A Grand Day in Albuquerque

The saga continues. The Sunday deadline has come and gone, and our house is still not ours again... Another deep breath, maybe a small adjustment in tactics, and we launch into a beautiful Taos Monday morning. The air is clear and cool. We need a little heat to take the chill off the trailer, but it will warm up again as the sun gets higher. In the Great Balance of things, we are lucky to be here, and are trying our best to have more curiosity than complaints....more


whoever said Narita's gonna be 19 centigrades, they're lying. It's like 30 degrees in the airport! And hopefully after this, I'll get like, 12 hrs of sleep, at least. My eyes hurt. >.< They have smoking areas at every other two blocks in the airport. It's hidden at times, but find-able. Still, the only airport that gives free interwebz is changi. :p They have funny signages, though. I did *not* photoshopped what's behind me. ...more

Romancing the Stone: Reunited with Michelangelo's "David"

Romancing the Stone: Reunited with Michelangelo's "David" ...more

Wild and Wooly - Taos Wool Festival

We're waiting, waiting, sort of patiently, for our house to be empty. There is some slosh-over of timing that can't be avoided, and while we feel the clock ticking on this ideal time of year to sell a house, which we really need to do, we also realize we can only rush things so much. We have a lot of work ahead of us. OK, that's actually a pretty huge understatement, but I'm trying really hard not to freak out....more

In which I commence teaching English in Spain

Today was the first day of school! ...more

Vegan Las Vegas

A lot more has popped up in the way of vegan fare since my last visit to Sin City! While the places I frequented on past visits still exist, I’ve had to add some new spots to my list. Vegas hasn’t gotten any less wild but I’m so happy that there has been a turn toward some more plant based fare. Some healthier then others, here’s my updated list of veggie goodness in this naughty dessert oasis!...more

In which I sniff at the bus system

Spain is lovely.  So far, our experience has been full of sunshine and siestas and wine and tapas and all the things that Spain is generally known for.  Rainbows and butterflies.Except for one thing.*dun dun duuuuun*The bus system....more

A Visit to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

A Great Place to Meet PeopleThe Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton OH is a fabulous place to bring your children or grandchildren....more

What's a Nutritionist to do?

My whole life I grew up thinking that Europe was the seat of natural medicine. Homeopathy was a household word, pharmacies sold natural products and herbal remebdies....more

Russian Lessons: the Dacha

For years, I have wanted my very own dacha. Maybe there’s something about dying empires that stirs longing. In September of 1991, I boarded a train to Moscow for a semester of study abroad, during what was to be the Soviet Union’s final autumn....more