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Tips & Tricks for Booking a Campsite in Yosemite During Peak Season

I’ve always wanted to go to Yosemite. This year, I’ve made it a priority to get there and check off this long standing bucket list item. Thanks to some help from my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, we are finally going to make this trip happen!...more

Just a Little Something I've Got in the Works...

After a long, looong winter, I've got vacation on the brain!And as I'm sure many of you know, vacationing with small kids is amazing - AND super-challenging.  So what I've decided to do is make a little video-series of my top tips for dealing with all those issues we as parents have to think about when travelling with our littles.Here's a quick rundown of what I've got in the works for you:...more

5 Relationship Survival Tips for Travelers

When my partner and I first met, we did the best we could when it came to “dating” because we both had very hectic schedules and we lived in different states. The long distance was hard enough, but adding the fact that we both traveled for work only added more challenges. A couple of years later, he moved to a closer state and became more stationary, but my travel increased a great deal. ...more
One time when I was traveling, I picked a time (maybe noon), and every day I texted my husband a ...more

Travel photography tips and resources

These tips and resources will help you take amazing photos next time you travel.Before you go, do your research....more
stephliebold Thank you :) you're right "capturing their unique point of view" that's they key!more

Sidewalk Magic: Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk 2015

Top 5 Disneyland Rides by a 7-year-old Boy / Disney Expert

(All photos courtesy Disneyland Resort)In the last two years, my seven-year-old son and I have visited the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California too many times to count. The annual pass was a great idea! We have a family Disney brick in the Walk of Magical Memories. (It's a commemorative tile in the Esplanade between the two theme parks.) Yes we are Disney addicts....more
Hi Stephliebold,  Thanks for your comments. I think you are a true Park insider! Have you been ...more