Love Plane on Valentines Day

What did you do on Valentines Day?My husband and I had a very unique experience.  We were 'wined and dined' on the Air Malta Love Plane that flew in a heart shape over Scilly!I would really love to share the video and pictures taken by the photographers but am still waiting to hear back if I have permission to do so.  But here are a few pictures we took....more

When At Home, Knock At Big Yellow Door

I rarely write about my in-town loafing in Delhi, but since I have recently bought a DSLR camera, I decided to take it out for our (the camera’s and mine) first adventure-walk. ...more

Between Heaven and Earth...

"Between Heaven and Earth...there is Paris."  ...more

Shanghai vs. Seattle

I've been living in Shanghai now for about six months and it's starting to feel like home.  I wondered what I would miss most about Seattle and, of course, besides our wonderful kids and family, my heart aches for my dog, Izaak, that we had to leave behind with Hannah.  Though I know he gets lots of love from Mike & Hannah and his new brother, Ollie, the Great Dane, I miss him so much.  Seeing all the dog crazy people this week in Seattle walking their best friends, I was soooo jealous.  We will get to see him this weekend when we visit Boise and I've alrea...more

Oui, It's me... in 2023

After arriving in Paris earlier in the week I will have all day on the 13th to sit in a window or at a cafe drawing nonsense in a small notebook or writing postcards, while I contemplate what I will wear on the 14th for our special Valentines Day dinner. We have reservations to dine at a very small bistro near our Hotel, the Shangri-la. It is hard to leave our hotel room. It is so beautiful. But the city needs to be walked through. Quaint photographs must be taken....more

Revisiting Pandora's [Travel] Box

Revisiting Pandora's [Travel] Box My mind wandered to all of the cliché European images I would see when I taught abroad. For me, abroad meant Europe. Dominican Republic never crossed my mind. Isn't that an island people vacation to and book all-inclusive packages for? That isn't a place where people actually live and work, is it?...more

A Winter Storm, Oh No!

. ...more

Inspired to Walkabout

Don’t be fooled by the title, I’m not an aborigine. However, just like those Down Under, my walkabout was a rite of passage....more

Shark Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

Once our tickets to South Africa were booked the first thing that Matt said he wanted to do was go shark cage divi...more


I have wanted to start blog for a while now.  Like two or three whole weeks and for my generation, that's a while.  I love blogs.  I hate them too (b/c holy moses can I waste some time on them), but generally, I've found amazing ideas, tons of practical help and advice, lots of humor and people living their lives so openly for the rest of us to read (or at least faking it so openly for the rest of us to read).  I've blogged before, but this time, I want to blog about something that I can't NOT do.  Some call it crafting....more