A few weekends ago my husband and I went to St. Petersburg to explore our new surroundings. We decided to go to St. Petersburg and see what we could discover in the downtown area. What we found was mind-blowing for someone like me who loves street art....more

Nothing says Happy New Year like a flight in the Cessna 190

41 degrees on New Year's morning, preflighting the Cessna 190. Starting 2015 out right!No lies, I was in bed and asleep by 9:45 last night. Some New Year's eve, huh?...more

Favorite Airline Rewards: Alaska Air

 Today on my blog I'm sharing the first in my favorite airline rewards series. I'm sharing Alaskan airlines first. I'm sharing how it works, how to use and earn miles and what the different elite statuses earn you....more

A Day Exploring Porto, Portugal

Porto was my favorite city from this trip. It had a mix of everything – beautiful waterfront, tiny ancient streets as well as “normal” pedestrian streets, amazing architecture, and most importantly, Port wine!...more

Obidos - a Portugal Town Enclosed in a Castle Wall

On our way back to Lisbon from Porto, we stopped by Óbidos, a tiny town completely surrounded by castle walls. It was very charming, with miniature streets and tiny hobbit-like houses. Everything was whitewashed with blue and yellow stripes, and made me imagine being in Greece....more

The Eden project Trip

So for my birthday this year Baby Z and Daddy treated me out to a long weekend in Newquay, Cornwall. As we had never been down that far south, we thought it was best to treat it like a holiday even if it was in mid-October and the weather was cold. Our main day trip there was to the Eden project and wow was it amazing. As it has been a trip that we have had on the, to do list for a while it was perfect to complete it with baby Z around. To continue reading please click... ...more

Complete Guide to the Washington DC Metro

 Today on my blog I'm sharing my guide to the Washington DC metro system. The metro in DC is one of the easier to handle subway systems in the US, so I wrote a guide on how to get a metro card and use it!...more

6 Tips and Tricks For Road Trips Across The Country

 As I said in my post yesterday, in the last couple of monthsI've logged a pretty good amount of travel time across the states. In...more

Lessons Learned at St. Louis's City Museum

If you haven’t been to City Museum in St....more

Travel /Leisure | The Cable Car Ride of San Francisco

It was the end of the day. It started many hours ago and it was ending here, at the Powell and Market Cable Car Stop. Some 8 hours earlier I found myself leaving the safe haven of the loft, my home away from home while in San Francisco with a semi planned Saturday in the City....more