BOGO 50% Off Shoes, 30% Off Kids’ Clothes at Target This Week has two fab deals this week that are perfect for back to schools shopping: Buy a pair of shoes, get the second at half off. Online only. Choose from sneakers, boots and more–some already on sale ....more

30% Off and Free Shipping at The Children’s Place Today

It’s Monday, and that means another great deal from The Children’s Place...more

Pay Cuts….Again

I thought it was about time for an update on my employment situation. As a brief reminder, I work predominantly for 2 separate universities. I do online teaching for University A and research for University B ....more


So, I’d planned to finally share my grandma’s sweet roll recipe with you today. But I’m a little a lot behind on life after a sort of crazy weekend, so it’s gonna have to wait....more

Book Review: What Counts Most is How You Finish

About the Book: What Counts Most is How You Finish...more

Homemade Mondays week 94

Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle....more

I Need a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

In our quest to save for our down payment, we’ve been eliminating excess spending, and hunkering down on our budget. We’ve brought down our cable bill, internet bill, put ourselves on an allowance, and have really been sticking to our budget–finally. But the one bill that I’ve been avoiding is our cell phone bill ....more

Should there only be one breadwinner in the family?

An interesting post states that from a rational, economic standpoint, there should only be ONE breadwinner in a family, not two: While many will argue […] ...more

A Follow Up to That $440 Question

I decided to spend the extra money to avoid the twelve hour round trip drive from our vacation spot to my doctor’s home office. I’m frugal enough in other aspects of my life to weather the $440 bill. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the hospital the clinical staff could not confirm the cost of my test ....more

How to Save Water

Water is our most precious resource it has often been said....more