PA: From Lucinda to Pittsburgh

(Originially posted on FoodNuts!)Every summer my aunt and I meet in Clarion, PA for a girl's weekend.  Why Clarion?  It's our half-way point. She lives in eastern Indiana and I live in metro NYC. This year, our two dining experiences of note occurred in two completely different settings....more

That Which We Call A Rose


Living in New England

There's nothing like living in New England.  History meets beauty at its finest.  Check out my pics from my latest trip on the Plymouth to Provincetown Ferry - gorgeous pics of the harbour, Mayflower II and some of New England's iconic lighthouses.

Seashore Learning

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. (Yes, pictures like this one and that one are from that bee-u-ti-ful city.) But, in addition to my dear and loving family and friends there, it’s the ocean that holds my heart. San Diego’s ocean simply beckons one to interact. And not just on the seashore, but in the water.  ...more

Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Convents & Monasteries)

Back to my series on how to budget for your vacation, we've discussed several different forms of lodging. We started out with hostels, made our way to bed & breakfasts, talked about local vs....more

Say Goodbye to the Are-We-There-Yet Blues: 3 Book Tips for Traveling with Kids

Sure videos are great for traveling with kids, but there's nothing like a shared story to help create some  family memories....more

We're headed out next week and I'm not finding any good picks. What are some good family ...more

Slumming It

Slum tourism: right or wrong?“In Khayelitsha, an informal township on the Cape Flats in Cape Town, I met a grey-haired lady who was endeavouring to start a restaurant in her home. I had arrived with a local township tour operator in a VW Combi from the District Six Museum, which is dedicated to telling the story of the people resettled from District Six during the clearance between 1966 and 1982....more

Flat Jasmine!

While I'm not attending BlogHer '10 next month, Flat Jasmine is going in my place....more