the wee hours of the morning about many things, laughed in the dark, ate breakfast in the middle of the night, slept through the roosters of the morning, and then staggered out into the sunshine for coffee. I'm too happy to be sad, this week has been a dream - not just because I was with someone I feel passionate about, but because I was with someone who feels as passionate about me as I feel about him. That's the secret decoder ring of life, isn't it?...more

What you need to know about bed bugs

If you watch the network news, you probably think bed bugs--also known as Cimex lectularius--are taking over the world, or at least NYC. The bed bug population in the U.S. has grown at an alarming rate in recent months....more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Mosaics on the Ceiling

What can I say - today, for this brief moment in time, I have everything I have ever wanted. How funny it is when we catch ourselves in some magical moment, to realize that; we always dream, want, hope in life - but how often do we wake up in the morning and realize that we actually have everything, and want nothing?...more

Raising kids, running a business and dealing with life

What does it all mean?  Who knows?  I own a small business.  A very small business.  I went from raising my children to owning a business in about six months.  I loved staying home, it is my cave, my security blanket, my haven, if you will.  I feel safe here, unjudged and free.  Out there?  Out there is terrifying.  Out there I'm a small fish in a huge pond.  Out there I'm no one, just another car going down the road.  Just another grocery cart at the market.  Just another "woman driver".  But here, I mean something to several...more

I'm not a Badger

"Why the bloody hell did I agree to that?" I asked myself, following it up with a self-flagellating bonk on the head with a serving spoon as punishment (I was in the kitchen and had been trying to swat a persistent wasp with the spoon before I turned it on myself).  "Agree to what?" I hear you cry (inquisitively). "To go camping, that's what." Yep, you read right. C.A.M.P.I.N.G......... Me. Lady M. Proponent of all things luxurious and all things stuffed with duck down. ...more

Planing the FREE Trip from BlogHer! We are so EXCITED!

In planning our FREE VEGAS trip I won from BlogHer, we had first decided on Spring Break since my husband is a teacher and I work at the same district. Then, I found myself being obsessed with constantly reviewing the VEGAS.com site (where our gift cards are from) and asking my Face book friends for suggestions.  This was our chance for a long getaway and most of it FREE!...more

Welcome Home, Sistah

New British Passport

A new British passport with many extra security features will be introduced in October, replacing the ePassport introduced in 2006 British passports issued after October will have a new look, which will include line drawings of classic landscapes from around the UK. Drawings of the White Cliffs of Dover, the Gower Peninsula, Ben Nevis and the Giant’s Causeway will replace the existing images of birds....more

Live it Up This Labor Day!

This is it, the last official holiday weekend of summer. Back-to-school, back to work, winter break is months away.  For some, big vacations are the way to end summer 2010 with a bang but for others, time and finances may make that type of trip impossible.  Regardless, make this last big weekend count so here are a few tips on how you can make the most of summer no matter your schedule or budget! Be a Hometown Tourist...more