Seattle to Amsterdam; surprisingly similar and both immensely livable

I grew up in Seattle, in Magnolia to be exact; a lovely village attached to the city by a swooping bridge that hung low and carried the cars carefully from our neighborhood to 1st avenue in mere minutes....more

Is Greece Safe for Tourists?

(To see the photos that go with this text please click on my blog "A Rolling Crone.") ...more

Hotel Gourmet - How To Cook While Traveling To Save Time, Money & Your Health

Ah, traveling vs. the battle of the bulge. Or for some who follow restricted diets, like me, travel can sometimes be off limits. But fret no more as here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks on how you can travel, despite any dietary restrictions, by whipping up easy meals in your hotel room to save your figure and your cash!...more

Literally, Pack Up Your Clothes and Go

It’s the idea of my son starting his second year of college and the impending move that is having me love this patented garment carrier. The Clothes and Go allows you to easily carry clothes on hangers like no other carrier, box or piece of luggage can. Simply lay it on a wide surface (bed or floor), plop down the clothes right from their hangers, secure, close and go....more

thin places: cusco to machu picchu

In 'thin places', I wrote, "a thin place “is a place where the boundary between heaven and earth is especially thin. It’s a place where we can sense the divine more readily.” In essence, a “thin place” is a way of saying “God is especially present here.” ...more
It must have been an amazing trip! Peru is on my bucket list of places to go and explore :)more

London Antique Markets: A Shopping Guide

There’s so much more to London than Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Pippa Middleton. The numerous antique and vintage markets that sprawl across the city have made London a design aficionado's hunting ground for fabulous vintage and antique finds. From Portobello to Brick Lane, Simplifying Fabulous! contributor Brittny Drye shares her rounds-up of London's best antique markets: ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Why I Love Maryland

I think from these photos I could love Maryland too!more

Muzungu with a Smile

    My sister is in Rwanda this year.  Being amazing.  Working in a hospital in a rural province.  She's been there for less than a month, though it already feels like lo...more

A Quicker Commute, Thanks To TIM


Hiking in the Alps.... Part 2

So where was I? Oh yes, we were on our hike from the end of the valley, up to the skiing vacation spot of Braunwald. ....and we were about to come across an amazing spot on the mountain...So, we had walked for about an hour when we came upon this group of cows on the mountain. Now, just so you know, I was on a mission to come as close as I could to one of these Swiss cows. Literally, anytime I saw (or heard their bells) I got so excited and screamed "COW!" I don't think I could have come any closer than this.....more
@Denise Thank you Denise! You can see more of them on my blog! http://www.listsonlife.weebly.commore