Charleston Girlfriends Getaway

Last summer, for our Girlfriends Getaway, my friends and I chose Charleston, S.C.  It was the perfect girl-bonding destination for dining, dancing, shopping, and sleeping in."Traveling together has truly helped define our relationships."...more
Denise Thanks so much for checking it out.  I was my first time.  I can't wait to go back with ...more

Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping

The idea of camping outdoors may not appeal to everyone.  The lack of plumbing, sleeping on hard rocky floors, or just being out of your comfort zone may interfere with having a good camping experience....more
stephliebold Hi there Seph!  To answer your question, glamping setup doesn't take long at all. ...more

BC Part 5: Food/Shopping, Courtenay BC Area

(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours. Although there are no true misses in this post.)...more

A Presidential Dinner

Following the tour of Golf Adriatic, the Accidental Locavore and company went on to explore the ...more

College Search Chaos: Visiting Colleges, Part One

Are you planning some college visits to help your child decide where to apply?  Do you envision you and your child pleasantly strolling about leafy campuses, listening to vivacious tour guides while your child warms to the charms and virtues of higher learning?...more

Florida bound? Make sure you stop by America's oldest city, Saint Augustine. There's a lot of celebrating going on!

The first time I visited Saint Augustine, I was enchanted and surprised at how I hadn't known about this amazing little Florida destination sooner!  It's quite an memorable place with great little restaurants, historic ships, a spanish fort, culture, artists, music, beautiful beaches, living history with live re-enactments and celebrations....more

Weekending | Downtown Disney

It feels so good to be back in the land of blogs!  Though, truth be told, I'm sure I'm going to need another break as we gear up for this move.  One day last week, we drove down to Orlando to meet with a real estate agent and look at some townhouses.  The new plan that I eluded to a couple weeks ago includes the purchase of a townhouse for us and the bears.  Quite the difference from where we're at now.  However, in the long run it will be worth it, and we've found a couple of prospects....more

Summer Bucket List

t's another Monday! Today, I wanted to change things up a little and talk about what's on our summer bucket list. Aside from the usual- playing outside, going to parks, farmers market, and going to the library I wanted to think of some fun family things to do around the DSM and surrounding areas this summer....more

PHOTO: The Golden Hour

I was about to pop down into the BART station to go home for the day when this shot caught my eye. There was no way I was going home without taking a photo!...more