Vacationing with Hurricane Irene . . .

Last week we traveled to the New Jersey Shore for our annual vacation.  Unfortunately, we were joined on our vacation by Hurricane Irene!  Irene was the first storm to threaten the New York City area since Hurricane Gloria in 1985.  Because of the storm, 2.3 million people (including us!) were under mandatory evacuation orders up and down the East Coast, and unfortunately almost 40 people lost their lives as a result of the storm....more

Photo frenzy in Tallinn, Estonia

The first stop on my cruise was Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It was a very beautiful and picturesque city indeed!  We spent our time in Old Town in Tallinn. And in the photo I am standing with my ice cream at the Town Square in Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia.Photos and full post at: Photo frenzy in Tallinn, Estonia...more

Our San Francisco Vacation - Day 1

We woke up before any normal human being should be allowed to wake up for our 6am flight. There is an upside to that, though. We arrived in San Francisco at 10:30am!! We got to see a pretty fantastic sunrise on our flight out. ...more
The sunset looks beautiful :)more

Get Your Sexy Back! Girls Get Away

Want to get away with the girls? Well this is the perfect contest to enter! Easy, costs nothing and no stupid surveys- Go get your sexy back by giving the Sheraton Atlantic Beach a reason why you deserve it on their Facebook page and whoever sounds like they deserve it the MOST wins! :)The Girls Get Away Package Includes:...more

My Vision Of The Seas

A Photo Tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium


Animal-Free Eats at Disney's Animal Kingdom

If you find yourself sightseeing in Orlando and theme park hopping at Walt Disney World, what better way to honor the beautiful creatures at Animal Kingdomthen opting for animal free meals? Veggie or not, there’s lots of special diet friendly options at the park, you just have to know where to look!...more

wild honeymoon · Skane (Sweden)

Our trip started in Copenhagen. We stayed there for three days - which, by the way, was more than enough to visit the main sites - then we crossed Øresund Bridge by train (super cool!). As we got to Sweden, we rented a car and... headed north!...more

Fyffe, AL UFO Daze: A Scathing Review

I came to party.Maybe I missed something.  Maybe I missed the true meaning of UFO, because this party was dull.  I imagined families getting into the UFO spirit and dressing up.  Children flocking to the face painting booth to be mad...more


I've been home from being overseas for five days and I still feel like I got tossed off a carousel and dumped into an alternate universe.  Five weeks away, even with highs and lows during that five weeks, ill prepares one for re-entry into the reality of everyday life.  The sun is shining, I've been pootling around in the garden trying (in vain) to rescue the tomato plants from blight, and attacking weeds that threaten to envelop the house.  I am dipping back into work projects but wonder if working for a living is really necessary.  Today I flatly refused our self-impos...more
I feel that same restlessness every fall. My kids get a little spoiled over the summer, and ...more