Winter is O-V-E-R !

Once a year in Scotland - just when you think it is never going to come - there is a day when you step outside, and don't need a jacket. Today was that day! En masse, everyone living in central Edinburgh flocks to the Meadows with disposable barbecues, frisbees, summer dresses and radios, and you can hardly swing a golf club without hitting someone (as was proven today by some shirtless dudes insisting that it was the perfect time for to improve their short game on the Links!)....more

Why the cruise line matters …

Cruise is where you leave your worries, your trouble, your stress, and your responsibilities behind. All you need are literally your “fun” attitude and a lot of cash to spend.  However, the relaxing cruise can turn into disaster if things are not within your expectations. That is why knowing what to expect does matter....more
 @JourneyofLife I wonder why all our comments on this page are slanty.  haha...  I am so anxious ...more

Red Solo Cup...Well, Sort of

I love traveling.  I'm currently unemployed and my husband travels a lot for his job so I go with him.  We've been in Arizona for a couple of weeks now and will be here probably at least another three.  So, while I'm here, I'll let you know a little about Arizona....more

Forever Young

It's My Life

Nature--Pristine and off the Beaten Track in Costa Rica: Part I, Quetzal birds in the Mountains by Fran Gilmore

By Fran Gilmore Nature--Pristine and off the Beaten Track in Costa Rica: Part I, Quetzal birds in the Mountains ...more

Puerto Rico by the Pool

 @KarenLynnn I am willing to bet you are right. Something you are taking is possible.more

Nice Piece of Glass

A couple of years ago I went down to Cancun and I stayed in a hostel there alone downtown.  (It was id="mce_marker"1 bucks a night and five blocks from the ADO bus terminal.  Get off my case.)  Great trip....more

Ayer por la mañana decidí comprar mi boleto

Ayer por la mañana decidí comprar mi boleto para viajar a tu lado. Pero que extraño es no tener ese miedo de perder la vida al cruzar frente al fuego que comenzó la avaricia, solo por ver a quien mas quieres. Nada me detiene ni a mí ni a mis compañeros de autobús. Me pregunto si no te da miedo a ti gobierno mi costumbre a esta violencia. Soy un guerrillero en potencia, junto con la amable ancianita quien viaja a su anual fiesta patronal, la cual creo que con esta frustración seria capaz de amarrarse una bomba suicida a su suetercito tejido en punto ingles....more

Mr. Krabs’s Crabby Melt

A local restaurant is said to have some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the United States. Since I usually only write about desserts on my blog, let me fill you in on my thoughts on grilled cheese: Who cares? I can’t even remember the last time I ate grilled cheese....more