Summerlin: A Gem in Las Vegas

Located a short 10-mile drive west of the Strip, on the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley lies Summerlin. It is a 22,000 acre, affluent area of Las Vegas with some of the best parks, hotels, restaurants, and shopping in Las Vegas.The ever eco-conscious planners of Summerlin have made many decisions designed to protect fragile ecologies near Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains. This dedication to conservation has made Summerlin one of the Nevada’s most environmental communities....more

High Desert and Big Rocks

We’re back from Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in the Mojave Desert.  ...more

Fender Tour: Because I Love My Husband

When you have a husband that loves you through all your quirks, craziness, shenanigans, and insane-ness (like I do), you want to do something to show him how much you appreciate him and adore him and love him for being there through all of it....more

Some observations from Keston Common

During reading week Mr. Transport and I trundled through south London’s suburbs, dreary under the muted light of fat, grey clouds, to Keston Common. Descending the steps towards the ponds, Mr. Transport and I noticed that a sluiceway guiding the River Ravensbourne from its brimming source up at Caeser’s Well, was carving its own slow tributary and puddling at the foot of the steps, as if to protest its containment. Read More ...more

A New Year's Letter of Complaint and Capitulation

If I could write a letter to New Year’s Eve it would start:Little Time31/12/14London Dear NYE,I’m not angry at you, I’m just disappointed… ...more

How to Deal with Allergies while Travelling.

Oh no, not again. You might know this exact feeling. You wake up in the morning and suddenly feel a burning sensation on your face or all over your body. Before you even make it to the next mirror and manage to take a glance at yourself - you already know - shit, not yet another skin rush or allergic reaction. Oh well. That exact thing happened to me this morning. And in fact I’m writing this article looking more like a chipmunk than my usual self – thanks to a completely swollen and reddish face. Not sure what triggered the allergy though, but I will find it out eventually....more

Belize Zoo

I love aquariums and zoos. Not necessarily the idea of animals in captivity, but the opportunity to see incredible animals I would never otherwise see close up....more

Yellowknife Ice Castle and What the Fox Said

  It's Friday and I am on a plane heading home from the North. ( and on a serious note a very successful trip, I cannot believe how excited I am about what I accomplished.  I negotiated my first Collective Agreement and averted a potential strike, and feel like I got a great deal....more

Ipanema fever

Hi guys! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for so long. I’ve missed you!So, from my later post you must have understood how great my life in Brazil is! I’m relaxed and I’m so happy! Last week I went to the swimming pool (they have one here in the building, so I can spare myself the hot trip to the beach) and I spent a whole day in Ipanema with a dear friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a while....more

10 Things I Love About San Francisco

I had a health scare years ago; that turned out to be nothing. Thank God. However, it did motivate me to make some major life changes. One of those changes was moving to San Francisco. I always loved the city. So I applied at Yahoo almost as a fluke. They flew me up for an all day interview, and I got the job. I opted to live in the city and commute. It was a just a short train ride away. I ended up living in the city by the bay for three years. There are times I wish I had stayed. But, luckily it’s a short plane ride away....more