The #1 Packing Tip You Need to Know

  The primary question to ask yourself before you begin packing is:  ...more

A post-Christmas, pre-New Year's jaunt to New York

 We enjoyed a beautiful but frigid visit to New York City, post-Christmas and pre-New Year's.<...more

My First International Trip: Nicaragua

She's incredible. I absolutely love that an entire estate of 700+ people report to her, and ...more

20 Exciting Car Games for Kids

A road trip is the best way to introduce your children to the wonders of the world. Few experiences can be as entertaining and as educational at the same time. However, being stuck together in the back seat can be quite a challenge for most kids. Especially if they are of different age groups. Temper tantrums, quarrels, and bouts of yelling are common, The trick, as every parent knows, is to keep the cute little monsters occupied. To give them an opportunity to vent their excess energy, keep their hyperactive minds busy with things to do. ...more

Do you have any Disney World Tips?

We’re going to Disney World!!!!!Can you feel my excitement? It is directly proportionate to the amount of exclamation points I use.So yeah, there is a lot of excitement!!!...more

The risks of independent children

When I was little, I walked everywhere: To school, to my best friend's house, to the park across the street and to the park a few blocks away. Sometimes my brother was with me; sometimes he wasn't. As I got older, I walked more places: To the store to get milk, to the theater to volunteer as an usher and sometimes I just walked for exercise....more

My Totally Selfish Reason for Taking My Kids to Disney

Have you ever noticed how once you start thinking about something, it suddenly seems to pop up everywhere? It makes sense I guess; things you never paid attention to start sticking out once they’re already on your mind. ...more
Great post!  We took the kids this past holiday season since we received tickets from my in ...more

Broaden Your Education by Studying Abroad

By Francesca Catalano, faculty director in the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at American Public UniversityWhen I look back to my young adult years, the single choice I made that best helped define me into the person I am today was my decision to study abroad during college. It opened up a whole new world to me and allowed me to learn to depend on myself for the first time. The one thing I recommend to all the young adults in my life is to consider studying abroad....more
I totally agree! Study abroad had a major impact on my life as well.  For people who weren't ...more