Not All Entanglements End Happily

Not all Entanglements End Happily ...more

Me and the Mardasson Memorial

I have been participating in my own personal scanfest of late. Since March of this year, I have uploaded 7.7 GB to my cloud drive. That's 4,430 images and 25 videos. (Some of the files came from my digital camera, to be fair.) If only I were close to being caught up! I have been curious for years about one of the photos I scanned just this morning. It's a picture of me, on a rainy day, standing in front of some sort of monument / memorial. I think I was about 8 or so years old. All I knew for sure is we were in Europe. (I so stink at geography.) ...more

Moms for Conceal carry

Moms for concealed carry...more

Five Must Haves When Flying Cross-Country

Five Must Haves When Flying Cross-CountrySaying that I travel a lot is an understatement; Last week I was in Portland, Oregon, and as I write I am on my way to Boston; when I return home, I will only be there for three days before I head off to Seattle. That being said it is rare for me to be in one single airplane for an entire day; today I find myself doing just that....more

The Sober Girl's Guide To Las Vegas

I made no secret of ...more
WhereMagicLives Oh my goodness! It was breathtaking - so amazing to see what man can ...more

10 Things to do with kids in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination for families. This little island seemingly has it all with something to offer every family whether you’re looking for culture, wildlife, adventure or just a week or two soaking up the sunshine on some of Asia’s best beaches....more

Thrify Travel: Ever thought of Couchsurfing or AirBnB?

Let’s face it: sometimes the most expensive part of travel is finding a cheap place to stay. When traveling on a budget, if you’re up for it, sometimes you can find cheap hotels outside of the city. If you’re lucky, the city you’re visiting will have good public transportation and you can take a bus or subway/light rail to get around. If you’re not lucky, you can be stuck spending money on taxis if you’re too far away to walk. ...more

Flourishing in a New City

For almost three months, I have been living in Washington, D.C.  as I start the next part of my life in the career field of my true interest. This has been a truly incredible, exploratory time so far. It has allowed me to reflect on my life, my changing perspectives, archaic social norms, and being a young woman in this new age. I won’t go into all of that here (maybe another post), but I will say, college is not the end of exploring because life is not linear–and I like that!...more

Oh Come All Ye Old Faithful Suckers

On a recent three day road trip to northern California our wallets were gouged by near $6 a gallon gas prices, fainting goats on strike and a spitting steam valve purported to be the “Old Faithful” geyser.With a Cliff notes itinerary and travel time a premium, our rental car quickly filled with irritated banter when my husband altered our plans. He turned at a hand-scrawled wood sign: Old Faithful, 13 miles.“Old Faithful is a national treasure,” he said. “Seems silly not to go. Calistoga is a few minutes out of the way.”...more