Disneyland Road Trip: Eating Healthy, Organic

Editor's Note: Eating healthy, organic, unprocessed food is an ideal daily standard. But what to do when you (at long last) cave in and agree to a family pilgrammage to the Happiest Place on Earth? A place that serves cotton candy, soft serve and garlic fries? You plan ahead, and you shop. --Heather...more

Thursday…now available in Island format!

Thursday Island, Queensland, AustraliaAfter the arduous process of “studying” for our Responsible Service of Alcohol test we passed our course and became certified Australian bartenders!...more

The Jewish Community in Cuba

Editor's Note: Rabbi Phyllis Somer takes a trip to Cuba to aid the Jewish community of Cuba where she was "stunned by the beauty and decay" of the island nation. Cuba once hosted a thriving Jewish population but it has shrunk over time, making their connection with other Jewish communities even more significant. --Heather:...more
Sorry, I'm dashing to airport. Google 'Jews of Cuba' and enjoy recent photographic documentary ...more


Of course it was no secret that our first stop back on the road was to be Fredricksburg. Here's our funny story to go with this city ....more

celery + dates + pecorino {salad}

I know, I know. I just wrote up a recipe for celery salad recently. But this one is different, I promise ....more


So, today was Landa Park day.  ...more

Q&A on Folha Internacional

Reflecting a number of changing realities in Brazil, one of the country's largest newspapers is looking to expand readership of its international section, with Brazilian news stories translated into ...more