Change Me

I am the habitual forgetter. You have all known me at some point in your lives. The blur whizzing past you at the train station, or the woman at the cash register rifling through a junky purse apologizing for forgetting where she put her credit card in her wallet. Yep. She is me. Tadah!...more

Top 8 Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway

For couples who have been together for decades, or those who are ready to take their first vacation together, romantic getaways are the ideal choice: fun, relaxing, and sensual. However, several things can potentially go wrong on your trip.Learning how to expect the best while planning for the worst will leave you and your partner with peace of mind.Tips for making the most of your trip...more

Blogher Pro 2014, San Francisco... from my heart...because I know not everyone could have attended

THE ARRIVALPort Of Spain, Piarco Airport...more
Jenny Lauck Thank you Jenny.....Glad to touch you.more


MAGICAL MALL OF AMERICA!Rena McDaniel November 12, 2014 MINNESOTA, TIPS ...more

Oh the Life of a Country Girl :)

Oh the life of a country girl…....more

Thanksgiving in Austin

We are home from Austin and our hearts {and bellies} are so full! I didn't realize how much Cory and I needed a little break to escape the craziness of everyday life and couldn't think of a better place to retreat than Austin with Caleb and Anna.Even though we picked the worst possible time to visit, what with their busy work and school schedules, we are so thankful for the time we had....more

A Novel Approach to Writing and Reading Fiction

I’ve never heard anyone say writing a novel was easy. The fact that so many aspiring authors have trouble completing the task gave Christine Smith and Jessie Kwak the brilliant idea to form Four Windows Books. ...more
stephliebold ragazzadevino thanks for the advice :)more

The Greyhound Trip That Wasn't

I wanted to avoid driving in the bad weather and I thought a Greyhound bus was the perfect way to do it. So, I booked a round trip Greyhound ticket to go to see my boyfriend in a town three hours away. The bus trip was going to take four hours instead of the usual three with one transfer and an hour layover. It wasn't a bargain because it was holiday travel but I thought that it would be worth it. ...more
I've wondered about traveling Greyhound, and this makes me want to pass! i hope you get a refund!more

Starting a New Life Chapter in My 30's

I'm about read to embark on a journey I didn't foresee for myself.Going back to graduate school in my 30's for a degree that will not only not guarantee me a job, but which does not, on it's own, even make me competitive to receive the jobs I am interested in.So, Why am I doing it?...more


The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau (Dallas CVB) introduces a citywide partnership with area arts institutions and attractions in the Dallas Arts District, at Fair Park, and throughout Dallas to showcase the full array of holiday events and other activities for everyone in the family to enjoy this holiday season....more