Gatlinburg has attracted a new multi-million dollar development called Anakeesta. We happen to live in Gatlinburg. The changes might affect us indirectly, as hundreds of jobs will be created, more traffic will have to be juggled (if such a thing is possible in our small town with big city traffic), and familiar sites will be transformed....more

An Unexpected Turn Of Events And Some Big Changes

Well, I didn't think THIS was going to happen any time soon... Big news, everyone.I'm going back to the USA. In 9 days,WTF just happened? That's the wrong way, next stop is ASIA not AMERICA...But, about a week ago I got the news my grandmother is in very poor condition. If I don't go now, I will never see her again, and it would mean the world to her if I came....more

Life in Another Language

So if you have followed my adventures at all, you know I love Greece and spend quite a bit of time here. What you maybe DIDN'T know, is that in my last three months living here, I have spoken hardly any English. I am living my life in another language....more

Why Camp At Algonquin Park?

Hitchhiking From Bucharest to Athens Part 2

If you missed Part One of the story, check it out here...Part TwoSofia To Thessaloniki ...more

A Day Spent in Niagara Falls

Flashback Friday: Swimming with dolphins

It's day five of a ridiculous cleanse diet, during which I've babied a head cold. I've spent most of this week-o-fun grading papers and exams, trying not to kill anyone out of hangriness. After a tense Friday afternoon faculty meeting followed by a two hour commute home, my mind is craving vacation.Since there's nothing big pending, I'll have to settle for a Flashback Friday memory: swimming with dolphins in Mexico six years ago. Pretty much of the best time ever....more

Traveling Like A Pro!

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s a lot of traveling for some of us. Whether we’re going home for the holidays or have short work (or play!) trips to attend, the fall/winter months are when most people are out and about. Luckily for me, I get to spend Thanksgiving at the beach. There will not be much of tanning going on, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun....more

A Train, Of Course... #NaBloPoMo

5 Ways to Explore Dubai

Dubai is an incredible place. Rooted in tradition, culture and history while boasting an impressive array of Western influence, Dubai is quickly becoming the centerpiece of the world. Everything in Dubai is the biggest/best of its kind...the tallest building in the world, the tallest commercial building in the world, the best hotel in the world...there isn't anything there that wasn't built to impress. ...more