The Epcot Center: A Smooth Landing with Mission Space

 We arrived at the Epcot center prepared for a fun afternoon of space exploration, soaring, the world pavilion, and the popular fireworks display Illuminations. All of us enjoyed Mission Space,  we worked as a team, to land our space craft on planet Mars....more

Disney Studios: The Suspense of Jedi Training Camp

The morning we arrived at Disney Studios  I looked at the long line-up through security and I knew I picked the day Disney offers extra hours to its hotel guests.I thought to myself this going to be one long and crowded day! However,The kids were eager to get started, we made our way through the maze of people,  and headed to  Jedi Training camp. Jedi Training was the event the kids had been dreaming of for months!...more

The Magic Kingdom: Full of Laughter and Coke Floats

We followed the rules of the Disney Junkie and arrived early at the Magic Kingdom.  In our high spirits of expecting  an eventful day, we avoided the crowds of the monorail, and we opted for the quiet ferry-boat across the lagoon enjoying the morning view. As we arrived at the gates, security checked our bags, and we then made our way into this merry dream world....more

The Pleasures of Off-season Travel; No Crowds, No Traffic Jams: The Portugal Diaries, Part Three (Sintra, Mafra, Alcobaca, Batal

The Pleasures of Off-season Travel; No Crowds, No Traffic Jams: The Portugal Diaries, Part Three (Sintra, Mafra, Alcobaca, Batalha) ...more

On The Road: Makeup Packing Tips

This is the first edition of my On The Road series, which will cover all my female-oriented travel tips and packing advice, to allow you to still look great on the road, while saving money and traveling light. ...more

Another Look At Asheville

Here I am again, yappin’ about Asheville, NC ; ) There is just to much good food to not tell you about!! So make sure you keep this info handy if you’re ever passin’ through or passin’ time in this healthy, mountainous munch fest of a town!...more

Awesome Asheville

Asheville is one of those cities where a health nut need not worry. Most restaurants in this quaint mountain town have options or will easily accommodate almost any special diet with a smile ; ) It was a real treat to be in the hospitable south without worrying about loads of buttery and fried dishes, settling only for dry salads. Amongst the greenery and clean mountain air, you will also find some of the best and healthiest food around!...more

Tips On A Family Road Trip In A Small Car

Nostalgia cluttered my thinking with memories of those car rides we reminisce about with friends. You know the ones I am talking about: the one where your brother rode in the back window and your sister slept on the hump on the floor……or the trip where your aunt threw up in your Barbie case. You know, the ones where you opened the window and arm wrestled with the wind as your dad chain-smoked all the way to California....more

Rome Visit - Campo dei Fiori

I've made it back Stateside after almost two weeks away.  Thank you so much to my siblings and in-law who contributed posts to the blog!  I hope that you enjoyed them.  As an aside, we still have not let my little brother live down that "weird kid" defense that he tried to pull after trying to stash the boxes of his Girl Scout Cookie binge.  As dutiful big sisters (this is what you get for being born the second-youngest of six kids), we bring it up from time to time, usually in the context of what on earth made him think he was going to get away with that for long with our mother.The Rome part of my trip was sort of in the middle, with stays in London on either end.  Part of my visit was to re-connect with some family friends who have been over there for about eighteen months for work. The morning of my first day there, we toured one of the famous palaces that now serves as an embassy.  While waiting for the building to be open, I wandered through the Campo dei Fiori to take in the early Saturday morning vibe.  I really love walking through street markets to feel the energy of a place, and I'm always interested to see what kinds of foods and produce are sold in them....more

Discovery's Final Launch

As a young girl, I was a dreamer, and believed in endless possibilities! It was dreams of being a marine biologist, astronaut, anthropologist that made me want to learn about the world around me, dreaming up at the stars, and charting my next adventure into unknown territories. It was this past week that I was able to get as close to the stars as I could ever imagine....more

Cool! I would have loved to been able to explore the complex! Did you dress undercover? I would ...more