Life...It catches up to you...

At first, I was going to write about our first camping trip (with a nearly one-year old, no less!), but haven't gotten around to it.  Then I was going to write about the Great Father's Day Burglary (they took our 24in flat screen monitor for our htpc), but didn't feel up to it.  So I guess I'll be writing about our adventure in moving for the first time as a family....more

Share Your Favorite Summer Memories

Happy Solstice, dear bloggers. Summer's arrival launches a season when fashion means sparkly flip-flops, the blender stays out and adventures pile up, right? As Section Editor for this here Life category, which includes travel, I'm making a request. Being the naturally curious and expressive people that bloggers are, we get outside eventually, right? Tell me about it. No, really. Tell me....more


Thanks so much for sharing these lovely posts! You really captured the magic of those ...more

On Rental RVs

When I worked at Yellowstone, rangers used to say that rental RVs were the most dangerous thing in the park. Not bears, not bison, not pools of boiling sulphur water – rental RVs....more

jingling sweet dreams

jingling sweet dreams I dreamed last night that we went back to Fiji....more

Find You Butterfly Effect: Manna Project International

Introducing Manna Project International:...more

Christy Turlington Burns: Back to Bangaladesh

Two years ago Christy Turlington Burns (yes, the supermodel) traveled to Bangaladesh to film her documentary No Woman, No Cry. Now back in Bangaladesh to share the film, Christy is also blogging about how much things have improved for those women in a few short years. ...more

Five important things you should take care of before booking that next trip

© 2010 autisticglobetrotting .All rights reserved. While planning for your vacation, you should consider these five things first:   #1 Make sure all your family members (including yourself) are healt...more

Why isn't there an international emergency number?

"9-11 what’s your emergency?"        In the United States most toddlers are taught to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency, before they even form their first complete sentence....more

Family Vacation Tragedy, Anxiety and Learning to Relax

I was walking up and down and up and down the aisles of Food Lion on the island yesterday. We had already done our big vacation food shopping trip, but I had stopped back in to find a few things we had forgotten: aluminum foil, hummus, crackers and Popsicles. You would think that year after year of shopping in the same grocery store on vacation would teach me where things are, but it hasn't and I found myself wandering kind of aimlessly. Suddenly, a voice came over the intercom. "DJ, if you're in the store, your mom is looking for you."...more
I didn't have vacation anxiety. Until now. ;)   Seriously, though, I try to stiffle the fear and ...more

An excerpt from "Becoming A Man"

Back to blogging…had to take a pause as eldest son became a man. Thank goodness it only took a few weeks. ...more