Ain't No Picnic

t really sounded like a good idea:  family vacation to Disney World!  Huzzah!  Right?  So what if the “children” are 20, 17 and 14?  Everyone would have a great time!  I planned and  organized rooms, luggage, parks, dinner shows, and activity choices from everyone (well, everyone who voiced one) incorporated into the itinerary.  Everyone seemed excited....more

Bell Rock Haiku,Maybe?

Bell Rock in the Spring Time!Bell Rock Haiku?!?!Tourist Love it that...more
 @JourneyofLife Wow, Israel or Jordan, those are wonderful choices, I understand you taking your ...more

Conquering The First Family Vacation

What it is like to pack, travel prekidshaunting suitcasehow hotels are differentwhat we learnedwhat we would do differently ...more

Searching for the Kingdom

I love the concrete jungle.Back in June, when we moved from the foresty, farmy suburbs of Boston to the anti-christ of New York City, I felt this incredible sense of freedom.  I was no longer tethered to my car.  I could get a really good, freshly baked bagel 24/7.  And, I could buy beer on Sundays.Embrace the freedom, people....more

Racing Into Spring

This is our dog racing over the frozen Bering Sea. Taking him for a walk where he can run always feels good and is a wonderful tonic for a bad mood. He doesn't grumble or stumble or talk of achy bones or the ills of the world. He just runs full force with a big goofy happy smile on his face....more
 @HomeRearedChef She is a handful ;)more

Traveling to a Foreign Country

Today we began our journey from New England to the Deep South.  Well.  Actually, to Orlando to hit various parks.  So, we are passing through parts of The South, but really, even the Southerners do not consider Orlando part of The South.  As we crossed into Virginia, I thought it prudent to tell my daughters we had just entered a foreign country and therefore, to ensure we do not offend and end up in a jail cell unexpectedly, we must be extra polite and cease all swearing.  We kicked around replacing all swears with “cuss”....more

Journey into the Capri island

"Caesar Augustus was the first to discover the charm of Capri when he visited the island in 29 BC. So taken was he with the island's beauty that he traded the nearby fertile Ischia for it with the city of Naples." --Cited from As we followed his footsteps, we found ourselves in Naples. The hotel that we stayed on is located across from the train station. It seemed so close but in fact, it was quite a walk, but somehow we managed just fine....more
 @HomeRearedChef Can you make it, Virginia? I would love to see it in your blog.more

The Outhouse

We have running water at our house. The majority of people do here in town, but outside of town there are those who do not. They use outhouses in the summer. Very good friends with an infant daughter live out of town and have running water, but no flush toilets....more Living at 11,000 feet would be wonderful!  What a great experience and it ...more

Gluten-Free at Coachella (Part 1)

Last weekend I attended the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California....more

Where To Dine Healthily in Johnson City, Texas

Johnson City, Texas. Just an hour or so northwest of San Antonio, located in the beautiful rolling hill country, this is the small town that president Lyndon Baines Johnson grew up in. Being a history geek, along with my hubby, we took a day trip up to see LBJ’s boyhood home as well as to see the sprawling acreage at his Texas White House about 20 minutes west of there.A peaceful area, Johnson City boasts a population of 1,200 people. Yes, you read that correctly. So what was I able to find in this little Texas town you ask? Plenty!...more