Check out Papagayo, Costa Rica here ...more

Las Vegas with Kids

Las Vegas with KidsKevin and I spent most of our lives living and growing up in Las Vegas. We’ve had a lot of time to experience the good things Vegas has to offer. Sadly Las Vegas has closed a lot of their cool, family friendly activities they used to have, and went for a more adult theme....more

5 Amazing Escapes It's not Late to Have this Summer in UK

While summer inevitably heads to the end, you still have some sunny warm days left to plan an amazing escape till the school days start. Here are 5 amazing getaways in the UK you should consider!1. Cambridge...more

Mama Blog

Latin Mom living in California, general manager of Habla Inglés and Edu4kidsin Bogotá Colombia.Mama Blog ( is a place where moms can find inspiration to get out of their comfort zone and realize that having kids it’s not an excuse to not travel, learn new things or start a new business. ...more

9 Reasons Charleston Has It All

Washington D.C. Travel Guide: What To Do in Our Nation's Capitol

My sister was out of town this week. So, I decided that I should also take advantage of living in the northeast, and not just take advantage of New York City and Montauk. I decided to travel to a city where I knew I could easily keep myself busy since this was the first time I have ever really traveled by myself. I chose Washington D.C. because I am a big history buff and knew there was a lot to see! I did see a friend while I was there; however, I spent a majority of the time exploring the city myself. This was also my third trip to Washington D.C.....more

Moomin World: The Nature Lover's Theme Park

Moomin World, a fantasy theme park celebrating the Moomin characters created by Finnish author Tove Jansson in the 1940s, is a theme park in a category of its own. Nestled in the beautiful natural environment of a small island called Kailo in Naantali, Southwestern Finland, it features few of the attributes commonly associated with theme parks....more

Benefits of Solo Travel

With all points mentioned above I would like to add that you also become well informative and ...more

A foodie tour in Nürnberg, Germany

When in Germany, you eat and drink like the locals right? :)After exploring this awesome Bavarian city, which is so full of life, one needs to rest and recharge batteries in order to discover more.Of course, what better way than going to a typical Franconian restaurant and eat the specialties from the region....more

What I Wish Someone Told Me Before Going to Iceland

 If visiting to Iceland is on your bucket list of places to visit at someone there a few things I wish someone had told me before going.  I'll be honest Iceland was never a place that was even on my radar but when I found out that Iceland Air has free stop overs with any flight to Europe, there was no question that planning a stop in Iceland was the perfect addition to our trip. ...more