AZ Biltmore Staycation

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We took a little staycation on Friday and stayed at the AZ Biltmore Resort. If you're ever in Phoenix I'd HIGHLY recommend staying there! It was built in 1929 so it's full of history and was also crowned 'The Jewel of the Desert'. Ronald Regan and his wife honeymooned there and every president since Hoover has stayed there! I just love places with that much history to them :)...more

Best Burger in Jacksonville

Chitrashala: A Museum In The Clouds

Chitrashala: A Museum In The CloudsPosted on July 4, 2014 by aborrowedbackpack ...more

American Adventure- Highlights

Happy Fourth of July Y'all I am still jet lagged and working from 11.30 pm tonight. Bleugh.. I'm also nervously waiting for my results to come in from uni. EEEK....more

Vacation - Planning the Summer Getaway that Fits Your Family's Style and Budget

 Last summer, I wrote a blog for Huffington Post  about the perils of planning a family vacation, particularly in a year when money is an object and you’re dealing with varying wants and needs. We opted for a staycation, which is great if the weather co-operates and you can hit the beach or a pool every day (as it did). ...more

Tuscany is so yesterday. Why Umbria is the new place for Italian wine tasting

The Umbrian countrysideSo I promised some yummy tidbits from my recent trip to Umbria. So I'm starting with the wine tours....more

Protect Online Data When Traveling Abroad: Lesson Learned!

Last summer, my mom’s high school (for their reunion) sponsored a trip to China. It was an amazing experience for her – she got to see the Great Wall and some of the sites of the 2008 Olympics , she got to learn about other cultures and even picked up a few words in Mandarin, and she also got to find out first-hand about some of the hassles of traveling to a high-risk location!...more
polyestherbunny Thank you! It's all based on a horrible experience, so I hope these tips do ...more

An Expat's View On The World Cup

Somewhere in the past few weeks of the 2014 World Cup, I became a sports fan.Or actually, let's not take it that far. I became a fan of U.S. soccer.But let's go back a little bit first. It should be said that I've never been a sports fan. Like, at all. ...more

A day of Cherokee Indian culture

As my husband Ronnie, daughter GG and I headed to Cherokee, North Carolina from Tennessee, my thoughts wandered to what I've heard about the place.Cherokee, North Carolina not only houses a casino but is actually inhabited by the Cherokee, a native Indian tribe. When we arrived there, we saw signs around town printed in English and Cherokee....more