How To Get Wheel Chaired Off A Plane And Avoid Walking Like The Suckers

There are things I recommend and things I don't, and one of the things I don't is getting yourself into the situation I got myself into on Sunday night. I should say we got ourselves into, because I was not alone in this. Here's the truth: I was sitting at dinner with three other people on Sunday evening about 5:00 pm, and we've ordered six plates between us--three were appetizers and one was a salad but still, six plates of food and this is to say nothing of the four beers. (One each). It's not like we've ordered lightly, either....more

A Perfect Day in Tuscany

  A Perfect Day in Tuscany     Every now and then, I experience a perfect day...where everything seems just right. I had such a glorious day last fall in the magical city of Lucca, northern Tuscany, Italy....more


“Does the U.S. really need to advertise hospitals?” Rob asked, readjusting in his seat. His shifting hand gracefully commanded gears as we barreled through western New York.  “It’s not like there aren’t enough sick people to go around.” He spoke with a humble quietude usually reserved for Midwestern pastors, not bulky, bearded, Canadian truck drivers. He had picked me up at a Flying J outside of Cleveland. I was being berated by the store manager about loitering and asking customers for rides when Rob politely interrupted him to offer me a lift to Buffalo....more
@bohnenkamp@DesiValentine4 Oh, no, not the South! Yeesh. Not a good reflection on our land of ...more

I Want to Watch a Desert Sunrise


Fall in Maine II: the Accidental Locavore Eats Local

Do you think that the ratio of good restaurants to bad is consistent throughout the world? The Accidental Locavore was pondering this idea the other day. For every great restaurant in Paris is there a number of equally crummy ones? Or do certain chefs start to create order out of chaos?...more


I have this running inner dialogue that has been trying out its French! Its fun, this process of learning. It has been warning me against time wasting. So I’ve been thinking a lot about that.  Admittedly with apprehension, at first, thinking this voice must know as I am not Doing anything… but the more I thought about it the more I recognized it as encouragement. I still have my moments of doubt but by questioning them I instill faith. With that said my time, I believe, has been well spent. I can’t remember a time when I have had so few responsibilities to adhere to for days on end....more

Life Lesson 117: Traveling with Multiple Sclerosis. I Remember when Traveling was so much Easier!

               So when did traveling become so difficult?  Most people would say after 9/11.  For those of us living with Multiple Sclerosis, we will tell you it started right about the time our disease hit.  It’s just not the same anymore.  Whether you are going by plane, train or automobile, there are numerous obstacles and road blocks you must face.  Its finding ways to work around them and cope that makes the trip more enjoyable.  Sometimes it’s nothing more than saying, ...more

Football Friday & some other things...

Clemson plays Virginia Tech this weekend. I'm wondering who is going to win....more

Greenville Grub

Just a short drive from Asheville & Charlotte, NC, as well as Atlanta, GA, you will find Greenville, South Carolina. I really enjoyed taking a guided tour of this quaint city as it had all the “accoutrement” of a large city without the overwhelming crowds, etc. The downtown is wonderfully charming too. Complete with a river and waterfall right smack in the center, a neat suspension bridge over the whole park ties the whole area together beautifully....more

Kabul Beauty School: Book Review

Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil by Deborah Rodriguez, 2007, 328 pages  When Deborah Rodriguez, a brash, outspoken hairdresser, joins a mission to volunteer in Afghanistan, she isn't sure what she can offer, alongside doctors and real aid worke...more