Gai Paree
"Hi, I don't speak Dutch, please don't lose me" is priceless!!! Great post :)more

Postcards From The Road - Ellensburg

Everything looked pretty much the same today. All day. From Twin Falls through northeastern Oregon, and into Washington. Thank the Great Whobody for shiny new magazines to keep me sane, and for Rick, who loves to drive, no matter what or where.  ...more

Montreal Magic

Postcards From The Road - Jerome

Moab to Jerome, ID today, with a stop at Arches National Park just a few minutes outside of Moab. Beautiful place, and worthy of a much longer visit.  ...more

Our Sister to the South has the Prettiest Blue in April

The Oklahoma wheat is the deepest, most luscious green I have seen in years.I met a funny goose in the parking lot yesterday whose sparkling white feathers were glistening in the sun.In April, a rainbow of colors begins to show across the state. The red, red roses. The sunshine yellow daffodils. The pastel colors of Easter eggs....more
 @Red Dirt Kelly Oh my goodness, I remember that song and just listened.  It brings tears to my ...more

Postcards From The Road - Moab

 Day one of our trip to Seattle was the long drive from Taos, NM to Moab, UT. We're happy to be on the road again, and it was a good day. Our first stop was Durango, CO for lunch by the river. ...more

Vegan Road Trip


How to Order Vegan, Gluten Free Or Healthier Options at National Fast Food Chains

So, there are times where despite our best efforts, our only options just might be fast food, especially on vacation or a trip. On a road trip or in a podunk town with little to zero options for a healthy meal, I’ve found ways to navigate the fast food menu. I do not, I repeat, do not, advocate the consumption of fast food except for in a pinch and other compromising situations. So I suggest you print this blog in case of emergency!Here are some of the biggies:...more

Ghosts, and Pirates, and VooDoo Queens, Oh My!

There is more to New Orleans than just bars and beads. It’s also about ghosts…in bars.   Boo! Blarney and I took a ghost tour that stopped at a haunted bar....more
My sister brought me back a good luck voodoo doll from her last trip. I have it tucked safely ...more