A May Flower of a Day

Today was a May-flower. Late this morning it seemed like thunderstorms, but instead we got the classic puffy white clouds against dark blue skies. Oh yeah…and NO snow! After months of heavy snows, this is still a fabulous fact to note. Literature of the Holocaust requires a lot of reading (supposed to be around 6 to 8 hours a day) but I’m enjoying it. Tennis & Badminton…wellll if I were more coordinated, they’d probably be fun…unfortunately they just remind me that P.E. actually stands for “Physical Embarrassment.” At least it’s giving me 2 hours daily of exercise....more

Buh buh bum buh bump bump bump bump: ...So my heart goes...

Blog Directory ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Something out there is giving me a heartache...maybe it's the way the clique of blond girls (students) laugh when I walk their way, the book club I have to skip cause of other (up in the air) obligations, the bumper sticker from my new favorite place that keeps falling off my car, or, something else.... Whichever way...doctor doctor!...more

It's a long way home

I haven't been home in over a year and I think it's time to go back and visit. Here’s the problem – I hate flying with my kids.  The idea of flying with them makes me so anxious that my daughter, now four hasn't been to Australia since she was six weeks old and my son, now seven, hasn't been since he was four. I've been all over the world by plane but I still hate it and I avoid it as often as I can. I think it is stressful, expensive and just not fun. Why on earth did I chose to live so far away from home?...more

I can do it for sure, it's just a matter of getting on the plane. I use any excuse. The great ...more

Not Dane Cook

On the way to Virginia (see last post), my friend/roommate/travel buddy Jill and I stopped in Washington, DC for a few hours. This was my first time in our nation's capital and I've just got to say: WOW....more

Living In The Present

As a Christian woman, I am taught to put my hope in the Lord. Not only limited to my salvation, this hope encompasses the entirety of my life - relationships, education, friendship....more

What Does a Locavore Eat in the South of France?

While the joke answer to what does a locavore eat in the South of France might be “whatever they want” (as long as it was grown 100 miles/161 km from where they are…), the Accidental Locavore ate a lot of great food and most of it was local and fresh....more

All of it looks so wonderful! I wish I was there with you tasting all of the fresh local ...more

Transitions Abroad Winning Essay

A few months ago I entered a life abroad writing contest and was awarded runner-up. Hey, it's not first but it's better than a poke in the eye. My article was published online today and will feature in the Transitions Abroad magazine. The magazine's director probably had a soft spot for my essay because he and his sister spent a few years in Nice when they were children. He says he still loves France and the opportunity to live abroad when he was a child has obviously made him who he is today. ...more

It's a great piece! I wish I could have chicken codon bleu for lunch :)more

Meet Virginia

I went to Virginia this weekend. I had never been to Virginia before this weekend. Virginia is beautiful....more

fab fam camping clan

What memories... We do indeed love us some Mono and Mammoth. We were all set to go back last Friday but found out that Tioga Pass was still closed. Planning on an alternate route, we checked the weather forecast and it was bellowing SNOW and HAIL and things that didn't sound like much fun to camp in. At all. ...more