Vacationing in a Yurt: Fun to Say, Fun to Stay.

In the Washington State Park system, there are a handful of places that offer you more than a flat patch of dirt on which to pitch your tent. You can rent a yurt, a little round house on a platform, complete with bunk-beds, outlets, and oh, my, electric heat. A few springs back, we spent a delightful weekend on the south Washington coast, caring not about the weather, which was (this being Washington State) completely unpredictable. We also stayed in a yurt with a billion-dollar view in Hana on the island of Maui -- this one had a little kitchenette and, just outside, a bathroom that was private but open to the sky. It was indeed paradise, possibly the quietest place we've ever stayed, the sound of the ocean interrupted only by the sound of the rain on the little skylight dome. ...more

It's kinda far, but we did a day trip to Cambria while we were there. Very cute, but most ...more

Travelling close to home


Surviving the plane journey... with kids

Possibly the biggest turn off for parents considering traveling to far flung reaches of the world is that dreaded plane journey. Having to sit cramped in economy, your knees aching for hours on end, trying to keep children quiet and obeying the rules of aviation and good-neighbourliness, it's enough to make any adult blanch. ...more

If You Take a Picture of Me Eating on the Subway, I Will Punch You In The Face.

Check this shit out: Train Pigs.Sometimes, I wait too long to eat. It's a little compulsive and unhealthy. But, it usually means, if I buy food, I need to it immediately. Sometimes, that happens on the subway. And, I assure you, every single time, I will not want you to take a picture of me. So, if I catch you, I will punch you in the fucking face....more

Pedalling CSR to the Masses

Do you read the cards behind your bathroom door about the hotel's recycle/re-use policy when it comes to towels? How many of you actually know that a towel on the rack means you plan to use it again, and a towel on the floor or in the tub means that you would like fresh towels? But, on the flip side,  how many of you actually take the time to hang your towel, and then the housekeeper changes it anyway?...more

Best Job Ever!

Can I tell you how much I love these "Best Job Ever" promotions that have been popping up more often lately? They appeal to the littlest hobo in me and besides that, it's a great marketing strategy. How else to get people talking about your brand but to offer them an experience of a lifetime?...more

Airport-Convenient Footwear and Other Things to Wear When You Travel

I'm going to be THAT girl for a second. The one who admonishes, though not to be mean but as a way of constructive criticism. I want to make your life easier. I want to make your travel experience better. So work with me here. ...more

Heather, I like your choice of the Keens for travel for several reasons: I'm wearing them right ...more

The All-Electric Road Trip: Is It Possible?

In the course of a year, we find ourselves buzzing down the stretch of highway that leads from Seattle to central Oregon maybe a dozen times, give or take a trip or two. With the assistance of things like Yelp and Urban Spoon, we've learned where to get the best sandwich, where you can get a huge slab of cake with your coffee and where to ask for Korean food instead of reading the menu that the diner waitresses give you. We make this trip in our fairly fuel-efficient car, a Pontiac Vibe that we bought a few years ago. ...more

My Life in Letters - "N" is for New York

Junior year NY trip - Little Shop of Horrors and yes those are jelly shoes!!!...more

Inn-Expensive Accomodations: Bed and Breakfasts

Pssst ... come closer, and I'll tell you the secret to saving money on a vacation this summer while guaranteeing that you'll have at least three blog posts from the experience. Bed and Breakfast. ...more

Another good point--the historic home vs. the impersonal, boring hotel.

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