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On retirement and being overwhelmed

I don't know about you but occasionally I get so overwhelmed by personal finance decisions, in particular about retirement* planning, I think my brain may explode. Who knows the best route to take? This is especially true when you've only just started (in 2005) to take your finances seriously and you're approaching 50.......well there's 883 days to go until that (not that I'm counting or anything!!), but you get my drift! Anyway. Retirement and being overwhelmed. One thing that's always ...more

fast answer Friday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

It’s fast answer Friday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Responding to a personal attack on LinkedIn ...more

Temporary Foreign Worker in Crisis

Cross-post from the Philippine Canadian Inquirer. The news was dire and she was just beginning her life in Canada. In 2009, Janette Camba, then 34 years old, was diagnosed with renal failure, just 1 year after her arrival in Canada on a visa under the Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) Program. But she was declared fit [...] ...more

interviewing with a company you’re in awe of

A reader writes: I am applying for a job for a company where I am personally a HUGE fan of everything they have ever made. I have other similar items in my collection, but this company makes the most EPIC ones of these item ever ....more

Be Happy and Achieve More in Your Business

In a recent presentation by best selling author and NCAA Division I tennis champion, Roger Crawford, he asked the audience of business owners and executives, “Are you listening to your own head trash?” He explained that anxiety is focused on negative outcomes and it eliminates the possibilities.  Do you start your day thinking of the angst or promise of your business? ...more
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