Dirty Thirties: An Updated List for 2011, Prt. 2

Here's the rest of the update to my list for 2011. Enjoy! 23. Walk in A.P.'s shoes. My brother suggested that A.P. and I walk in each other's shoes for a month. He says we bicker too much about how we both contribute more than the other. I don't know if I'll truly be able to do this one, or if I'll be able to convince A.P. to do it, but it might prove interesting, that's for sure. I don't think we're going to do this, but I have been trying to be more grateful for all that he does. Whether he thinks I'm succeeding or not is another story. 24. Take a photography course....more

Just Like Pullin' A Double Wide With A Scooter.

I think my real mistake was bringing the f-ing coffee cup in here.“But, Sandra…” You say. “You need the coffee!”You’re right, reader. You are ever so right. But the coffee and the laptop? Just a plain bad idea. It's like giving a seal a ball and a fish, and then expecting him to do a little algebra. That algebra just isn't going to get done when there is fun afoot....more

Being Better at Sugarbush

Practical Tips to Survive Theme Park Madness

If you have ever been to a Disney or Universal Studios theme park you know that it is bound to be crowded, busy, full of long wait times, and over expensive snacks. The ultimate goal is to go have a great time for the whole family. But there are days when the madness of theme park ensues and you leave feeling tired, anxious, and grumpy.  I learned a few tips which will save you  grief from crowds, and help maintain your sanity. 1....more

Whose Business is Business?

It’s been all over the news: the top of the passenger food chain (corporate folk who routinely spend exorbitant sums of their firms’ money to fly business class) ...more

Why I Travel With My Son

It’s a question that’s often been posed to me: why do you travel so much? Doesn’t your son get unsettled?...more

Egypt is Open for Business: Our Bags are Packed

I called my parents to let them know that we were moving forward with our trip to Egypt and Jordan.  It’s for two weeks in mid-March.  My mom wasn’t happy.  I had anticipated that.  Then she asked: ...more

That trip is an amazing example and I appreciate you sharing it. I was joking with the husband ...more

Silly side of aging

Jokes about getting old begin in childhood and continue for decades until - gasp - one actually shows signs of age.  It’s another case of it’s funny ‘til it’s not.  Even when the joke’s on me, I get it, I really do.  We joke because  what else are we gonna do? Hooray for Baby Boomers, whose aging numbers are now so great that their wants and needs can’t be ignored.  ’Bout damn time. ...more

Looks like a stretch to find an acronym, but here's what MIT came up with:

Age Gain Now ...more

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The first thing we did when we hit Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and made our way directly to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter....more