Why Is the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Even Necessary?

Did you face discrimination while you were working while pregnant? The truth is that some expectant mothers do face nasty work environments and even termination while carrying their babies. It stinks, but it's the facts. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is geared to help make sure that our pregnant mothers are protected on the job, but Tiny Steps Mommy wants to know why, in 2012, this is still an issue. Why is it still a question? ...more
During my first pregnancy a new manager was hired for my department. A "career" woman with no ...more

Successful Baby Inventions

Every parent is grateful for successful baby inventions like vaccinations and car seats that keep their babies safe. Parents love whoever invented cribs, rattles and strollers because they make it easy to take care of newborns. There have been many great baby inventions over time, but modern baby inventions are the most important. No parent is going to invent a revolutionary product that rivals the diaper or is as important as the medication that protects babies. However, modern inventions are crucial because similar successful products can be invented by anyone....more

Want to Build an App? Here's a Great Example.

Naomi Kobuko was a mom and an experienced business woman. She and her husband were running a game development company called LavaMind. He did the games, she took care of the business side. That is, until she decided she wanted to make a game, too. She knew nothing about how to do it. This is the story of how she learned. ...more
Love this post! Very inspiring!more

Woo, Wow, Win

There’s plenty of advice for candidates out there on how to score that big gig. But, as the hiring company, are you concentrating on what will bring them to you and have them say “yes” to your offer? Will they work with you for more than two years? You need to woo and wow them to win them. ...more

Casting Parents - Major TV Network

I am working on a new TV show looking for siblings who are now parents, but are taking different approaches to raising their children. The siblings should have the same parents/grew up in the same house, but now that they are parents differ from each other when it comes to parenting techniques and how their children should be brought up. (example- one may be homeschooling vs public school, one may be vegan, religion may be important to one sibling but not the other, sports vs school, communal living, etc). ...more

Which Type of Freelancer Are You?

[Editor's Note: I always love posts that break down what happens every day in the life of an entrepreneur in such a spot-on way. Take an honest look in the mirror and ask - Which of these iconic types of freelancers are you today? Have you been in the past? Some of them? All of them? - Paula G] ...more

Terrific Tuesday - Delegate and Get It Done

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific to delegate effectively in order to get done what needs doing.Like most women, I think I am a superwoman. To paraphrase a popular jingle from my childhood, I can bring home the bacon, fry it and still make my husband feel like a man. At the same time, I recognize that I am one woman and that though I often do three things at once, on occasion, I need to delegate some tasks....more

How to Get Smart About Office Politics and Use it For Good

Do you avoid office politics to or engage wisely? Successful, confident women leaders are smart about office politics. They know what it really is and use it for good in at least 3 ways....more

Is a pay-gap audit the only way forward?

Despite equal-pay legislation being in place for 40 years, the UK gender pay gap remains one of the highest in the EU. On average women in the UK earn about 15% less than men. And in London the pay gap is higher at 23%....more

Give girls better role models

Last month the Girl Guide Association published a follow-up to its 2011 study: Girls Attitude Survey. More than half of the 11 to 21-year olds who responded think there aren’t enough female role models. You may think this is an outdated organisation, but surprisingly more than 33% of girls and young women aged 7 to 21 have been involved in guiding at some point in their lives. And 50% of British women have been Brownies....more