Ski Pennsylvania’s Elk & Sno Mountains

Fresh snow covers the ground, grey skies seem swollen and ready to unleash more powder. With the winter holidays making work less fun than usual, now is the perfect time to hit the slopes and enjoy the snow....more


Yes! Here we are at Hacienda Contreras - our BIG news! and our new location! ...more

panini in rome {gaudeo}

Things are always happening in Monti. Some people complain that I write about this neighborhood too much. But, there’s a reason a lot of great things are there. It’s a fantastic place to wander around, and is right in the center ....more

glass in murano {nason moretti}

Is there still time to add to my Christmas list? Because Santa, if you’re still shopping, I’d really love something from this store I visited in Murano a few weeks ago ....more


Since I am still a few days behind on my posts our day out to Malpica and Concordia was actually last Friday.Once again Bill and Carol offered to take us on a site seeing tour. Malpica and Concordia are favourite destinations of their's - they visit each time they are in Mazatlan ....more

Exploring China: The People's Park

When a small group of folks (with their adopted Chinese children) explore China for the first time, they find architectural beauty, mahjong and The Granny Police - a delightful post full of incredible photographs:...more
I'm currently living in China and really loved this post!more

Motivation Monday -- One Holiday Down...

Thanksgiving was easy. We were on the road so there was no giant home-cooked turkey with side dishes and desserts ....more


One of the bits of information we gathered at the Wickenburg Chamber was the trial up to the summit of Vulture Peak ....more

London: The British Museum

Planning a trip to London? Don't miss this local gem - just a short walk from Buckingham Palace. Kids, especially, will love it, as proven by the post's accompanying photos:...more
there August 1980 my first timemore