My brother is visiting in two weeks, and we are excited to see him, particularly the Boy. He loves his uncle, I think because my brother is at the same mental level as my nine year old....more

Area Guide to Highbury, London

It's been almost a year since we moved to the N5 area (between Highbury and Finsbury Park). In that time I've seen a few new businesses pop up and seriously think it's only a matter of time before it becomes the next up-and-coming London neighbourhood to watch. What I love most about the area is that N5 has only a handful of chains and the majority of local businesses are one-off London gems. The N5 area is also super close to the hip and hippy Stoke Newington, and Clissold Park is just two minutes' walk away too....more

The New Smart Fortwo & Forfour! The invasion!

Sober Travels In Wine Country

 My husband and I met as teenagers and have spent the last three decades dreaming of the day we could travel the world together.  It was always a “someday” vision – raising kids and running our business has kept us on a relatively short leash. Now our dreams are in sight, and I realize I’ve changed the game by throwing in the wrinkle of sobriety....more

Cabin Credit




The landscape of the River Thames

The Landscape of the River Thames ( Photography101)I thought I would treat you to watery landscape.This was taken on the Tower Bridge, London only a few weeks back when I went to see the poppy display.Kismet SuperyachtThe first yacht you see is the Kismet Superyacht which cost an astounding£70,000,000.00 I had to check I had not put too many 0′s in.It is believed to be Owned by Shad Khan and also the NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars....more

#TBT Egypt 2011

The pretty things I see while lost

 A little morning jaunt in 20-something degree weather thanks to my terrible directi...more