Fall Weekend Getaway Destinations From NYC

I love living in NYC, but I also love going on a weekend getaway. We're finally in the fall season and that means fall festivals, foliage tours, and apple picking is popular in the Northeast. Why not plan a day trip or weekend getaway with your family, friends or bae? Here are some quick road trip destinations from NYC that'll be great for a Fall weekend getaway....more

Dear Moms: Keep Calm and Travel On

 The fasten seatbelt light is on. We are settling down and beginning to taxi to the runway. And just as I get comfortable and begin to close my peaceful, three-yr-old-less traveling eyes there it goes: Blood-curdling screaming from of a little girl who is just shy of two ... "terribly two"....more

I May Miss New York, But I Will Never Miss the Cat-Calling

Though I now live in North Jersey, I put in my time living in Queens and Jersey City (which we considered a borough of Manhattan -- I mean seriously, it is) for seven years. I have also worked/trained/performed in NYC since my dad started taking me to auditions when I was ten. ...more

West Texas Trip with the Carful of Kids

I have spent 40 years living in Texas; I was born here, educated here but had never made the pilgrimage to Big Bend National Park. It might be time to check it out. ...more

Sleeping In in Anderson, IN.


Why the hell does everyone love Bali?

I mean, the planet is big enough, right? Why does everyone keep talking about Bali? Bali Bali Bali... It's not that clean, you get harassed by people trying to sell you drugs, visas or anything else, it's polluted, the traffic is terrible and it's packed with Australian surfer....more

Berlin: Day Two

Since we had spent the afternoon the day before on the guided tour, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to see and do on our second day in Berlin. Before we hit the town, though, we slept in. After almost a week of non-stop travel, it was nice to take our time and sleep in a little bit....more

Oktoberfest: Day One

Oktoberfest.  Every beer drinker's dream.  Including Mike.When we were planning this trip, Mike was elated when he realized that we could extend our weekend in Germany to a week and be there for the first weekend of Oktoberfest! It's like Mike's Christmas!...more

Oktoberfest: Day Two

We learned a lot on our first day of Oktoberfest and were determined to put our newly learned knowledge to good use, mainly being that we didn't need to drink so much beer so fast. Mike had a friend, Scott, who is stationed at Naples who was coming, so we were determined to spend day two of Oktoberfest with him.  It's amazing how hard that is when you don't have a cell phone (we didn't have an international phone plan).  You realize how reliant you are on technology when you don't have it....more

Germany: A Summary

After eleven days of traveling, we made our way back to Izmir happy, tired, and a little hungover.  Words cannot explain how much fun we had in Germany or how much we adored the German culture (and food and beverages!)....more