A Weekend in Denver and A Little Life Lesson.

Sometimes life hands you lessons on a silver platter, or in my case, sometimes life hands you lessons in a snow-filled, slushy gutter. I spent the weekend in Denver hoping to explore the downtown area, spend a little quality time with my sweetie, and of course find amazing food to eat and photograph....more

Irish Valentines


Thaipusam: an unforgettable experience

About a month or two ago, a friend of mine called to inform me that we were going on an tour called "Understanding Thaipusam."Um....What's Thaipusam?Other than the fact that it was a Hindu holiday, she didn't know. She had just heard that we shouldn't miss it....more

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival

When spring slips in to summer each year, the Mackinac Lilac Festival lures visitors to the tiny Victorian island of Mackinac Island, Michigan. Picture book views and the mingled scents of lilacs and fudge make most first time visitors life long admirers....more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 95 – Travel Time as a Family

I am thankful for travel time as a familyThis week-end my hubby is in Newfoundland by himself.  Of the 10 places he travels for work, we are able to go to 6 of them with him.  When he is gone I really notice the difference in Poppet’s attitude.  She picks up the picture of him on her change table and kisses it.  She is more whiny, more grumpy, more difficult in general.Sometimes I can grumble about the amount of travel we do, but in the end, I’m glad we get to be a part of it!Warmest regards, ...more

DIY Map Pin Board

Where did you get that map?more

A British Summer

Old photo time tonight!...more
It makes me smile too! Thank you for sharing :)more

The Gilt Group of Tourism

When you think of flash sales sites, Gilt Group and Living Social come to mind. And in general, these are normally linked to fashion and retail deals but few think of travel.. There really hasn'y been a travel company to create an interesting flash sale idea....more

Irish Superstition

Photo Credit: Rannpháirtí anaithnidI love the Irish connection to deep feeling; tragedy, pri...more

The Amish Village: Visit to the 19th century style living

I still have lots of stories and photos to talk about our last trip to Lancaster, PA....more
@tennismama LOL! That we got to see the same moon is just awesome. :) I saw my typo ...more