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What memories... We do indeed love us some Mono and Mammoth. We were all set to go back last Friday but found out that Tioga Pass was still closed. Planning on an alternate route, we checked the weather forecast and it was bellowing SNOW and HAIL and things that didn't sound like much fun to camp in. At all. ...more

Meeting Needs with NVC

There’s no one on the planet who hasn’t been in a situation wherein tempers and/or emotions escalated – perhaps even dramatically – due to miscommunication or poor communication. When this has happened in your own life, you’ve likely looked back on it afterwards and wondered how things got so out of control....more

It's May, Meaning Muscles Meet the Miraculous.

It’s cliche, but I’m so sore that muscles are hurting that I never realized existed…I’ve gone from having no time to workout to doing it nearly 3 hours a day. Mayterm at Houghton is a wonderful thing (weather is nice, fewer classes & responsibilities, living in a house with Heather instead of college housing, etc.), but this year I’m taking 2 PE credits — Tennis & Badminton....more

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The Sunglasses

Kat Spitzer The Happy Hypochondriac www.happyhypochondriac.com...more

How I Love Mount Zion...

Let me count the ways!! Zion National Park is nothing short of breathtaking. The Virgin River running through it, the greenery and the majestic canyons were enough to make me want to pack up my city life and move to a ranch just outside the gates; ) The Zha Zha of Zion!...more


French people always greet each other. There's never any launching directly into a conversation: a person must be greeted before she-he will participate in an exchange. This is true for everything from asking directions of a stranger on the street to seeing a loved one first thing in the morning. Bonjour is the beginning. Beyond the verbal hello, there's usually a physical one too if you're establishing any kind of a relationship with the person....more

Why (and How) Our Family is Taking a Year Off

When you tell people that you are voluntarily moving into a 24 foot travel trailer with your husband and two kids, you get to enjoy a variety of reactions. Confusion, excitement, doubt. Envy and encouragement. I've seen a broad spectrum of responses play across different faces over the last 8 months since I began telling people that I was planning to sell the bulk of my stuff and move my family into an RV so that we could travel around America for a year....more

First of all let me commend you on such a courageous decision. I applaud your family for taking ...more

The Importance of Being a Stranger

I like being useful.  I like having something to offer the people I meet, and I like to be a good friend.  When I moved to Germany, I wasn't any of these things.  I literally didn't even know how to count past three in Deutsch.  I didn't have resources to share, and I was rather vulnerable and needy.  I couldn't drive there, I didn't know what was going on, and my husband started work 13 hours after we arrived....more

Three things have been really bugging me

So my lovelies, I need your help. I have probably got too much time on my hands, but three things have really been bugging me today. Three things which are quite frankly, a riddle wrapped in an enigma. ...more

That raincoat thing is a good one. I never thought of that, but quite ...more