Lake Tahoe Lovin'

Tired of shoveling snow and wearing seven layers to the grocery store? Deep winter is best for reflecting on sunny vacations spent exploring wide expanses of water and sky:Our lodge that we were staying the night at was in North Lake Tahoe (Kings Beach, in particular), but it was really important to me to see all of the lake! I knew that there were areas we would want to see in the south, and that we had to see all of the lake while visiting. Wow, we are so happy we did! It almost doesn't look's that blue....more
Loooove it. We go there a lot. Blogged about it many timesmore

Buenos Aires & Me

I decided to go to Buenos Aires on the 24th of December and on the 29th I was already on a plane heading there. I had other New Years plans, which didn’t work out, so I checked my air miles and saw where they would take me overseas, and Buenos Aires was the destination of choice. I’m an adventurer, but I also like to plan every single detail of my trip. This time, however, everything was different ....more

Apple, Leek & Bacon Breakfast Sausage

I love my morning meals. If I had to choose just one meal to eat all day, it would definitely be breakfast.  We always eat protein in the morning over here, and since anything (even bacon!) can get a little boring day after day, we try to mix it up without getting too fussy about it on the weekdays.  That's why making sausage patties and freezing them is perfect.  You can make as many as you want when you ...more

Considering a Cruise with Kids? Here's How Ours Went!

Have you ever considered taking a family cruise and thought, "My kids? On a cruise ship? No thank you." Well, I encourage you to read Tiffany's post at The Harris Life. She detailed their cruise experience with their two little ones and, really, it almost makes me want to take a cruise trip with the boys. Almost. ...more
no. We picked the cruise line geared towards Boomers. When our kids were little, there is no way ...more


Today, was grocery shopping day! ...more

Hanging With Elephants in Thailand

The risk of reading travel posts is that one's bucket list tends to grow longer and longer. Check out this incredible adventure post from an Australian mum and her boys while adventuring through Thailand:...more
I am happy to have this part of our travels highlighted today.  To clarify, our family is not ...more


Well, we've been at Playa Troncones now for three days, having arrived here Saturday afternoon. Not a whole lot going on with us but hanging out at the beach ....more