First grade in Moscow, Russia

Note: these are my memories and my interpretations of what happened, which isn’t always the facts.  1989; Moscow, RussiaA little background:...more

Trash Film Orgy Review

Every summer, the Crest Theater hosts the Trash Film Orgy, a Smörgåsbord of cheesy, trashy and all around awesomely fun movies where the audience members are encouraged to dress up and participate (as in the "Rocky Horror" vein. This year, the season kicked off with probably one of the best known cult films of the last few decades, Army of Darkness, accompanied by a pre show zombie walk in downtown Sacramento. ...more

Princess Groupie at Akershus

My daughter has princess fever.  Let me be more specific.  My daughter has Beauty and the Beast fever.  Her favorite color is yellow.  She calls my husband her beast.  She won’t shut up about Belle.  Belle this.  Belle that.  “Mom, where are my Belle slippers?”  “Mom, can I bring my Belle doll with me?” “Mom, do I look like Belle?”  I’m waiting for her to get a Belle-complex. ...more

Driving Miss Crazy

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone takes a lot of effort. Even the greatest of motivators need motivating. When I realised that in my lifetime I would never get to see the entire world I was saddened but then I thought;...more

Kinderdijk ~Child's Dike

New York State of Mind - BlogHer12 here we come!

In less than two weeks, I will be in the big apple, doing a little shopping, a lot of eating and drinking but most importantly, attending BlogHer 12 with my partner in crime Darlynn. We are so excited for the things we will learn, which I will post about in two weeks. But until then, you get to hear a little about our agenda! Today is all about the food. ...more

Stolpersteine ...more

Here's Your Sign


Music Festivals and Kids: A Guide

Grassroots Festival Happiness Parade!!Festival season is in full swing, and as I prepare to take my family to the ...more
 @elaineR.N. Thanks Elaine! We had a great time at the Festival. I'm glad you find some useful ...more