Missing Mexico

I’ve been back in Cali for a couple of days now, we’re back on our old schedule and getting on with our everyday lives. Yet, something happens every time I come back from a trip home, my heart starts to ache. It aches for my family, for myself, for how life without them can be isolating and lonely. This is why I want to do one more post about Mexico before the fleeting images disappear into my memory. Wow! I didn’t mean to start this post so depressingly....more

Ancient Irish Hospitality: just eat the biscuit and swill the tea

I like coffee, I like tea - but not as much as the Irish. Americans would benefit from learning some Irish style hospitality. If you are invited into someone's home, you will be offered tea and a biscuit (cookie) at least and probably a sandwich as well. Just eat the biscuit and swill the tea. To turn down this offer, even with a polite, "no thank you, I'm full" or "I just ate, thanks" is the height of rudeness. So much so that you may not be asked over again....more

American Girl in Holland

I've started a little blog about my experience in moving from the States to The Netherlands. I started it to keep track of our fun for myself and my kids but my friends have enjoyed it as well. It's called Americangirlinholland.blogspot Enjoy~Lisa...more
Don't mind if I do :)more

North is Up (and Other Directional Observations)

Never. Eat. Shredded. Wheat. Those four words sum up my directional abilities in their entirety. They represent the four pointed options on a compass.Easy enough. But here’s where it gets tricky: the above is a static stationary image. If I move, there is no guarantee it will move. Then we end up going in varying directions....more

Things I will miss about the U.S.

Of course I'll miss my friends and family. I adore Chris, Hope, Mandy (and her enormous gorgeous family), Gary, Dean, and my coworkers. But really, really? We rarely visit in person. It's texts and Facebook. I'm busy, you're busy, we still love each other. I just IMed my former editor, Todd, and it was a huge thrill. That guy is hilarious  and completely Uber, Uber Todd. He said he'd miss us....more

Tunisian Revolution, Kairouan Style, a Place of Cultural & Artistic Innovation

One year since the start of the Tunisian ‘Revolution’, the city of Kairouan brought a cultural Revolution. The mural project in Kairouan was mobilized and organized by a group called El Khaldounia, based out of the capital Tunis. The project entailed the painting of a 40m x 7m wall positioned just beyond the turrets of the old Medina in Kairouan (place of cultural and artistic innovation since the first Islamic Empires.) The participants had spontaneously asked to take part in the project taking place in their town....more

Traveling in Mexico. With Kids. Camping.

I have been posting as much as I can (with our highly limited internet access) to our family travel blog, OhGo (Oh! The Places We Go). OhGo is a huge labour of love - months and months in the making. I hit big brick walls called CSS and HTML and WordPress and Themes and Domains and loads of other stumbling blocks that would have had a saner person give up a whole long time. But what can I say, other than I quit smoking? ...more
Oh my Oh my - those are fantastic photos and I SO wish I was there.  We live in Alaska and have ...more

Gaudi My Prince (Part 3)

We are at the end of our journey through the Sagrada Familia...or at the beginning since it was the first and only facade that Gaudi finished in his lifetime. It is called the Nativity facade and it depicts the birth of Christ. It is full of life and joy, it is busy and ornate - complete different from the Passion facade....more

Gaudi My Prince (Part 2)

The interior of the Sagrada Familia is overwhelming. I actually can't find the words to describe it (and as anyone who knows me will testify - I am a woman of many words) - you really have to see it for yourself. So I will dive right into the pictures and instead of describing what I saw, I will tell you what I felt....more