Say Goodbye to the Are-We-There-Yet Blues: 3 Book Tips for Traveling with Kids

Sure videos are great for traveling with kids, but there's nothing like a shared story to help create some  family memories....more

We're headed out next week and I'm not finding any good picks. What are some good family ...more

Slumming It

Slum tourism: right or wrong?“In Khayelitsha, an informal township on the Cape Flats in Cape Town, I met a grey-haired lady who was endeavouring to start a restaurant in her home. I had arrived with a local township tour operator in a VW Combi from the District Six Museum, which is dedicated to telling the story of the people resettled from District Six during the clearance between 1966 and 1982....more

Flat Jasmine!

While I'm not attending BlogHer '10 next month, Flat Jasmine is going in my place....more

Thinking about Study Abroad ?: Things to Consider before Making a Decision

Deciding to spend part of college away from friends, family and what is familiar can be overwhelming. When you're child is thinking about going away for an extended period of time, your first reaction could be "Absolutely not!" but there are important things to consider before ruling out the possibility....more

Get Off the Beaten Track in NYC While at BlogHer '10

While in New York City for BlogHer, there are many fun and thought-provoking sights to see. Many people will hit the famous landmarks, like Times Square, the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Lincoln Center and Rockefeller Center. Those places can be great, but I also hope that people will venture out a bit and see some of the more unusual things that make New York City the most exciting city in the US. Here are a few recommendations from my book Off the Beaten (Subway) Track: New York City’s Best Unusual Attractions: ...more

Don't miss one amazing partially finished cathedral if you have a chance.
This the the place to ...more

How Getting Lost Can Be Good: An Interview With The Lost Girls

Did you ever find yourself looking around, wondering what you were doing and how you got here? Did you then go on to wonder if "here" was where you really wanted to be? That's what happened to Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and Amanda Pressner, aka the Lost Girls. When they didn't know the answers to those questions, they decided to find out by taking a year to travel around the world. I spent my recent vacation reading about their trip in their book The Lost Girls: Three friends, four continents, one unconventional detour around the world. ...more
Ay-men, sistuhs! Keep posting/keep moving/keep's only our lack of imagination ...more

Skincare Inflight

Flying can be rough on your body (jet lag anyone?) and on your skin.  This might sound funny but you need to wear your sunscreen on a plane if you are flying during the day.  No way around it.  Why?  High levels of UV rays penetrate airplane windows since the su...more

Celebrating 10 Years

Ummm, this Foodie Friday has nothing to do with food. And no, not yet celebrating ten years of blogging....more

Sounds like you've had a great ten years! And I can't wait to hear about your time in the Peace ...more