Holidays in Barbados: 5 things to see and do

If I say Barbados, what images come immediately to mind? Sun, white or golden sand beaches, turquoise waters, waves slowly reaching the shores and touching your feet or perhaps you can imagine resting and relaxing on a long chair with a frozen cocktail in hand?This small island in the Caribbean is so rich in history, culture and is a great holiday destination for you and the whole family!...more

Design, comfort, location. Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

Looking for a small, yet cozy design/boutique hotel in Nuremberg?Willkommen to Hotel Drei Raben (or Three Ravens) which is one of the best hotels in the second largest city in Bavaria.There are only 22 themed rooms and suites over 5 floors and will appeal to travelers, young and the young at heart ;)...more

You Can Travel Travel To Europe Without Spending Your Kids' College Funds

One thing you will always hear people complaining about is how expensive it is to travel in Europe. True, flights from the U.S. to Europe can be pricey, but once you are on the ground it is a whole different story. The Euro has been slipping for months now, and it is almost neck-and-neck with the U.S. dollar, which means you are no longer paying extra just to be in another country. Even Switzerland, where they don't even use the Euro, is running close to the dollar, although this notoriously expensive country is still pricey even when the dollar is up. ...more
All the points are useful and with the proper planning and research you can have a great trip on ...more

Don't Drink the Water and 22 Other Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

Don't Drink the Water And 22 Other Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane1. Bottle water is fine, tap water from the airplane is not.  Sure the water is treated but it's not meant to be consumed unless it's at an extremely high temperature.  That's why coffee on airplanes taste so bad....more

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Styles for Travel

This post is sponsored by EEZ-Y. The makers of the Selfie Stick.  All ideas and opinions are of my own.  This post contains affiliate links.15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair StylesI planned a few trips in June, Paris and Savannah, and I needed a protective hair style that was versatile and would last....more

Travel Summer Makeup Essentials

I am finally getting to posting our recent trip. But first, I wanted to share what I used pretty much the whole time on our cruise. We were very close to the equator so the weather was very HOT, HUMID and MUGGY. Which means makeup needs to be light and waterproof.Below is a quick snapshot of what I used:...more

"But, Mom.... Please!” How to Avoid Temper Tantrums on Vacation

 Few things can derail a peaceful vacation faster than a tantrum. One minute the family is serenely strolling the banks of the Seine; the next all the Parisians are glaring as your face turns redder than the screaming child’s and vacation becomes decidedly less relaxing. ...more

From My Window Seat: An Epic Year of Travel

Lucky to say: Been there done that!Note: This post was a year in the making, and took hours of writing and formatting....more

My Taste of New Orleans


First Class All The Way