A Road Trip to Oregon: Me and Hubby Sharing Space, Time and Food (Part 2 of 2)

The continued telling of my adventure road trip to Portland, Oregon, with my hubby, love of my life and soul mate of over twenty-nine years; of sharing space and time together—an opportunity taken to renew our friendship and rekindle the flames of romance. And without-a-doubt it was time well spent; a happy chance to rediscover Us, as we also shared table and food, savoring unique eats....more
@brucemThough it wasn't a trip to Italy and Spain or France, it was a dream come true. But it ...more



Prairies and Panhandles

Colby and I recently took a road trip south through Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, and into southern Colorado.  As we drove through what represented the worst of the dust bowl, I was in awe of the people who migrated to this area and managed to scratch out a living.This is a hard place.  It will take its piece of flesh and leave very few gifts....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Hanging Out on Old Town Square : Warsaw Diaries: Part II

Thanks to Rick’s illness we spent a lot of time hanging out on Old Town Square people- watching, a great opportunity for sociological observation....more

Warsaw’s spectacularly reconstructed Old Town : The Warsaw Diaries: Part I

Rick and I had thought of Warsaw as a stop between Krakow and Berlin, not a desti...more

Senhora das Navegantes Continued ...

The festa, or party, here continued and finished, yesterday. We followed the celebration in our dingy and what a fabulous, energetic, wave of boats that accompanied the statues on their journey to the mainland town of Olhão there was! It began in the morning with a sense of excitement in the air. All of the fishing boats were in the marina for once, none were out fishing,  and many had decorated their boats for the occasion. ...more

"Can you wipe my ass?" United employee asks passenger on flight back from BlogHer11

Every time I fly United/Continental Airlines – it’s nothing but problems.  My favorite was a United flight out of White Plains, New York, a few years back when I witnessed a gate agent go on an F bomb tirade at a customer while he threw – yes THREW – her bag at her. Envision a bag – airborne – 10 feet across the most crowded terminal overflowing with elderly folks in wheels chairs and little children scrambling about while United employee John Reid (who was kind enough to slowly ...more

I recently flew round trip Atlanta – Palm Springs. The flight crew ...more

Our Lady of the Navigators


Going Home: Ludington, MI

Growing up in Ludington, MI, I couldn’t wait to get out. Everyone knew everyone's business and I grew tired of knowing the same people from Elementary and Junior High School through graduation....more

Picking Clams

I have written about amêijoas (clams) before; they are such delicious food when picked fresh and for that I wanted to share this with you:   Yesterday, with the new moon, the tides were particulary low and so we decided to go hunting for (the delicious) amêijoas. Picking clams. What a view! ...more