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Travel Tips- Packing

The Soul of Southern Style

 I traveled home this weekend for a wedding—back to my first home. The muggy, slow, deeply Southern one. Walking into my mama’s house has always been a cathartic experience. The same smell, the same comfy couch, the same bedroom from my childhood....more

A Romantic Getaway in Cleveland

Romance and Cleveland usually aren't in the same sentence together; but this former industrial city is slowly wiping away its rust, and has enough soft edges to warm the heart of any romantic.  Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland turns into a welcoming retreat during the summer months with none of the hustle and bustle that is sure to be found at East Coast destinations. Here are some tips for getting the most romance out of your getaway to Cleveland....more

Road Trips With A Baby

This summer has been extremely busy filled with family reunions, birthday parties, beach trips, camping and time with the grandparents; for the past 5 weekends, we have been taking road trips with our daughter.  The more you do it, the easier it will be, as long as you are prepared.  Here are a few tips to make your road trip less stressful:...more

Our vacation to Ludington, Michigan

Looking for a relaxing vacation on the beautiful sand of Lake Michigan? Try visiting Ludington, Michigan which has miles of beaches along Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake with a quaint small-town atmosphere. My husband has fond memories of Ludington because he used to come here as a teenager to visit his grandparents.ATTRACTIONS...more

A Day-Trip from Rome: Villa d'Este


Like to take a walk around the Tower of London ? Just step this way ...

Coming to London in the Fall? Why not set out on foot to explore the Tower of London and the historic parts of the old City of London that surround it?...more

Teaching Kids To Pack: A Prospective, Randomised, Uncontrolled Trial

Parents of young travellers have concocted a variety of tools to aid in the development of packing skills in their children, as they transition from incapable neonates to mature adults.In this experiment, we supply two children (a three-year-old female and a six-year-old male, respectively) with two randomly-selected visual packing guides for kids, and observe to determine if there is an effect on their performance....more

To Try: Traveling With Just One Member Of Your Family

When I was in college, my sister and I went on a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina.Neither of us had been so we drove up for a weekend from Georgia and spent a few days exploring – checking out farmer's markets in the mornings, grabbing lunch at rooftop cafes, and taking slow dinners at Charleston's many wine bars and restaurants. ...more