North Manitou Island

When you think of an Island getaway do you think of Northern Michigan?  Chances are, probably not.The first time my boyfriend asked me to go backpacking I was intimidated.  Backpacking is one his favorite things to do, so of course, trying to win him over, I thought I'd give it a shot. He decided on North Manitou Island, part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  It's an hour boat ride out into Lake Michigan from the darling town of Leland....more

The Station

I do not know if everyone has a guiding principle by which they live their life, but about twenty years ago I was lucky enough to have a friend and coworker send me a poem that I have used through the years as a guide....more

Road Tripping with Kids and NO TV

With the holiday weekend upon us it is predicted that 39 million Americans will hop in their cars and get on with the good ol' tradition of summer road trippin'. Hitting the road is one of my favorite parts about summer. To me road trippin' means freedom, adventure, lively and unpredictable circumstances, new places, tight spaces, roadside picnics and uninterrupted time with the people I love. All good things in my book. ...more


I had a business meeting in New York. When I realized I needed to stay over night, I invited my husband to join me for dinner at Lupa Osteria for dinner and stay with me at Cooper Square Hotel. We had a wonderful time. The food is great at Lupa. I love the energy of the restaurant and the atmosphere of the location. It reminded me of an Osteria in Rome. And the Cooper Square Hotel has terrific views of the city. The rooms are very comfortable and the service is personal but not intrusive. It was nice to connect with my husband sans the kids and their activities for just one night....more

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA For those who don't speak Italian, that roughly translates to the The Fast Sweet Life.  All in a day (or so): infiorata (decorating w/ flowers) for Corpus Domini in Montone, a ride to the Ligurian Riviera with the top down, cocktails and dinner al fresco in Porto Venere, an early morning visit to the industrial port, and a maiden voyage motorcycle ride back home to Umbria.  Mamma mia, siamo stanchi!  ...more

Newlyweds take D.C.!

This week's blog is up on - and we're following the D.C. segment of our honeymoon.  Feel free to stop by, check it out, and leave some love if you are so inclined...and thanks for reading! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

The best vacation you will EVER have- Be treated like a "celeb" Contest is now up!

Invite whoever you want and enter to WIN all of these amazing prizes! click here to enter: ...more

wish you all luck! this is the most amazing and legit place I have ever visited- it truly is a ...more

Con Air

This past weekend, Elliott and I flew to Boston for the weekend.  For the most part, it was an uneventful trip. If you’ve flown lately, you know what a hassle air travel has become.  There are the security lines, the overbooked flights, and the testy airline employees.  With a cancelled flight out of Kansas City, air traffic control issues in Chicago, and weather delays in Boston, it took us 13 hours to get to Boston, but only five hours to get home....ContinueLanita Moss ...more

Enjoying the view, without the kids


Yes, it was fantastic! I have never gone away from the kids like that for the sole purpose of ...more