St. Paul's Cathedral to Trafalgar Square: the best walk in London

How'd you like to go on the very best walk in London? Well here it is, the big daddy of all the London walks. This is the wander that I take all my overseas visitors on. For anyone who comes to stay with me this one is a must-do, obligatory excursion on which I come along and enthuse about the many and wonderful things that can be seen along the way. I will never be English, but you can safely bet your last dollar that I'll always be a Londoner....more

Go away so you can miss me

When I was little, my summers were filled with camp. Every spring, my Mom and I would go through the Girl Scout catalog of upcoming camps and choose the ones I would attend. The themes ran the gamut from Teddy Bear camp to Dance camp and to Bike and Boating camp. Here's the important part: All the camps were sleep-away and most were for at least a week....more

My American Adventure- Wilmington, North Carolina

Hi Beauties(A special shout out to Emily who says i'm "precious" online and in real life) Hope you're doing well.So we left Wilmington yesterday and I decided to write about my highlights of the trip....more

What's in your bag?-What to pack in your carry on for an international flight

I have a long and dreadful  flight from JFK to Milan on Thursday.   And I hate airplanes. ...more
Great list! I'm flying home tomorrow. I have packed: my travel docs (obviously), pen + travel ...more

If I Could Crawl Between the Skyscrapers

(Because I was feeling too lazy to write a post last night, this is a post from my old blog that I've repurposed here today.)...more

7 Family Travel Blogs That Will Inspire You to Pack Your Bags

Happy summer vacation season! I'm currently on vacation with my family right now, enjoying my multi-generational beach vacation and relaxing as much as one can with eleven billion relatives in two beach houses. Before I left on vacation, I sought out some great family travel blogs for this week's Must-Follow Monday. I'm glad I looked at some of these before we hit the roads with the kids. Check them out! ...more
studiojema Thanks for being you. :)more

Our vacation to New Buffalo, Michigan

Our family has traveled to Lake Michigan since my boys were babies, and last summer, we decided to try a new beach town – New Buffalo. We absolutely loved the town and what it had to offer! ...more

"Away." Our Two Weeks In Europe: A Series

 I've heard that the best blogs either follow one particular theme or are written as a series.  Since there's no way I could stick to one theme as life is just too interesting for that, I will admit that I have wanted to try my hand at a series.  So, when a few weeks ago my husband and I returned from a European adventure, I figured the highlights of our trip, or at least how we managed to spend 14 days, 24 hours a day together, might just lend itself perfectly to such an endeavor.  I hope you enjoy following along....more

What to do in Bangkok: The Golden Buddha

I could have spent months in Thailand and not seen it all, but what I did see will stay with me forever.  I spent the second half of my trip with my daughter, Alexandra, who always said she never wanted to go to Asia.  As it turned out, she was not ready to leave when the time came!...more

♪♫ Sitting on the dock of the bay ♫ ♪

Last night I got cabin fever. Nothing like a quick drive, camera in hand, to change my mood. Need I say more?...more