Prettiest cities in the World..what do you think?

The Huffington Post recently published a list of what they believe to be the 35 most beautiful cities in the world: 1. Florence, Italy 2. Marrakesh, Morroco...more

Fancy a Jaunt to Canada Dahlink?

This is a post that I wrote for a friend's blog whilst he was on holiday. I thought you might like it. He is Canadian and he is called Brahm. Enjoy!...more

Sudden Apron Obsession

I don't know where it came from, this this sudden, urgent urge to shop for aprons...more

Exploring Taos - Part 1 - Ranchos Church Plaza

This is the first in a series of small adventures in and around Taos, New Mexico. My idea is to go out and explore favorite places as well as places that are new to me--well known, and obscure, tourist spots, and local haunts--at my own pace, which is not necessarily that of a typical travel writer. I want to show you this wonderful place from the perspective of one who has lived here for years, and is still discovering it. My hope is not to make you feel that you've been here, but that you want to come here to see it for yourself. ...more

Book Tour Week 2 - Support & Sisters in NYC

When I approached my book tour, I decided to focus on living in the moment. After all, how many people get to actually go on a 20 city book, traveling the country and meeting their readers? I wanted to really be present on this book tour, rather than freaking out about what might be ahead or reliving what might have already happened....more

Essential Travel Gear for Infants

When you get ready for your first trip with the baby, it can seem overwhelming to decide what to take with you. You might hear yourself saying, “if I could only pack up this entire nursery...”. These days, when you travel, taking a minimum amount of things is essential (especially with airport fees and baggage limitations). To help out parents with infants, I list some of the items I feel are essential when traveling with the baby. This article does not include items such as diapers, baby food, clothing, etc....more

Galapagos Expedition | Day 10

Cloudy skies and our last day arrived at the same time. This morning, the consensus of moods on the Daphne was gloomy. Thoughts of spending the day stuffed into airplanes, dealing with airlines, and crowded airports, was less than appealing. We boarded the panga, and waved farewell to the Daphne crew. ...more

A Day By The Rio Grande

Sometimes you just have to sit by the water, you know? Moving water. It's that negative ion thing I don't understand, but I know it works. Moving water can smooth away all the pokey edges, making us into instant river rocks. When we were in Ashland, Oregon, we'd trek over to the coast regularly, to visit the ocean. Even though we lived on a lake, the ocean did a much better job of water therapy. We don't really want to live at the ocean. Too much fog. Too many rusted things....more

Gear Review: E-Motion 360 4.0

So for my upcoming trip to Europe, I decided to spring for some new luggage. I made a decision to get something convertible because there have been times in my last few trips where it would have been easier to strap my luggage onto my back rather than carry it. So I started looking into various brands of luggage and decided on the Victorinox 22″ E-Motion 360 4.0 Trek Pack Plus. This bag also comes in a 25″ version but I chose the 22″ with the thought that I would be taking the bag as a carry-on more often than as a checked bag....more

A Trip to China: Final Installment

So as you know, after a few erm, technical hitches (ok, I missed my bloody flight), I finally managed to get myself from Guangzhou to Beijing by taking the train which was a very different affair from taking a train in England. It was on-time for a start. And it was fast... very fast. And it was cheap. And if that wasn't enough, the cup of green tea that I ordered from the buffet car was drinkable. So by the time I got to Beijing I was feeling pretty relaxed in readiness for the final leg of my journey the next day. ...more