Prague, from Kafka to Carmen, a bittersweet symphony

Today's itinerary ran the gamut, from absurdest writer to hedonistic gypsy with a cup of chocolate fondue in between. As If I'd died and gone to heaven.  ...more
Beautiful Photos! It is a definite place I would love to visit!more

Some More in Seattle

As promised, here are some more delicious Seattle secrets! Whether you are taking a leisurely city sightseeing tour or just passin’ through on a west coast tour, these tasty hot spots are a must visit, regardless of your time in town. Ok, at least make time for a few of these because you’ll be glad you did!...more

5 misconceptions I'm glad I no longer have about New York

Times Square - the grungy city of lights that is only some of New YorkNew York is a city that I hav...more
@lainierenee thanks! Remains to be seen how permanent of a move it will be, definitely here ...more

1 week away!!!

1 week away!!! We are less than a week away from the Rock'n'Roll Savannah!! While I was originally going to run the marathon and have had to change to the half, I am still super excited about it. I've been to Savannah once before and it was awesome so I thought it'd be fun to talk about all the cool things we did while I was there....more

Vacationing is Hard Work



Seattle, the Pacific Northwest’s Emerald City. Home of the Space Needle and Public Market as well as the birthplace of grunge music and Starbucks.  This city by the sound is beautiful, lush and a hub for delicious eats. It’s a bustling town of hip and young folks and families, who have built a green and veg friendly metropolis. Seattle is jam packed with special diet friendly options so I’ll be splitting up this town into 3 posts so as to keep from writing a novel! Let’s get started!!...more

Southern Literary Trail App

During the summer I had the honor of helping on a Deep South Magazine project; the Southern Literary Trail app, available on iTunes via Sutro Media. I wasn't the only one who helped, it was a group effort from the interns and contributors of Deep South Magazine with our illustrious leader Erin Z. Bass at the helm. In 2010, Erin Z. Bass founded Deep South Magazine, an online publication that connects...more
This is fascinating. I must check this app OUT. NOW. (And then figure out how to get to the ...more

Legoland Florida: A Full Review for Parents and Kids

 Legoland is Florida's newest and most anticipated theme park addition. Located in Winter Haven (about 45 minutes south of Disney) on the grounds of the old Cypress Gardens, it is a brightly colored mecca for Lego lovers and fans. Be warned: it IS a park for kids. It is not like EPCOT or even Universal, which play to a definite adult audience as well.  Legoland claims its target audience is kids 2 to 12. I would say more specifically 5 to 11-year-old boys....more

Boomers Abroad

From 1946-1964, 4,000,000 babies were born, thus constituting the largest and, therefore, most powerful generation of this century: Baby Boomers.  Now in our 50s and 60s and looking at the remainder of our lives, I find that the majority of us boomers are asking the question, "Is it enough?"  Did we accomplish our goals or enjoy all that we set out to experience before we wil...more
I love it! This is exactly why I started my business, Celtic Heart Tours, to take small groups ...more

Family Dinner Travels through Northern Italy

As long as we’re here in Northern Italy, let’s stay another week.  Primarily because there are so many wonderful foods and recipes to share from this region. Risotta is a northern Italian staple and it’s a staple in my house as well. You can add just about anything to risotto but this combination is one of my favorites.Risotto...more