The Best Arcosanti Thanksgiving Ever!

Today, Daddy visits Me & Mama at Arcosanti; making this the Best Arcosanti Thanksgiving Ever!...more

Reduce The Anxieties And Stresses Of Traveling

By: Stan Popovich Some people get very stressed and anxious when they have to travel to a new place. Getting everything ready, getting to the place, and knowing what you are going to do there can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. As a result, here is a list of ideas of what you can do to reduce the anxieties of traveling. The first step is to get a map or an atlas of the area and study which routes you need to take to get to your destination. There are also many maps on the internet that you can print out in order to get a overview of where you are going....more

Home! (JL goes Vegan in Colorado)

by JL FIELDS on DECEMBER 1, 2012...more

Virtual Vacations

Needing some time off without the time, money or energy to go?Don't feel left behind. Go on a virtual vacation. I've been going on them for years, since the 1980s. I find the whole experience very rewarding, refreshing and recreational. And, when I say recreational, I really mean re-create-tion-al....more Little outings here-and-there is what we are planning.    :)more

Vacation, Interrupted

Vacations are heavenly. Vacations are heavenly when you're young. Vacations are heavenly when you don't have children....more

The Worst Trip

NaBloPoMo November 2012 Prompt Wednesday, November 28, 2012: Tell us about the worst trip you ever took. I can think of parts of a couple of trips I've taken that haven't been so wonderful... ...more

A vegan, her husband and two cats go on a road trip…

by JL FIELDS on NOVEMBER 28...more

Getting Thru Airport Security During the Holidays...Without Losing Your Mind!

Aaaargh!  Airport travel can be such a pain…all in the name of keeping us safe.  When the 9/11 Terrorist Attack first hit, I had to travel the following week for business.  I remember thinking:  ”I don’t care what rules the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) comes up with; I’ll do anything they want, as long as it keeps us safe.”  And I meant it....more

5 Must-See Attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom

If you are visiting Disney World, each park has some must-see attractions that should not be missed....more

Visit the Home of Dum Dum Pops

We would have been really close when we were driving home from BlogHer 2009. Hmm maybe in 2013...more