Six Months in China: What I Now Know

 High fives all round because it’s not every day you get flung (some may say head first) into the middle of China with little more than your sense of (frazzled) humour!  Did I mention I had one pair of boots and a solitary jumper and winter was approaching much faster than I (clearly) anticipated! Ok, maybe I mentioned this (a few times). ...more
When I visited my frind in Tianjin and Beijing in Dec. 2010, she told me about the government ...more

Need some Springtime Travel Inspiration? My review of the elegant, understated Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara California.

Canary Hotel Santa Barbara. A luxury Kimpton boutique hotel....more

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Are the Penguins Worth It?

What penguins am I referring to?The awesome little blue ones (the smallest species of penguins in the world) that you can find in a few different locations on the South Island of New Zealand (and Southern Australia). So, is it worth it to take a road trip detour?Why yes, yes it is....more

10 Tips to Improve your Trip to the Milford Sound

Interested in visiting the Milford Sound while in New Zealand? Here are some facts and tips for making your visit to the Milford sound the best it can be....more

Almost open: Dogwood Arts Festival 2015

Redbuds first, then dogwoods

Looking to book a hotel in North Myrtle beach-Check out our recent stay and review

Retro hotel stay but with a new updated feel!

The April Fool's joke that won't quit

 I keep thinking it will go away long enough that I can forget what it was like to plummet out of the sky. But no....more

Road Trip Survival Tips - 10 Things That Make Everything Better

Because every road trip you take should be a pleasant experience, here are 10 easy ways you can help make that happen!...more