why you need a vacation (even when there’s no time)

Americans notoriously receive less annual vacation time than other countries, on average – but did you know that we use less of what we get, too? A Glassdoor survey earlier this year indicated that the average U.S. employee only took 51% of their eligible vacation time in the last year and 15% didn’t take off any time at all! In fact, only 25% of employees reported using all of their allocated vacation days ....more

Top 6 Lunch Boxes for Back-to-School [BC Reader Faves]

I asked Baby Cheapskate readers about their favorite lunch boxes. Here are the ones that came out on top: Pottery Barn Kids Classic: Comes in two dozen colors and prints. Features zippered mesh pocket, food-friendly lining, and back strap for attaching to rolling back packs....more

Baby and Kid Deals at Target [7/20]

Thanks again to Christy at must-read site...more

Insufficient Height

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. They did start out with footwear. But the boots weren’t tall enough to keep out enthusiastic splashes in a puddle this deep ....more

how can I get a job description, what heels are too high for work, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. Should I believe my contact’s warning about his horrible organization? ...more

When editors just aren’t that into you

You may be doing everything right and still never...more

Top Cloth Diaper Deals of the Week [7/20]

Welcome to BC’s Cloth Diaper Deals of the Week post, brought to you by Kayla at Obbs and Lala, a cloth diaper deals Facebook page you’ll really want to check out. Sweet Pickles 8 Year Celebration Sale! Get 10% off brands like Blueberry, Imagine and Sweet Pea, and get 15% off brands like Planet Wise, Softbums, Thirsties, AppleCheeks and more ....more

Prices are a’rising

This is nothing new. Happens every year, am I right? You get the letter from (insert name here) and you discover that the prices are rising ....more

Forty Clove Roast Chicken--One Pot

Gardens can be maddening. One year you get a whole bunch of beans, but the bugs get all your squash. The next year the squash might be thriving, but the squirrels carry off your tomatoes ....more