Street beauty in Barcelona

There is no way to deny it - Barcelona is stunning. Its streets are reminiscent of Buenos Aires' airy avenues....while the old town is just as intricate and colourful as Venice.......more


Bugi and I have played chess together for as long as we can remember. Sometime soon after we became a couple we discovered that we both knew the rules and were pretty good at it (although I am better of course). I wish I could remember the first time we played chess. It must have been one of those long lazy summer afternoons during high school break when time slows down and life is good....more

Mercat de ka Boqueria

I wanted to show you guys the beautiful food market in Barcelona, located right off the Ramblas, the main pedestrian street. This is reputedly the best food market in all of Spain and it lived up to its glory! Here I am* at the entrance of the market smiling and trying not to get run over by the tourists:...more

Irish Telly and Mr. Jelly

My family has it's own culture. Poor grammar is abhorrent but anatomy and fart jokes are all in good fun. “That’s what she said” is a family tradition.  My husband and I are both huge nerds. We'll listen with respect to your hypothesis that Voldemort would make a great president as long as you're logical and well spoken. What will Irish television have to offer us?...more
What are your favorite UK shows?more

Following Fabian

It's starting to become a serious joke in my family. I'm getting famous for getting lost on the Freeways of Southern California. I've sort of hinted at this here. But now that I've come clean about my latest adventure to my family, it's time to share the story on the Blog for my public humiliation....more

Diving for Blessings

Angela Wylie's photo of Theophany in Australia from love Miami Beach, but I yearn for New York....more

I love packing

I do love packing. For trips that is. I hate packing for moving. Love packing for vacations. It's just so much easier to pack and move your life to someplace new just for a week, than it is to move every damn thing you own permanently.I love packing and the planner in me needs to be prepared for everything. As such, I'm probably going to overpack for this trip. Wait, scratch that, I don't want to overpack unnecessary things, I want to make sure that we have everything we need, not a thing more. And I don't want to have to do laundry while we're there....more

If We Didn't Go To Ecuador Where Did We Go Then?

We went to Barcelona instead! We had already set our mind on spending a week in a hot latin country so after the disappointing news that we will not go to Ecuador after all we did the next best thing. We were already packed for a trip, vacation was booked, nobody was going to look for us in the next week so off we went....more

Did We Go To Ecuador?

No, not really. I know, I can assure you we were more disappointed than you. Let me start at the beginning....more