In Vino Veritas: In Wine, There is Truth

“In wine there is the truth.” It’s a latin phrase that refers to the remarkable ability of wine to bring out people’s true feelings. We’ve all been there before: several glasses in, feeling a warm glow, inhibitions wiped away…and the truth comes out—sometimes for the good, other times…well…you might just hope that the truth serum comes with a memory-eraser so you don’t have to relive the silly, embarrassing or awkward moments of truth spurred on by the multiple glasses of liquid courage you just consumed....more

Holy Crap! I'm Getting MARRIED Tomorrow!!!

Yes folks, it's that time again!  My weekly installment of my blog on is up, and we're up to the day before our wedding.  I just love the story of our trip, and can't wait until next week when the wedding finally happens! Check it out and leave some love if you are so inclined! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

Pleasant Pensacola

If you ever find yourself in Pensacola, Florida, you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only by their white sandy beaches and their southern hospitality, but also by the variety for us green eaters ; )...more

I want to pay for the upgrade!

For several years I have been a frequent flyer.For living in Perth, the most isolated city in the world we have to board a plane to do anything remotely exciting (Perth is quiet, but I do love it!)...more

Boo on no free booze or "extras"!! more

Charmed City

The spirituality in New Orleans is tangible.  You can literally reach out and touch the prayers and wishes and curses.  What's your persuasion?  Christian? Pagan? Voodoo?  Santeria?  Jewish? You won't have to look very far to find others who share your own beliefs and aren't afraid to invite you into their fellowship.I try to describe to people how the atmosphere in New Orleans is different, but I don't think you can truly understand until you are in the thick soup of prayer.  Being one of the oldest cities in America means that New Orleans has been the birthplace of many a call out to the Glorious Universe, and being one of the most spiritually diverse cities that I have come into contact, makes it feel as though all these prayers and passion are fighting with each other.  It ...more

Week 4

Last post, I wrote about my chance to ask my church family at Belfast U.M. church for support — prayer & financial — for my work with HOPE61. Well, the pastor there also pastors another nearby church, in Caneadea. He asked if I was interested in speaking there too! So Sunday I went to Caneadea’s service at 9:00 AM & then Belfast’s at 10:50. This was my first time officially presenting my ministry & I was quite nervous....more

In Defense of Our Overscheduled Summer

I am almost certain that the creator of the phrase "lazy days of summer" was not part of my family. By family, I mean all branches of my family: the nuclear family I grew up in, my aunts' and uncles' families, and so on through our family tree. We are movers and shakers by nature, and so it makes sense that we will continue moving and shaking right through the (very hot) summer months. This year is no different. ...more

Every summer, I look at the calendar and think I will keep things loose and unscheduled, and ...more

Why *I* Travel: My Thoughts on Paul Theroux's "Why We Travel"

I’m now going to admit something scandalous: I hate Paul Theroux. Not the man himself–I’ve never met him; he might be lovely in person. I hate Paul Theroux’s writing. Yes, that pretty much revokes my membership to all travel writing guilds. Theroux is the golden boy of post-20th century travel writing....more

Alone vs Lonely (Part II)

While writing "All Alone" earlier this week, my fingers actually kept tap-tap-tapping away. And I looked up, and the sun had not only set, it was pitch dark outside. And a whole story had poured out. The post was so long I had to chop it in half, wrap up my thoughts and finish it in this post. ...more

How to Make a Bridge--French Stylee

faire le pont--making the bridge or if you like fairing le bridge...more