Having spent Tuesday night at a roadside picnic area we were happy to be up and on the road again come Wednesday morning. Another cold night without heat........It was a short drive over to Boerne - 23 miles - one of our favourite cities in the Texas Hill Country. Not sure if it is still considered a town or not - it's not very big - but it's quaint ....more

casa bleve {rome}



Market Day - if you've been around here for a while you know that we LOVE Market Day!Different towns, different Markets, different days.Tuesdays are Market Days here in Villa Corona.Having visited last week, we knew the drill. I WOULD have posted pictures last Tuesday except that my camera battery ran out after about five pictures.NOT good for a blogger - kinda like getting caught with your pants down ....more


Since we had stayed home all weekend, today we headed back to downtown VC for some supplies.  ...more

A Finnish Getaway

So, who has been to Finland? Chances are, not that many of us. When this blogger visited Finland for a friend's wedding, she learned a little, then a lot and now, can't wait to revisit:...more

Snape Maltings-- A Sweet Place to Browse...

We haven't been getting out as much as usual lately.  I guess that's pretty normal, considering the really heavy snows we've been having, and all of the bundling up that is required, with cold tolerances of a certain six year old only lasting for so long while wandering around in ice rain.  Yes, let's blame it on the girl!  Otherwise Jeff and I would be perfectly happy wandering around all day in the sleet ....more


So, Thursday was a travel day for us. Usually we like to get an early start, but since we knew we weren't going far - 10:30 am was early enough. Not only did we still have packing to do but we had quite a few goodbyes to say and final chitchatting to do ....more

Exploring Germany's Food and History

I can confirm that Germany is full of surprises. Backpacking around Europe in my youth, I had planned to stay for a few days, which quickly turned into a few weeks. This delightful post confirms the random (and sometimes bizarre) food, history and architecture of a complex nation. Passing through Moritzburg and Dresden, the blogger and her travel buddies find one captivating gem after another, such as their visit of Schloss Moritzburg:...more