Our calendar is full! Thanks to we have planned a FABULOUS Christmas week vacation! We have decided to make this a "car-trip" instead of flying in; this gave us more credit from our prize winnings for more shows and attractions! Having our car , will also give us a chance to drive the four hours over to Pasadena, California, to visit long missed family to make this a wonderful 2010 Christmas reunion too! So here’s the calendar so far... Just getting out of Texas, will be our first goal, so it will be up and at ‘em at 4:00 am Saturday morning December 18th....more

Galapagos Expedition | Day 2

South Plazas Island and Santa Fe Island Meet the Santa Fe land iguana... ...more

Coney Island, Baby

Where should you take your kids if you have only one day in NYC?Not the zoo, or the Met, or the Statue of Liberty. Coney Island, where kids can scratch their itch for kinetic fun and you can consider behaviors you haven't for decades. And then remember why it's been so long.Liz @ Go With Family...more

Galapagos Expedition | Day 1

Baltra Island: Bachas Beach. After an uneventful (finally!) flight from Quito to Baltra Island, we boarded the Daphne... a 70-foot yacht and our home for the next ten days. Once onboard, we were given our room assignments and an emergency drill. In an emergency, the crew would ring the same bell they rang for meals, island tours and whale sightings. When the first meal bell rang, I wasn’t sure whether to grab my lifejacket, backpack, binoculars, or appetite. ...more

Tiny Bed Bugs Creating Gigantic Infestations: How Can You Protect Your Family?

Bed bugs aren't just coming to a bed or hotel near you, these sneaky buggers are getting everywhere. From the most exclusive hotel rooms, to the item you just bought on eBay. And because these things are masters at the art of concealing themselves in darkness, there is virtually no place they can't get to. Even something that appears to be clean and sanitized can be harboring bed bugs in the tiniest crevice. They can travel by bus, train, plane, or automobile. They can hitch a ride on our clothes, luggage, shoes, or handbag. They can be sitting with you at the movie theater, cruising with you on a ship, or even laying with you in a hospital bed. ...more

I am just terrified of bed bugs! My boyfriend and I like to travel, and while we used to enjoy ...more

Starbucks New Marketing Slogan: "Take Comfort In Rituals"

Take Comfort In Rituals.  That’s what it says on the front door at Starbucks.  Of course it’s a wise marketing campaign.  Who doesn’t love a comforting ritual?  I drove several hundred miles a few days ago, using Starbucks as a convenient stop and stretch place.  Nearing home, I wouldn’t dare count how many caffeinated drinks I consumed due to all these “comforting”  stops.   When I left home on this latest trip, there was no sign of the new campaign, but back in my nest the next day, making the rounds of da...more

Me too,Portland Peeps. I am unapologetically loyal. I like the familiar. Also admire the ...more

Business Trip = Fitness Trip

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you won’t be leaving town. And just because you won’t be sporting a swim suit for a few months, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to fit in your jeans through winter. Sure, it can be tough to stick to a workout regimen if your job takes you out of town. But there are plenty of ways to keep up your fitness routine while also breaking up the monotony of your “business” dealings....more

Artisan Food Discoveries and Travel Adventures

A blogger since the dawn of the new milleneum, I travel the U.S. and the globe discovering the best artisan foods, attending food and farm events, and inspiring and coaching people to start the Next Small Food Business. Would love to connect with all sorts of foodies and travelers from different walks of life....more

Top Tips for Shopping Worldwide

One of the greatest pleasures for many travelers is shopping. It’s fun to see the different products that are available in each destination and to compare prices on items that we can also get at home. I also like looking at the names of products. In a store window was “Man’s No Fall More” hair loss prevention product, a name that didn’t translate quite correctly in English....more

Travel Reviews: What Do You Look for and What Do You Share?

My family travels as much as we can with our full schedule. While we have our favorite destinations, before we hit a new location, I do my research. By research, I mean that I Google it, hit various travel review sites and, of course, read blogs. In fact, I have a whole category for travel blogs on my RSS reader so I can live vicariously through the words and photos of other travelers. ...more