Cheating on Anguilla

I have a confession to make. * deep breath * You see… I’ve made plans to visit another island besides Anguilla, and I’m feeling pretty guilty about it....more

Bon Vivant


Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Hostels)

Now that we've had the opportunity to try and figure out what type of traveler you are, we need to talk about the different types of accommodations that are available for you when you travel.The bulk of your budget is going to be taken up by accommodations and transportation....more

On the Road: Why Hawaii is like France

Travel enthusiasts are often asked which place on Earth they like best. For years, my answer was always the same: "Hawaii and France." No one understood my response — not even me. How could I hold in such high esteem two destinations that are so completely different?...more

Travel TV: Sunday Night Premiers of The Amazing Race and America's Best Idea

Last I sat on the couch and between the gorgeous black and white still photography of Yosemite, I watched harried travelers rush about Tokyo and try to charm their way into first class flights. I listened to catty remarks about the poker girls and complex analysis of the character of John Muir. I was channel hopping between The Amazing Race and the new Ken Burns documentary, America's Best Idea, about the National Parks. ...more

Big Sky Country has Big Eats!

I'll admit it, I didn't have huge expectations when it came to food in Montana.  Yes, I expected steaks to be good, I mean heck, it's CATTLE country, for goodness sakes.  But other than that, I was just hoping to get some decent grub here and there.  Boy, did I get a wake-up call.  Big Sky Country has got it goin' on!  Well, except for one meal...  Here's the rundown:...more

Autumn Obsessed in Vermont

Autumn Obsessed ...more

Autumn season is mostly exciting because of this fun stuffs organized in Vermont. Here's a ...more

Great Stuff in the Travel Blogroll

On the Northern tip of Morocco, just east of Tangier, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, there is a little piece of Spain called Ceuta, in fact further along the coast there is another one as well known as Melilla. The closest for us is Ceuta or Sebta as it is sometimes known in Morocco. It is a tiny place of about approximately 28 square kilometers. ...more

Hi Pam!

Thanks so much for checking into my blog and mentioning it in yours! I am so ...more

The Compass Rose: Freedom, Sunshine and West Coast Casual

by Ainslie Uhl ...more

West with the Night

 It always amazes me how a song can take you back to a particular time and place so immediately, even within the first verse. I hear a particular song and I am transported back to the break up with my first love, the year I started college, or a really joyous moment or event. For me, one audio book has the same connection and feelings tied to it. It was as if it was one long song, and seeing the cover, the title, or anything about it takes me back to 1998 and my move from Atlanta, Georgia to San Francisco. ...more