At this point in our Europe trip, we were trying our best to run away from the storms that were taking place EVERYWHERE. This was in April, and it just kept snowing and raining. Our original plans were to head to Croatia to see Plitvice Lakes National Park, but it was raining so much that we headed to Slovenia ....more

Israel's Cheese Trail, One Goat Farm at a Time

Editor's Note: Sarah and her family had just finished the Israel Trail at Tel Dan and needed a new travel goal. “Let’s walk from the sea to sea” was one suggestion, "The Golan Height Trail?” was another idea. The popular Jesus Trail also came up. And then Sarah made a final statement: “Guys, we are going to do the cheese trail now” and that was it. --Heather...more
Hi, I want to read your article about the Goat Farm Trail.  Please give me permission. Thanks, Dianemore

Childhood Adventures: The Wilderness of Oregon

Editor's Note: At the urging of her father, a woman reflects on her childhood memories and one in particular, came roaring back. --HeatherOne summer, when I was 11, my dad had the crazy idea that it would be really fun to go and spend 5 weeks in the wilderness of Oregon and try our hand at building a log cabin.  And then, since we didn’t quit finish this “cabin” we went back for another summer adventure two years later....more

The Charm of Charleston

Editor's Note: Ever been to Charleston, South Carolina? Founded in 1670, the town was recently named by Travel & Leisure as the "friendliest" in America. With all the architectural charm and culinary decadence, you may not want to leave. --HeatherEven though it’s supposed to rain all weekend, my love for this town isn’t shaken. Knowing that the forecast calls for steady rain today and tomorrow, we decided to soak up as much of the city as possible yesterday....more

Utah: Trail to the Toadstools

Editor's Note: Ever been to the Toadstools in Southern Utah? Me neither. but these amazing photos offer a glimpse into this bizarre and beguiling place, reminiscent of Mars. --HeatherSince the sun was setting as we arrived at the Toadstool Trailhead parking lot, I held off taking pictures until the morning.When it came, we were pretty excited about our day ahead. Here are the pictures. Again, I'll leave you to them. This great landscape can speak for itself......more

My Family Loves to Travel

By now, you know that my family loves to travel. We've done everything together from snow skiing in Colorado to shopping on Melrose Avenue in LA to white water rafting to playing on the beaches of Florida and South Carolina-- and I've written about most of our travel experiences on this blog. One thing we haven't done yet is go on a family cruise-- and I'm dying to remedy that. We've been talking about booking a family cruise for AGES....more

Family Vacationing

Planning family vacations can seem like an overwhelming task. With so very many options out there and so many factors to take into account, sometimes you feel like you need a vacation just from the process of figuring out where you should go and what you should do! My husband and I are not the sort who enjoy researching, scheduling, and making reservations for nine million things before taking a trip....more

Gasparilla: Pirate Party in Tampa

Editor's Note: Ever heard of Gasparilla? Me neither - been out of the Pirate Party loop and feeling a bit scurvy-ish too. No more. Here's a dastardly date to put on your calendar for 2014. --HeatherFor yet another year, Tampa was pillaged and plundered by pirates. And of course, every year since 1904, we have made it out alive! Relatively of course – it was Gasparilla after all - Tampa’s biggest party day of the year!...more
I used to live in Tampa and LOVED GaspARRRRilla, as we called it.  Things were wild but fun.  ...more

A Weekend in Normandy

Editor's Note: A girl from Philadelphia meets a Frenchman, falls in love and moves to Paris - you'd see that movie, right? Well, seven years later, she is still in love with both man and country and generously sharing her travels and insights...Dieu Merci! --Heather...more


Realizing that there was plenty to keep us busy for the day in Thermopolis, we decided Monday morning to stay for a second night. We were  p r e t t y  comfortable with our huge room and two double beds at the Days Inn - let me tell you! The continental breakfast and guest laundry didn't hurt either ....more