Spend Less Save More: Saving on Meals while on Vacation

Saving on Meal While on VacationIf you have a chance pre-cooking meals a day or two before set up your slow cooker to work for you. Slow cook ribs or roast and use that trusty old FoodSaver to freeze your food and store in a chest cooler for your trip, when traveling short distances no more than I would say 5 hours if completely frozen when placed in your chest cooler.Bring along some side dishes like pasta salad or canned food that you can heat in a microwave if you use FoodSaver bags simply poke a hole in the bag and steam them it works really well....more

San Francisco BurgerMeister Review

I visited San Francisco for the second time EVER just a few weeks ago. The first time I went was a very brief visit, I wrote about it here. This time I stayed for 4 days and really got to explore this beautiful city by the sea! We road tripped it from Los Angeles to San Francisco with one of our good friends, Jon. He’s been Kyle’s friend since kindergarten and I’ve been friends with him since high school....more


Bliss is my new favorite word. Last September I bought a wobbly little play table and chairs from a consignment store for the girl's room. I planned on it being an entertainment area for tea parties and hours of coloring. I brought it home, sanded, and painted it canary yellow. It livened up with the fresh new skin, but lacked that something unique. The original design was an awful grey with an impressive, yet horribly gaudy painted floral motif. I decided to freshen up that idea by hand-painting subway-style words....more

Spend Less Save More : Tips for Saving on Meals when traveling

The cost of meals when traveling can really add up.  As saver and stock pilers we should be able to cut that price way down by of course my mantra plan ahead and save more. Staying at a hotel book a room or suite with extras staying at one that offers a kitchenette or mini fridge and microwave....more

War Woman


Osaka Castle & The Japanese Mint

I spent my 2nd day in Osaka in search of cherry blossoms! This wasn't a hard task because they were everywhere. My first stop was Osaka Castle. It was awesome because, typically, there's a bit of a walk from the subway to the place of interest. However, I stepped out of the subway station and saw this:...more

Spring Break in Charleston

Last week was our spring break week from school here in New England. It seems so late compared to everyone else in the country! This year my parents invited us to join them in South Carolina. Unfortunately, Ken could not join us due to work obligations, but the kids and I were able to go.  ...more
That's my home town -- and Isle of Palms is my favorite beach. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.more

15 Essential Tips for Planning YOUR Next Trip!

“You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”- Yogi Berra Half the fun of travel is the anticipation and planning, but it can also be frustrating and overwhelming. How can you take that vacation you dream of and not blow your budget!?...more

Lazy Lake Days

  Every summer, for over 40 years, my husband's family has gathered at Camp Richardson in Lake Tahoe, CA.  For a girl who absolutely does not camp, I must admit that Richardson's has a magical quality to it.  The cabins are minimal but quaint, the view of the lake never gets old, and spending time away from my DVR and the internet is secretly welcomed. ...more

April 20th 1993 – Depths of Despair

Well, let me see whats new in the exciting life of me! Oh, the adventures are too numerous, too wild, too detailed, to express in their full intensity and potential on paper. Ah, anyway! Well yesterday I was in the depths of despair! Why? Oh who knows! PMS maybe, probably, most likely. I went to Karate – on the way there something went SNAP! Like walking through the woods and stepping on a stick! My priorities clicked into place! My brain shifted into the ready position, a smile arose on my face, my fingernails grew, my body relaxed and there I was!...more