Airport Etiquette - Bra Wearing

Dear Stressed Mommie at the Airport,If you are very enlarged and engorged from nursing, traveling alone with your baby, hurrying to catch your next flight, and have chosen to NOT where a bra...please, please, please...wear something appropriate OVER your tight, linen tank.  The swinging from side to side, "headlights" and general eye trap just don't add to the sweetness of the mother and baby concept.To read the finish of this rant post, visit......more

Healthy and Vegan New York Eats Part 2

New York City really is a mecca for foodies so there is no way I could get away with just one post on finding healthy, vegan and gluten free eats here. The city is a hub for creative cuisine as well as eco-friendly places to stay while visiting so without further a due, let's get going!...more

Airport Etiquette - Movie Watching on a Plane

So, as you know, I recently returned home from a vacation.  While on one of our plane rides, the man in the aisle seat, one aisle ahead and to our left (my toddler daughter was in the aisle seat with me in the middle) pulled out his lap top and ear buds and began watching a movie. ...more

Honduras...home sweet home!

Flying over the bluest blue oceans I was wondering where shall we land next; where should our next destination be now?…feeling a little homesick I decided to land in my home country—Honduras!  Afterall, should not the Pilot visit where she first took her scheduled flight!?!  I love Honduras and all the memories of childhood.  Nestled in my mother’s arms I felt the safety love and security which one feels as a child with loving parents.  Therefore there is little wonder why I long to revisit my homeland!  Oh how I hope, it will still be the beautiful land from which ...more

The Best Nisqually Dog Park Videos Ever!

Hi Everyone, It’s me, Darla! Today, Mommy and Daddy took me to the Nisqually Dog Park in Olympia, Washington. Mama was about to bring my carrier like she did yesterday, but I told her that “I don’t need no stinking carrier. I’m a big girl now!" I’m going to be one year old on October 5th, that’s my birthday. Besides, I have Daddy here to protect me. Love you Daddy....more

Vacationing in Mexico

Finally!!  Yes, I know I said I would do this post a few weeks ago but life happens and as my Mom always says-better late than never!  So, here are the pictures from our anniversary trip to the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Enjoy!Our home for a week…....more

ASTC Museum Passport Program

ASTC Passport Program A great way to gain access to hundreds of museums nationwide is through the ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers) passport program. Purchase a pass at one of the participating centers for free or reduced admission to other centers throughout the country. This is an excellent resource for traveling families. ...more

Magnificent Museums: The Indianapolis Children's Museum

Magnificent Museums: The Indianapolis Children's Museum  ...more

The Best Miller-Sylvania Park Hike Ever!

Hi Everyone, It’s me, Darla! And today, Mama took me to the Nisqually Dog Park next to the “Dump” so I could meet new doggy friends. It was a little scary at first but Mama brought my carrier so I could go to my “safe place” anytime I needed. Thank you Mama....more

DisneyWorld Travel Planning

Oh, the Disney vacation! So many things to do, places to eat, new attractions, characters to meet and shows to see. Everyone has an opinion on their favorite park, ride, or restaurant. It can seem a bit overwhelming when trying to plan and decide what the best options are for the ages of your children and what everyone is interested in doing. Not to mention the exact science of figuring out when the best time to visit each park would be as well as the least crowded times to visit attractions within each park....more