In the Mist of Mount Fuji

For those who know me well they’ll tell you that I’m an amazingly over prepared person; boy scouts got nothin’ on me – if I can’t MacGyver myself out of some situation or reach into any of my Mary Poppins-esque bags and materialize just what I need at that moment then chances are I didn’t really need it anyway. It was with this lifelong sense of absolute faith in my own abilities that I departed for Mount Fuji. I was ready to take on the mountain. ...more

I Witness the Giving of a Name

Every time that I climb into the taxis here in Kathmandu I give up the keeping of my soul to heaven, just in case, you know? This time was no different. We, that is to say, my two Chinese host brothers (Ben & Benio) and I, were on our way to a naming ceremony (more on this in a bit, honest). Our original plan, a leisurely – leisurely, ha!...more

I'm Headed to Kathmandu

To say that I had landed myself smack dab in the middle of the very essence of poverty would be the closest that I could come to describing my current surroundings. The road – or what I must call a road, despite the lack of asphalt, lanes, or traffic signals – was a deeply rutted stretch of muddy bog water; this littered with a complete assortment of plastic bags, rotting vegetables, paper flyers, and dog turds....more

Discovering the Beauty of Vermont

Vermont, found in the northeast corner of New England is all about pastoral mountains, rich farmland and a deep sense of history and culture. A gathering of small towns, Vermont is divided into three regions: northern, central and southern Vermont....more

Road Trip or Chilling? Your Weekend Playlist

 It’s Friday again and that means 'get your groove on'. This weekend I'm going on a road trip to the river, which means I want a chill-sing-out-loud-gender-friendly playlist. Hope you love our 'road trip playlist' full of  sweet tunes.1. Riptide - Vance Joy...more

Happy Anniversary to Us, America!

Living in a foreign country is a lot like marriage. You enter with high expectations. You go through a honeymoon period when everything is magical. Then you begin to notice the little adorable differences. At first you embrace them, proud to be so tolerant, until you realize they are neither little nor adorable, at which point you either figure it out or you pack up and go back to your parents. Twelve years (and one divorce) later, I am still here. This was the first year I forgot my anniversary with America. Real marriage, I hear you say. ...more

Travel Dreams

My Travel DreamsI haven't traveled much during my life.  I've been to Florida once, the Bahamas for 3 days, Hawaii for a week, Oregon for a few days, Nevada, and Arizona. That's it.In fact, I haven't been on an airplane since 1993....more

5 Reasons To Choose Yachting Holidays

Beyoncé and Jay Z just did it it. Kate and Cara are rather partial to it. In fact, at some time or other, most A Listers are papped lounging around aboard luxury yachts, drinking champagne in between bouts of filling in their millions of loyal Instagram followers on their newest bikini, baby or tattoo....more

10 things for your car's vomit kit

 Vomit kit? It just sounds fun, doesn’t it? Nobody likes vomit; not the person getting sick and especially not the person cleaning it up. And it feels 10 times worse when it’s your poor baby getting sick in the car. Being a mom of two kids, I can now say that I have treaded the waters of cleaning up after unexpected sickness while on the road....more

How To Write Your Own Children's Travel Guide (For Three To Eight Year Olds)

There are four ways to use books to prepare children for travel, but some involve more cake than others.Way Number 1 - Read age-appropriate non-fiction books about the destinationAdvantagesOne hundred percent pure knowledge.DisadvantagesDue to the tendency of these books to be dry and dull, over-reliance on them may lead to suboptimal leaning and an excess of cake bribes (with subsequent hyperactivity and sugar-crashes)....more