New Macan by Porsche! National Press Event.

Why I'll Never Stay At Another Howard Johnson

I don’t normally write reviews about places I go or the things I do unless they absolutely blow my mind. I don’t believe in giving free publicity to any product or service unless I stand behind it. Well I most definitely don’t stand behind Howard Johnson anymore as a low cost hotel option anymore and here’s why. I’ve been staying in a lot of hotels recently, some wonderful and some not so much but my most recent stay at the Howard Johnson at 5324 Jefferson Davis Highway in Fredericksburg, Virginia, was the worst I have ever had....more

Weekend Getaway: Durham, North Carolina

Last month, we hightailed it over to Durham, North Carolina (that's in the US, folks) to throw my sweet big sister a baby shower. North Carolina is the state in which I was born, the state in which my sister and more recently, my mother, live, and the state we plan to move to post-London.It's a lovely state, that North Carolina. Beautiful as all get out, relaxed, friendly, and super happening, too. We were there for just a few short days but we sure did make the most of it. Here's what we got up to:...more

You Looking At Me?

I am one of those people who enjoys eating cereal for dinner...not eyeballs.   Tonight, I had Special K and a banana and loved every bite.  Everyone always ask me if I love the food here in China.  For a "foodie", China would be paradise.  For a non-foodie like me, it's challenging.  But not only do I really, really not like eating weird stuff, I get sick so easily.  So, travelling all the time, I am constantly invited to go to business dinners where I get to watch but not eat the food because I know, without a ...more

Seeing Beyond the Quagmire

Let me just get this out of the way: I wish I could say I've been traveling the world in my absence, but the truth is I've been stretching myself a little thin.Trying to become better at it all, and well, this blog suffered. Now, I'm back. Back from the beyond! Not the beyond of exotic, dreamy destinations - more like a local quagmire. Not the sea of tranquility, just life. I'm hoping you'll permit me a do-over; a fresh start....more

13 Tips For Enjoying A Summer Without A Typical Vacation

                                                   Vacations are often costly and, by their nature, time-consuming: two qualities that make them a pipe dream for a lot of twenty-somethings....more

Take Shelter and Watch out for Flying Women on Broomsticks!!!!

I AM NOT MUCH OF SHOPPER AND I DON'T PLAN ON GOING AGAIN ANYTIME SOON!You could probably define my shopping patterns to one of a love-hate relationship. I LOVE to get new things; clothes, gifts, SHOES, and things for my home. However, I HATE the actual act of walking around the mall, searching for the unknown. I do almost all of my shopping online, and if I do go to an actual store it is because I know exactly what I want, and I am going to run into the store, pick it up, and run right back out.What can I say? It's just not my thing....more

Long List of Things to do Before You Leave on Your Trip

I’m pretty organized and one tool I cannot live without is a good old fashioned to do list.  I’ve compiled a list of things to do after you’ve made your reservations.  Once you have your date use this list to ensure you are ready and worry free so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.   There are many minute details to take care of before you leave.   This list should help take some of the stress away.Home...more

15 Awesome New York City hacks for newbies

You've never been to New York City and you're planning a visit but you're wondering how to make the most of your first ever trip to the Big Apple.You have to bite into the experience of New York City in chunks. It can be a different experience each and every time you visit. And as you get to know the city that never sleeps, it becomes more your own and you fall hard and deep....more

Strange Customs

I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I'm just thrifty.My husband swallowed a laugh as the customs agent replied that I would have to give the banana peel to the Agricultural Inspection Agent.Beginning to comprehend the gravity of our situation, I quickly stuffed the banana into my mouth, passing the rest to my ever-helpful husband....more
henmom Thank you! You just wrote the first comment I've ever received on BlogHer!! Get yourself ...more