Don't Miss Chelsea Market in NYC

One of my favorite spots for ‘meandering’ in New York is Chelsea Market, located at 75 Ninth Avenue (between 15th and 16th Streets). It’s described by Wikipedia as “an enclosed urban food court, shopping mall, office building and television production facility located in the Chelsea neighborhood.” It houses such companies as The Oxygen Network, the Food Network, and more recently, Google has moved into some of the upper floors....more

Life at Sea

After a month away, settling back to a 'normal' routine of life just isn't easy....more

New York: Secrets Revealed- The Garbage Monster

Living in an elevator shaft under Time Square Subway Station, there is a Garbage Monster....more

Journey to Midway Island, 1962

 In 1962, my Naval Officer dad got orders to report to Midway Island of the Pacific Ocean....more

Couch Surfing (the ride of your life!) from LLYOV

My initial reaction to couch surfing, like many with whom I've since shared the gift, was fear and disbelief: “So you just knock on some strangers door, they let you crash at their house and they don't want anything from you?” It was worth a more comprehensive look....more
Couch surfing is a great way to create connections with the people and places.I am a big fan of ...more

LLYOV (love) from Spain


Need To Bail on Holiday Travel? Check with Your Psychic They Might Get You Out of It. Your Intuition's Cheaper Though!

Get a reading while you ride...  I just read an article in the New York Times, ...more

Luxury Travelers = 80% Boomers

 Boomer marketing sites are loaded with statistics. One that pops up repeatedly about boomer spending is that we account for 80% of luxury travel dollars.We have examined some trends in luxury travel and it seems that “sight-doing” is certainly replacing sightseeing. We have profiled several companies in our Boomer- Adventure section that offer travel experiences that engage the traveler in an active and participatory way....more

Author's Notes: When I Get To New York

[For the original article, click here.]I've never been to New York, but someday I'll get there.It's been a dream of mine; growing stronger every day. Especially whenever I watch the holiday programming.A few months ago, I decided to voice that longing in detail. And give myself a little inspirational kick.The economy being what it is, I may not vacation to NYC anytime soon...but at least I can dream. ...more

Snowcapped Sunset

I have an article/blog post that I've been wanting to write for almost two weeks now, and this weekend was going to be it. I was finally going to fight back the chaos of my apartment and give it the time and attention it deserves ... And then I got a cold. So, instead I'm going to treat you to a sunset view from my apartment window. The light was captured in the clouds just right, so I couldn't resist....more
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