Why Spanish School Lunches Beat Ours By A Mile

Today I swiped something from my school in the name of being an informative blogger.  (See the things I do for you?)  I thought it would be fun to discuss...*dun dun dun*...a Spanish school lunch menu....more
This is SO neat! I love a lot of Spanish/latin food so this menu is right up my alley. Plus it ...more

Road Trip! (?)

People complain about air travel. Sure there are the airlines' endless fees and loose regard for scheduled arrival times, but I can live with that....more

A Tiny Plane, A Sledgehammer and a Movie-Worthy Ending

It has been a while since I have flown about the Rockies, and in many ways I am relieved. ...more

Norway: Activities

Maybe you're sick of reading about my trip to Norway yet, but I'm not yet sick of talking about it! Just one more recap and then I'm back to regularly scheduled (or irregularly scheduled as the case may be) blogging....more

There were too many trees in the Forest

I woke up to something rather unusual this morning....... sunshine, that's bloody what. After weeks of grey cloud and rain, it was fabulous to finally get my share of the big warm yellow thing that normally hangs around in Australia and California. I immediately hatched up a plan. It involved being outdoors and playing with gadgets, so it was almost as good as a 'Hot and Spicy' pizza from Dominos. Yep, I decided I was going to take my new Canon S95 to nearby Bernwood Forest to play with the settings. ...more

"Favela Wars "( Brazil)


Ze Bloc Blogs

I have been on Twitter and googling for some time, searching for other Mamas online who share in my experiences, history and food preferences.  I was trying to follow the advise I have heard so many times about blogging, you know the term "Find your tribe".  Oh so much easier said than done.A couple of days ago, a conversation between several very talented Mama bloggers and myself led to the Bloc Blogs.  Or more specifically Ze Bloc Blogs.What is Ze Bloc Blogs?  Some of us are Lithuanian, others Russian, Polish, etc.  We all share a special conn...more

I'm sure you will! Give it time. Meanwhile, I'm off to check out your blog. I know several ...more

March Madness, Spring Fever & Oversized Art in Manhattan

(To see the fab photos that illustrate this text, please click below on my blog "A Rolling Crone") www.aRollingCrone.blogspot.com I drove to New York last weekend to see all the photo-as-art shows, including AIPAD at the Park Avenue Armory, but really, I was desperately seeking signs of Spring, which usually shows up in Central Park about two weeks ahead of its arrival in Massachusetts. ...more

What is the most important thing in the world?

The most important thing in the world? love 21.7%money 8.0%health 56.5%beauty 1.0%there's many important things 12.7%Total Votes: 2934...more

.The most important think,was my Mom,but now it's too late..She just died yesterday, more

The City of Oslo in Pictures

lick on images for location...more