9 Tips for Quick Trips: How (and Why) to Pack Light

Now that most airlines charge to check bags, the words “carry-on only” are becoming more attractive. When packing for a trip, I’m in the “less is more” camp. My packing tips fit my comfort zone and the kind of traveler I am. Will they work for you?...more
Completely agree with your commitment to carry-on. Our family of four never checks luggage, even ...more

Walking London's Regent's Canal from Little Venice to the Islington Tunnel

Would you like to take a stroll along the most colourful canal in the country? If so, I've got just the ticket for you: the very splendid Regent's Canal, which starts in Little Venice and ends at the Limehouse basin where it discharges into the Thames.  ...more


Rena McDaniel-The Million Mile BlogMILLIONMILEBLOG.COM If your're looking for a great place to get away this fall I would love to suggest Mackinaw City, Michigan. We have made this trip many different years and we have enjoyed it more and more each time.There is something for everyone in Mackinaw from shopping and historical sites to beautiful scenery and nature.  I guarantee you will LOVE it, whether you go as a family or on a romantic weekend!...more

Vacation Time!

When families collide

I've got family on my mind.I live close to my Mother (you're welcome, Mom). But most of my extended family lives in an area of the country that requires a 9-hour car drive. (And, if you have ever been in the car for nine hours with a talkative child, you know that the full drive time feels closer to 30 hours.)...more

Let the down sizing begin

Crystal Coker   We are planning a road  trip across the US, our plan is  to hit all 50 states ( planning still in the early stages) we are downsizing our home and all the items we have accumilated over the past 12 years of marraige . If everything works out we will be on the road by 2016! ...more

5 Best Places To Travel In Your 30s

They say that life begins in your 30s. Gone is the awkward uncertainty of your 20s. Your 30s are a time for you to revel in confidence and embrace adventure – grown-up-style.In honor of what will hopefully be one of the best decades of your life (and a million times better than your 20’s), here are five places you should absolutely visit in your flirty thirties....more

A Dream Weekend In Vegas

 There's nothing like a night out on the town . Whether it be dancing the night away with your girls, having a romantic date night with your love or seeing a live show... What you do and how you look can make or break how you feel and the confidence you have. ...more

How I Packed Just A Backpack For Europe

When my husband decided to travel to Europe for our vacation this year I knew I was going to have to pack light. Traveling to four cities in two weeks wasn't going to allow for a large wardrobe. He purchased Oakley backpacks for each of us to take on our trip. That's right; a backpack for two weeks in Europe. Now we weren't camping or even staying in hostels, but to survive four flights, four train rides, taxi and shuttle rides, two mile walks to a train station and a water boat taxi, I knew the backpack was my best bet....more
JillR Thank you!  I will have to check it out!  I would love to go to Ireland!  My backpack has ...more

Travel Hacks: UK Edition

I’ve been to the U.K. four times now, studied and lived there for a term, have visited most of England, Scotland and Wales, and driven about 2,500 miles on the wrong side of the road, all in the last seven years. Therefore, I feel fairly qualified to give you some pointers about how to make your British travels a little simpler.First of all, just get your crying out of the way now, because the conversion from the dollar to pound sterling is going to depress you the entire time you’re away....more