London is calling!

September 10 - 12th, 2011When I think of a vacation I don't think about Europe; never have.  I think tropical beaches, warm weather, tanning, relaxing, sleeping (a lot!), and short strolls along a crystal clear beach.  Europe seemed like too much work.  It's got all of the history you need to see, which means walking and waking up early to make sure you don't miss anything.  As a mother of 3 --  excuse me; A single-mother of 3, I'm worn out on a daily basis.  Sleeping-in is a vacation for me....more

Missing Montmartre

@Grace Hwang Lynch Thanks for coming by. I didn't make my first trip to Paris until 3 years ...more

Gulf Coast Continues to Struggle...Thanks BP

Just a short three-hour drive South from Montgomery, located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, are the towns of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach; home to the most beautiful beaches you will ever find with emerald green clear waters and sugar white sands.  If you are an Alabamian, this is your home away from home; a place you visit multiple times per year.  It is not unusual to experience 80-plus degree temps well into October....more

Romancing the Stone: Reunited with Michelangelo's "David"

Romancing the Stone: Reunited with Michelangelo's "David"   ...more
@sassymonkey Yes, he does:)more

Too much food for the brain

So we took a good start with our Russian class. We have a new teacher this year which corresponds to a new style. She is a native speaker and we will talk talk talk this year. Sabine

Random Thoughts

If I could I would move to Germany or San Diego, CaliforniaIn my kitchen cupboard I have gigantic family size boxes of oatmeal.On my desk is my laptop and a Care Package I have yet to send :-/...more

San Antonio's Healthy Hot Spots

Deep in the heart of Texas, you’ll find San Antonio. Home to the Alamo, Tex Mex and the Riverwalk. With tons of family friendly things to do and see San Antone is a beautiful city full of history as well as some pretty hip stuff. I had the chance to spend 5 fantastic days there, immersing myself in San Antonian culture, having been a contestant in the 1st annual Race to the Alamo! It was an experience I’ll never forget as my husband and I teamed up to form Team Healthy Voyager, taking the gold 2 out of the 3 race days!...more

Are you prepared for an emergency while travelling?

My kids and I drove to San Diego from Phoenix last weekend for a family event. As any parent knows, it’s important to have water, snacks, games and extras of EVERYTHING in the car when travelling with kids. (Ever been caught without a diaper or baby wipes? Yea, been there. Done that. Won’t do it again.) Little did I realize how important those extras would be. I pulled into San Diego just in time for the large power outage (caused by human error in Arizona, no less). I knew something was amiss when I got off the freeway around 3:30 p.m....more

Traveling abroad with your dog

The French love dogs. At least that's what I decided after viewing the final episode of “Sex and the City,” where Carrie, sitting in a café, glances over at the diner seated next to her—an enormous bull mastiff. So, when the opportunity arose to spend two months on the Côte d’Azure with a side trip to Paris for work, I decided to bring my shih-tzu, Jersey, with me. We flew Continental—our favorite airline—to Paris, where we were scheduled to switch to Air France for the flight to Nice.Jersey on the Riveria....more
This article made me smile because I also take my dog everywhere with me--even overseas--and I, ...more

Haute Veggie Cuisine at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If you’re setting out on a summer tour of Florida and thinking about some of the Orlando theme parks, Walt Disney World Resort has got you covered if you or anyone in your vacationing group follows a special diet.I love Disney’s Hollywood Studios(despite living in LA and being around the real thing) as it’s a magical look into old time as well as new cinema history!...more