One of the hands-down hardest things for me in the “young empty nesting” journey is that I am not actually “young”. Compared to those who hit empty nesting and retirement in roughly the same life stage, yes I am. But compared to the demographic I keep running into in my day to day life, I’m the older generation. Why does this matter? Because so much of what I want to do, so much of what I’m trying to accomplish, is simultaneously being attempted by 20-somethings who are just starting out. And I envy them....more
BonBonsforBreakfast Oh yeah the Peace Corps! Totally has the same feel to it. I kind of feel ...more

Choosing a city to live in

Exercising with the Shanghai Locals

After visiting the hospital yesterday for my acute bronchitis brought on by the toxic cocktail I am forced to digest daily consisting of pollution with an infusion of DNA from every commuter on the subway, I knew I should go home and rest but it was a somewhat sunny day out so we opted to try to find a new coffee shop we had heard about.  Caffeine makes everything better!  Along the way, we wandered through parts of Shanghai that we hadn't previously visited and found a new park that was divided into four zones based on the trees they had planted-spring, summer...more

A to Z Challenge: On Elk

One of the things I love about living in Northern Californiais the variety of wildlife we are able to see and enjoy.And one of the amazing animals we get to seeduring our frequent travels are the Roosevelt elk herdsthat live in our area. ...more

Learn Something New While You Vacation: Edutourism Combines Travel and Learning

What if you could go on vacation and acquire a new skill at the same time? A growing travel trend combines travel with learning.  ...more

10 Free Family Activities in St. Louis

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Mission Log Flashback: Chicago IL, 2008

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His Best Gift

The routine for business trips with my dearest is during the day he goes off to do whatever it is he does and I wander the streets without a chaperone. In Toronto this means navigating through the heart of Bay street on the way to the real world. Tailored suits, really shiny shoes and an atmosphere thick with excitement, expensive cologne and entitlement....more

A to Z Challenge: On Bridges

 I don't know why I love bridges, but I do.Whenever we travel, I am always taking pictures of the bridges we pass... ...more
ladams900  I love the bridges in Washington D.C., but like you, I never get a good shot because ...more