5 Things College Has Taught Me About Life

As a recent college grad spending her summer in down time before starting my first big girl job in August, I have had plenty of time to reflect on not only the fun times I had at college, but what college has truly taught me (both inside and out of the class room). These lessons took place within several major aspects of my life.Within my sorority...more

How to Have the Best Family Road Trip This Summer

Now that gas prices are lower than they've been in years, more and more families are rediscovering the joys of a road trip vacation. And why not? Road trips are the perfect way to pack lots of interesting sites and activities into your vacation, and to spend time doing things as a family. If you're planning a family road trip this summer, here are some tips to maximize the fun and minimise the headaches. Have a Plan...more

Travel Series: Day 2: Day at Sea


A Beach Party in the Hamptons

Part of my weekend in the Hamptons was an invitation to a beach party organized by our weekend hosts.  This was a low key way for folks to get together and begin to meet one another in a casual way.  We followed the directions our GPS gave us and ended up at a lovely beach, albeit one where huge chunks of concrete were hidden in the sand on the way through the dunes to the beach.  OUCH!  Yes, both hubby and I stubbed our toes on those. ...more

Road tripping and questioning our sanity

What childhood is complete without a family road trip memory or two? I remember several from my own childhood and remember them fondly. When we told the kids we would be driving to California from BC, our plans were met with many complaints. It will take too long, it will be too hot, etc.  ...more

London stroll

We walked down the steps from Tower Bridge to Bankside and lost ourselves in a sinuous flow of people from different backgrounds, of different nationalities, speaking different languages. Coherent streams of moving people leading towards the street, along the river bank, up the stairs to Hay's Lane, past the corner to Blackfriars Road.Across the river the skyline was being reshaped by tall cranes whose slim metallic frames blended into the mix of buildings from different centuries like they belonged....more

Tips for Surviving a Long Flight (In Economy)

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since Dave and I returned from our honeymoon. The vacation was amazing, but I think we’d both quickly admit that the flights there are back were brutal. Almost eight hour flights both ways? Ouch. Since I’ve recently gone through the pain of a long international flight, today I want to share with you some of my tips for surviving a long flight sitting in economy....more

Staycations: Are You Serious?

Laura Barnes Beltran I live in what is considered a top vacation destination by many.  On a good traffic day, New York City is less than an hour away....more

Channel Islands National Park: Camping & Hiking on Santa Cruz Island

The Channel Islands National Park. One of the least visited National Parks in America...lucky for us!Even though I spent 7 years living in Santa Barbara, I sadly never made it out to the Channel Islands. Ironically, now that we have moved down to San Diego, we made the trip to visit and camp on the islands....more