Some of My Favorite California Moments!

We just finished a family vacation to San Diego, CA and we had a blast! Between riding the waves, bike riding, getting tan and just enjoying the family, we had a great time. Check out my Instagram and Facebook for pictures and videos! xoThe Bubbly Blonde by

The High Line Park: Abandoned Railway Re-Purposed

One of my favorite parks to visit in the city is the High Line Park in the chic Meatpacking neighborhood, made internationally famous by Sex and the City, art galleries, couture shops, exclusive clubs and swanky restaurants. (I used the word swanky, hilarious! )...more

Channel Islands National Park: Kayaking Around Santa Cruz

During our camping trip to Santa Cruz we decided to take a kayaking tour around the island, exploring caves, admiring the beautiful scenery, learning about the history and geology of the island, and spotting wildlife in and out of the water....more

The Last Manhattanhenge Weekend of 2015

What is Manhattanhenge? It's a phenomenon that most people outside of New York tri state area or professional photography don't know much about. It happens during two weekends of the year that straddle the Summer solstice, one weekend about a month before the start of Summer and another about a month afterwards. It becomes a huge gathering in Manhattan because everyone wants to see the setting sun in alignment with the street grid. To see this happen in perfect weather takes your breath away....more

New York,New York Version for 2015 by Johnny T

I saw this video today from one of my favorite YouTube channels Glove and Boots. I always enjoy a good Johnny T appearance and this one doesn't disappoint. I hope you get a good chuckle out of this video like I did. Have a great weekend everyone!Until our next rendezvous..Trudy...more

A Different Take on Traveling

I love to travel. Ever since I was young, I wanted to explore the world, to see new things, experience different cultures and just be....more

Uganda My Heart

No Going Back

A Rose is a Rose is a Rosebud

Elise SeyfriedRosebud.  What a lovely place name!  You might look at the name on a map of South Dakota and imagine miles of colorful flower gardens. You would be wrong....more

How To Go About Planning The Big Trip To The Big Apple

When Sinatra crooned out “New York, New York”, he was voicing the sentiments of not just the United States of America but a world full of people enamoured by The Big City that has been at the centre of the universe as well as at the centre of people’s hearts throughout the globe....more