Not Without My Crockpot!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin    I don't know what it is about the great outdoors, but my family and I are ALWAYS hungry when we go camping.   ...more

Keeping up with the California Girl in me.

WHEN you take off on an adventure, visit new worlds,  study abroad, you never know life's unexpected destination.    ...more

A Girl in Nature

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Hello, and welcome to my new little nook on the web. If you know me, you also know that I used to run a cake business/blog over on Blogger, and that I shut it down to spend more time with my family. Family is definitely the priority in my life, and I enjoy our time together! If you don't know me,  I am sarcastic, funny and just a tad OCD, so if you're at all like me, I'd be thrilled to have you follow me! ...more

Exploring Regensburg, Germany With Viking Cruises

 Did you know that Altstadt (Old Town) in Regensburg, Germany was the only to survive the bombings during World War II? In fact, much of it remains well-preserved and has withstood the elements over the centuries that it was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. It is so rich in history, it was one of the seats of the Holy Roman Empire...more

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Burgundy

  Small Town Charm Thank God we found out about Beaune! It’s a quick train ride from Paris, perfect for a few nights away, but it couldn’t be more of a world away from a bustling, international city. ...more

Taste of Istanbul

We had planned the visit of Istanbul for some time, but finally in November we managed to create a small group of 5 friends, out of which one is of Turkish origin and knows Istanbul very well. Thanks to him we had a wonderful time in this city. So we got the plane tickets and prepared to see this extraordinary city where the West meets the East....more

Amazing Women in the Yucatan!

Two weeks ago I met a stunning group of women. We were all citizen science volunteers on the Ray of Hope Expedition 2015 to the Yucatan. Our goal was to take ID photographs of Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, and to obtain 30 genetic samples from Mantas. The Whale Shark goal was awesomely met, the Mantas were elusive, but the group of women on the expedition made the trip more than worthwhile. (There were absolutely wonderful men on the trip…but Wednesday is for women! Sorry, guys.)...more

Santorini is a Dream

Friends, as I may have mentioned before in my Packing List post, Greece has been at the top of my list for quite some time. Santorini in particular had caught my imagination and my eye since it seems to be one of the most photographed travel destinations anywhere. Even though I'd done my planning and preparation for the trip, nothing could make me anticipate just how much beauty this Greek island possesses....more

Five Wineries to Visit in North Georgia

We know what you're thinking. Wineries in North Georgia? Really? But yes, friends, North Georgia has been in the vineyard scene for a while now and the offerings are quite impressive. While we haven't been to all the wineries here yet, these are a few that we've visited and would recommend as a day trip from Atlanta or a short weekend getaway....more

6 Simple Rules For Enjoying A Tokyo Sojourn

My family and I spent the summer in Tokyo, and the experience was a real jim-dandy.  On top of being a kick-ass new cultural experience for the kids, the whole trip was one colossal brain teaser for me [something my semi-atrophied, middle-aged melon could use, albeit in smaller doses.]In hindsight, I could've benefitted from a bit more advanced planning and research.  So here I am, to share some tips about getting the most out of an extended Tokyo stay.DO:...more