Hacking Travel

Originally posted on 1/30/13Been away from posting unintentionally, but with good reason. We took a wonderful weekend getaway trip to Istanbul, but despite best attempts and intentions our internet connectivity was weak and infrequent. But sometimes when you travel that's for the best--it causes you to be more present and focused on the experiences. At the same time it makes it nearly impossible to use all the wonderful online resources you've found to make your trip easier and more fulfilling, such as maps, public transportation guides, and brilliant tips from other traveling bloggers....more

It's ALL in the Family! Multi-Generational Travel - the Hottest New Trend!

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” – Francis Bacon...more

The time we woke up in Chongqing, China.

Fifteen hours is a long time to spend on a plane with a four and nine-year old. While our kids have been frequent flyers since they were small enough to fit inside a carry-on – not that we did this, though I might have thought about it once or twice – D and I had some reservations about such a long flight. Would they sleep? Would we sleep? Would they send us screaming down the aisle begging for parachutes somewhere over the Arctic Circle?...more

Healthy and Vegan Super Bowl Eats in New Orleans

New Orleans, The Big Easy, Chocolate City...now add Home of Super Bowl 47! Hosting this year's big game, fans witll be pouring into the city in droves and bringing an appetite. If you happen to be one of those fans and are looking to steer clear of greasy, fattening food, be sure to check out some of these places I found that offer up healthy, vegan and even gluten free options!...more

Airplane Etiquette or Lack Thereof

I’m backkk!  Apologies for my lengthy absence, and delay between posts!  Don’t worry, this is not a habit and I have a very good excuse: Nathan and I were on vacation   I don’t know about you, but when I go on vacation, I completely unplug myself from the world and that means all electronics.  Luckily for you, I am refreshed and have lots of new things to blog about it.  I will post more about our trip later in the week, but I had to share my observations ...more

Two Spinsters in Miami

This weekend, my friend, Linda, and I flew down to Miami to attend a two-day birthday celebration for our dear friend, Priscilla.  It was an absolutely lovely weekend.  Not only was it nice to be in 78 degree weather when it was 14 degrees in NYC, but it was also great to spend time with friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in awhile.  About 50 people came in from all over the country, and knowing that was the beginning of an anticipated problem for Linda.Linda: I want to go, but part of me doesn't. You know we're going to be the only single people there....more

Postcard Pic: Madrid

In the United States, we refer to reddish-orange, clay roof coverings as “Spanish tiles.” In Spain, they’re simply tejas.In this postcard picture, a storm gathers on the outskirts of Madrid, creating a cloudy backdrop for the gray dome of a church jutting up above the roofs blanketed with Spanish tiles....more

El Labriego: Damm Beer and Tasty Tapas

Madrid has world-class museums such as The Prado and Reina Sofia. It has the interesting architecture of the Gran Via. It has the Plaza Mayor, a preserved medieval grand square that stands as a testament to the reign of the Hapsburgs.But it also has tasty tapas. And a visit to Spain’s capital would not be complete without exploring the city through food....more

12 Simple Steps for Surviving Airport Security

 A Dozen Simple Steps to Make the Airport Experience More Pleasant for ALL of Us!Who among us look forward to the prospect of going to the airport, let alone going through security? OK, a resounding, are you kidding? But, if you love to travel and are going to travel, it goes with the territory....more

Caring Is Not Only Sharing...

What and where shall we take dinner tonight? That is the normal question of the day when my kids are home again... I didn't take leave today so I am really tired by the time I reached home... But it is good to "pamper" myself by taking them out for dinner.. and someone suggested that she wanted to take "crispy fried butter fish" and I know exactly where that place is......more