Getting ready for our trip!

Generally packing is not a huge deal for us. Christmas gifts definitely add an extra hurdle but nothing we haven’t done before. This time around, we are bringing Maggie! And as exciting as the prospect of having Maggie with us for Christmas and with the family it is just as terrifying trying to find the right travel bag. When she was a puppy, we bought the medium Sherpa travel bag....more
Hello there, Kim! What a little sweetie! I had a 4 1/2 pound Yorkie for 13 years and loved her ...more

Ep 36: Kim & Friends Live from Las Vegas

How else can I describe this episode of Running & Other Stuff but to say we cover a lot of topics. This show was recorded on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Strip At Night events and we pick up more guests as we go along. Marco Polo at the airport, Fremont St., hotel choices, loops at the airport, charging our cell phones, who texts who first, licorice, Circus Circus has a lot of lights on it, there’s a clown show (they missed it though), and what it says on the back of the Welcome to Vegas sign....more

An exotic photographic experience awaits north of Fort Worth, Texas (and the gumbo isn't bad either!)

This past weekend, the man and I visited Boyd, Texas for the first time.  Boyd is a tiny Texas town about 30 minutes north of Fort Worth.  Considering that we live in Austin, it was quite a day trip.  Our main purpose was to see and photograph rare exotic cats and three species of bears at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary and we were not disappointed....more

Mabel’s Labels Monday! – Travel Mugs all the way!

Welcome to the very first Mabel’s Labels Monday on Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!Each week I’ll be posting a new idea on how to use Mabel’s Labels products!  (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!)  Some will be obvious, some will be unique.  But each is super practical!I’m starting with my travel coffee mug, because that is usually the thing noticed first by someone who asks me where I got the awesome label.  And yes, I can pop it in the dishwasher!...more

Vegetarian Airplane Food!

Traveling back home (we left Germany on Monday and got home close to midnight on Thursday) was exhausting, but fun. I didn't feel like taking many pics, but rather just living in the moment - so I did. Lovely restaurants, pretty Christmas decorations, jet lag and all. :)I did take a few pictures on the flight, though, so here they are:...more

How To Keep Your Immune System From Taking Its Own Vacation This Holiday Season

Each holiday season, millions of people travel to visit friends and family and kill themselves trying to get to every holiday party, shop till they drop and eat like little piglets. A giant combo for getting sick and feeling miserable all winter long. Here are some of the things to look out for this holiday season and how to avoid the season of sick!...more

18 Days Left Of Advent: Remembering My First White Christmas

The coldest night I ever experienced was in New York City, standing outside the Rockefeller Center, admiring the large water fountain—an Atlas of bronze—and an enormously huge Christmas tree, all lit up and dazzling! A very windy night, it was, with a record-setting cold (I was told), and it made the whole experience of visiting New York, well, down-right frightening. I wanted to cry out to my husband and say, “Can we please go home now?” I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes or nose. Heck, I didn’t even know if I was breathing!...more
My husband said that he, too, waited for those days that it snowed so heavy they couldn't and ...more

The American Brit

[This is another installment of the Life of Kiki series. We are going to be in London for a while. You can catch up HERE on the previous posts. And a brief caveat: It's kinda weird to be married and write about a past relationship. I don't really plan to do that with the exception of British Pete. As you will soon see, Pete came with enough drama to fuel a mini-series. He got happily married about six months after we broke up, so I don't feel badly about how things ended....more

Paris: What I Love & Don't Love About This Romantic City

Every time I arrive in Paris, there's always a "dating and mating" period, where I have to become re-acquainted, re-accustomed and re-united in a way that is less natural than New York City, where I go through the same ritual despite how many umpteen times I've been there. It typically takes about two days and my curses at the bureaucratic schtuff that gets in my way starts to subside a bit and Paris becomes Paris in all its glory, dark chocolate, crepes, brasseries, grand boulevards, shopping, cafes, gastronomie chefs, quaint Marais and Latin Quarter alleys and all....more

19th Century Christmas