Countdown to Christmas 65 Days and counting

Countdown to Christmas 65 Days and countingSave on Heating this Winter Day Check the air flow around your outlets and light switches, then insulate with Frost King and electrical outlet and wall plate insulating kit ($1.95 at ) Another source of air coming through your out let is unused outlet cover with child safety plugs (dollar store) and you will find that you energy usage is way down....more

Day 20: How to Maximize Your Food Budget

Happy Saturday everyone! Are you having a good start to your weekend? Today I’d like to share a little strategy for maximizing your food budget, one of the hardest areas of your budget to stay under control. Here is my strategy for food shopping: ...more

Lannis: Enough is Enough...

Okay. So. Today, while folding laundry, I had an epiphany... Sometimes you have to wave the white flag and call it quits. Really. I mean, look at this: While looking at the above monster, I thought, “geez, I need to get that grass stain out...” And then I realized it’s a freaking double knee-patched pair of play jeans! Does a grass stain really matter anymore?! I mean,... (Read More) ...more

What's a girl to do?

A degree of confusion has tainted my focus. I've been looking for part-time work in addition to my Contract Sales work with Cowgirl Dirt and I've been putting together a Business Plan for a small retail home show business I am considering.Today I found a message on my voice mail ... read more  ...more

Schools that don't allow students to bring home books.

I have a son that attains high school, this is his first year. I am just finding out that the school want allow him to bring home his text book. I was very upset because he needs his books to study. I am my husband went to the school to find out that the schools can's afford to send a book home with each student. If we need a book we have to buy one. We did buy one for $100.00. This is so crazy, I went to the news for help, they did air my story and are trying to help me get a point accross. ...more

when your boss dies

A reader writes: I work in a mid-size company of about 100 employees. My department is very small, just me, my boss, and a part-time consultant. My boss died very unexpectedly this past weekend. I was given a mental health day to recover, but I don’t know what happens now. The CEO and VP are out of the office for the rest of the week, presumably to deal with his death, so I’m rudderless. I tried searching the Internet for ...more

Coupon: 25% Off Your Order at Shutterfly

Use coupon code EARLYHOLIDAY to take 25% off your order at through 10/24. That’s on top of any sale prices ....more

Good reads for Oct. 19: Newsweek’s print demise, Violentacrz, and more

To do good writing, read good writing. Here’s some of the good writing I’ve been reading this week: ...more


Nothing is impossible...the word says "I'm possible."...more