10 Best Vacation Songs For Your Travel Playlist

Music is a huge part of any traveling experience whether it be the CDs you listen to in the car or the songs you stream while laying on the beach....more

Adventures in Flight Attending: A Collection of Short and Entertaining Stories

Once upon a time, I was a flight attendant, and I hated it.  Let me clarify; I was good at my job, and at doing what I was supposed to do, I just didn’t care for what the job entailed.  Namely, working with the general public, and putting up with company bullshit....more

Travel tip Tuesday

 This is the beginning of what I hope becomes a weekly part of  an informatibe blogging Series on traveil tips dos and dont's. This  blog will come to you every Tuesday  with tips on travel in and outside the U.S. These tips will come from all the things I've learned while traveling and it will hopefully enlighten the readers of how to buy a bus pass in France to buying Euro in the US.  I'm so excited to share some fantastic ideas and hope to make your traveling  easy breezy!  ...more
Hi http://www.blogher.com/member/rhoni-girl! I'am waiting for it.....more

The History of Royal Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

When I first moved to Hawaii, I was quite impressed with the amount and quality of jewelry that many of the older Hawaiian women wore. It was not uncommon to see four or five solid gold bracelets and three or more golden necklaces adorning their arms and necks. I was curious as to why these pretty women had to wear so many at the same time, and learned later that it was more of a tradition. So, here I will tell you about the beginnings of Royal Hawaiian Jewelry....more

Seeing Asheville, NC by Electro Bike


A list of Free Things to do with Kids in San Francisco (ages 2-5)

There are dozens of kid friendly activities you can do in San Francisco without spending a penny. Here are a few of our kid tested favorites. Criteria for this list: enough space for kids to run around and burn up their beautiful energy (before it turns into whining), not far from commerce, just as enjoyable for adults with views, beauty and close to a much needed coffee, wine or other adult treats. All of these spots can also be visited spontaneously without a need for planing or purchasing tickets....more

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

I was so lucky to save for a trip to visit the mountain gorillas of Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. There are about 600 mountain gorillas in the whole world and a half of these stay in this forest. The adventure was all about walking, trekking, getting soaked in mud (it rains all the time)...listening to the birding singing, butterflies all over the forest and the small insects in our paths. We took 3 hours trekking the nkuringo gorilla family. I saw 7 gorillas with the head of the group, a giant male silver back!So here we go...photos.......more

Photo: Outside

View of the Bay with light breaking through the clouds onto a hamlet.What do you see outdoors? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Hawaii's Polynesian Cultural Center Most Favored Tourist Attraction

I live within walking distance of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii. Each day I hear the drums beating from the Polynesian villages, and in the evening I can hear the roar of the crowd in response to the night show in the big amphitheater....more

He Wrote Me a Tongan Love Song

It took a separation from my usually non-romantic husband to squeeze the sentiments out of him. We had been married about three years and had two beautiful children when I left him behind for a couple of months. No we were not fighting or anything like that. I had a health issue that I needed to check out. We lived in a small South Pacific Island Kingdom. I had given birth to our little son in Tonga, but had complications. My parents came to visit and I returned to stay with them for a while....more