We're Moving to Italy!

You've probably figured out by now that I write a lot about Italy. After living there for two years, I have so many interesting (and embarrassing) stories and insights to share. But don't get me wrong. I love so many other European destinations and I'll share some great stories about them as well.Many of these initial stories are stories I wrote on my blog in 2004, long before blogs were a thing. There are a few more funny ones to share before I move on to more recent travels. ...more

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

While living in Milan, I had spent many weekends exploring the small enotecas and private vineyards throughout Tuscany. On this visit back, I was interested in seeing a boutique winery and learning more about how Tuscany is embracing luxury wine travel....more

Benjamin Franklin's only surviving house ... here in London

The only surviving residence of the great Benjamin Franklin  anywhere in the world is to be found here in London on a quiet little street that runs from the Strand down towards the Embankment. Today it's called Craven Street, although in Franklins' day it was known as Spur Alley....more

What Living Away From America Taught Me About America

 Paris, France So the...more

TRAVEL: Cleveland Museum of Art

What do families who live in the Midwest and on the east coast do when they want to meet but don’t want to sacrifice ten hours in the car to visit one another? You try to meet in the middle. For us, that meant visiting Cleveland, Ohio.Cleveland? What can you do in Cleveland?Prior to our trip, we hadn’t spent much time researching about Cleveland, but a friend who now calls Cleveland home recommended a long list of things to do and places to eat.What was on the top of her list? The Cleveland Museum of Art....more

MUST SEE: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Thailand

Cooking!The Thai Floating Markets!  Long Tail Thai boats are loaded high with fruits and the smell of cooking food (right on the boat!) fills the air....more

Things America Does Differently According to a Brit.

Hi BeautiesSo I have just two days left in America.. my flight is 6pm tomorrow night! Wahhhh. In the past 3 weeks I've noticed a few different things when I compare America to England, this is not to say one option is better than the other! They're just observations:...more

How Do You Want to Feel? Vacation Edition.

Do you go on vacation to escape the pressures of everyday living? Do you go on vacation to be restored in any manner? Do you go on vacation to re-connect with parts of yourself that take second position more often than not? What if you went on vacation to experience the energy of the place as much or more than the visuals of the place?...more

7 of the Most Family Friendly Cities in Europe

Some parents worry about taking their children abroad. They're concerned the trip will be too expensive or that the kids won't be able to appreciate the experience. Despite these arguments, it's important to introduce your kids to different cultures and instill an interest in travel at a young age.If you're thinking about visiting places that have a deep history and culture – and are friendly to families – try these seven cities. ...more

Awesome kids MUCT HAVE cycling gear

An AWESOME list of Kids MUST HAVE cycling gear! ...more