Top 10 Reasons I Heart Oklahoma!

Number 10: Spotting a real, live princess in an autumn Oklahoma pumpkin patch is a  frequent occurrence. Photo by Rachel Apple....more

Yoga Thursday

That's a silly title. I can't think of anything else. I was thinking yogic Thursday and a Thursday yogi but those don't really make sense, so we'll just go with that!This is my shirt today -...more

Girls' Weekend Flea Market Trip To CANTON, TEXAS

Since FOREVER, a group of us women have been traveling to Canton, Texas in the fall for a Girls' Weekend Flea Market Trip.  Over the years, some have drifted in and out, but there are some of us "old timers" who will always attempt to make our way there on the weekend before the first Monday in November. ...more

Seattle Swan Song

For my third Seattle post, I saved some goodies for last! While I could have spent weeks dining in and around the Seattle area, I only had time enough for what I’ve covered but I know I’ll be back to uncover some more good eats! Let’s get rollin’ on the final five healthy, vegan and gluten free hot spots I found in this evergreen city!...more

Iowa in the Fall

An Art Museum, Sealed 4 Stories Under NYC

{ a long-abandoned subway station four stories under the streets of New York City  }...more

NaBloPoMo Day 8

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Belleville: Street Art in Paris

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NaBloPoMo Day 7

cross-posted from my blog: caldreamsquirrel.blogspot.comOne of the things DH and I like to do when traveling is stop at small shops with local products.  I had seen a wine and cheese tasting store in a small town near Medford, Oregon while my DH continued his search for the perfect hang-gliding spot.  While on our way back, I asked if he would stop so we could taste some of the local wines which Oregon is becoming more famous for....more

Samhain in Éirinn

A whimsical wish declared years ago has now come true. "I want to go to Ireland for my 40th birthday." I had forgotten until this year about that wish....more