J'Adore: The Mariage Fréres Salon de Thé in Paris

The Mariage Fréres Salon de Thé in Paris is my personal definition of luxury. When I've spent all morning navigating the Louvre or wandering down cobblestone streets, a nice, long break to savor the flavors of Paris is exactly what I need....more

Oh-La-La Lavender Fields in Provence

I hope you're ready for some breathtaking pictures of the French countryside! If these don't inspire you to put France on the short list for your next vacation, we don't know what will!...more

How to use an onsen in Japan

How to use an onsen in JapanThere is etiquette involved in having an onsen in Japan, and it is worth every second of ‘trying’ to get it right. We travel to Nozawa Onsen annually where, as you can guess, there are many onsens....more

Mommy and Me Getaway to San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico is one of the most historical and majestic islands in the Caribbean. The culture is rich and the food is delicious. Many travelers come to San Juan to experience its old town charm and tropical lands.  With no passport required for U.S. Citizens, Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for family travel....more

The power of solitude for musicians

A tip for all musicians - from one of our travels - the power of solitude. Read here. ...more

Minnesota Nice in Norway

I just got back from a 15-day vacation in Norway. Four years ago, my mom married a man, Leif, who is originally from Norway, and still has a lot of family there so he visits often. This year, my husband and I tagged along for the trip. ...more

Are the Whitsunday Islands Worth the Trip?

The Whitsunday Islands are located off the coast of Airlie beach on the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Airlie Beach is a small beach town in Queensland, pretty much 8 hours from civilization to the North (Cairns) and to the South (Hervey Bay). Let's be honest...Rockhampton doesn't count....more

Things To Do: Cypress Grove Nature Park, Jackson, TN

 There is a hidden gem in Jackson, TN called Cypress Grove Nature Park. With shady nature walks that range from 3/8 of a mile to 2 miles roundtrip, it's a great place to go for a stroll....more