Tyskie Brewery Tour

TYSKIE BREWERY TOURDuring our recent holiday in Poland we decided to do the Tyskie Brewery Tour. Tyskie brewery is the biggest brewery in Poland and this establishment was simply awesome!...more

Moszna Castle - Poland

MOSZNA CASTLEI am doing this series of the posts backwards. I will be posting things for our little road trip in Poland. This place was actually the last place we stayed then headed back home the next morning but given it’s awesomeness I really couldn’t wait. So I figured why not mix it up a little and share it first!Staying in a Castle was everything we hoped it would be!!!...more

Błędowska Desert - Poland

BŁĘDOWSKA DESERTNot far from Olkusz is the Błędowska Desert. This is the biggest desert in Europe and it just happens to be situated a short drive from where we stayed in Poland....more

Saigon #3: A View

Before two summers ago, if you’d asked me to think of a place I’d like to be transported to at that moment, I would have answered “Paris” or perhaps “London.” But in the dull of summer in the US and the general malaise I feel when in NYC or anywhere else on the East Coast, I want to be transported to Saigon on a Saturday night, after the sun has gone down. It seems unreal being separated from feelings of peace. ...more

What to see in Lisbon? Detailed itinerary day 3

Following ‘What to see in Lisbon part 1′ and ‘part 2‘ , here’s the third and last part of the series which aims to help you plan out your daily sightseeing in Europe’s sunniest capital. ...more

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas

At least when it comes to the gelato I sampled this evening.First full day at the National Communication Association convention in Vegas. Enjoyed a damn fine private pre-conference with my dear friend Amy Way. We worked on presentations, scouted grants and continued our plots to take over the world. There was even “running,” cheap Thai, and an outrageously decadent dinner.Vegas isn’t my favorite conference location (my lungs may never forgive me), but we’re making the most of it....more

What to see in Lisbon? Detailed itinerary day 2

Here is another set of suggestions, not only telling you what to see in Lisbon, but also how to plan your route of sightseeing in order to make the most of your day!...more

How Can You Not Hate the United States?

My husband came to the United States in 1997. He was from Iraq. He was a de facto refugee. I will give you the short, unemotional version....more
J-MOM A lot of odd items were dual purpose. Lead pencils and chlorine, for example.more

The Dream Australian Trip

Australia is one of my dream travel locations. It’s firmly on my bucket list and I would love to go there so much! I’ve actually done a lot of research on where I would go and what I would do as I want to get a clear plan in mind of how much it will all cost. That gives me a goal to save up for! I have a three week holiday planned and I just can’t wait until I get the chance to book it for real. Here’s what I’d get up to.City Style...more

The London Experience – The Savvy Traveler has 5 tips for a short stay!

 Sightseeing in London – The Savvy Traveler has 5 tips for a short stay!   Who says you can’t experience London on a short stay? The Savvy Traveler has five tips to prove that you can have an unforgettable trip to London and that you will want to return to this spectacular city! ...more