While going on trips can be fun and exciting, when you have food sensitivities and/or are easily prone to digestive issues from restaurant foods, traveling can also be stressful, both mentally and physically. I do love food and trying out new restaurants, but I also like to be prepared in case I’m in a situation where there aren’t too many options (or when I have an irrational fear that I’ll starve to death on a 2 hour flight… which is every time)....more

10 Reasons It Didn't Suck To Be Sober In Italy


BC Trip Part 1: The Basics

Burnaby, BCMy vacation/scouting trip was pretty successful, but it was busy from the get-go. I did have one day off, but I could have used another one. I pushed myself way too much when I knew better....more

Park Guell

If omnipotent child-gods wanted to make themselves a playground, they would probably have created Park Guell. Half fantasy garden, half gigantic sand castle, Park Guell is the ultimate design daydream, a place without limits, without scale, without guile, without inhibitions. ...more

Disneyland & Beyond: Where to Eat in the Anaheim Resort District

Disneyland may be its own world, but it's at the center of the Anaheim Resort District, a swirling galaxy of hotels, restaurants, and shops. Which means that, even outside of the park's hedge-ringed atmosphere, you'll find a multitude of places to get something to eat. ...more
Thanks, Whitney! We passed the Ghandi Palace every day while we were there but just didn't have ...more

How To Use Disney's FastPass+ To Have The Best Trip Ever!

Growing up, I remember each and every one of our few visits to amusement parks. ...more
Disagree. Everything is a Fast pass.more

FLIP Burger

I woke up one Saturday with a rumble in my tummy and burgers on my mind. I couldn't wait for lunch time to roll around so I could try out the new Flip Burger - a very cool burger joint that recently opened its doors in a little neighborhood called Sylvan Park....more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Travel theme: Centre -- Dogwoods in Knoxville

Tips & Tricks for Booking a Campsite in Yosemite During Peak Season

I’ve always wanted to go to Yosemite. This year, I’ve made it a priority to get there and check off this long standing bucket list item. Thanks to some help from my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, we are finally going to make this trip happen!...more