Knorr'easters Linguine with Clam Sauce.

Nothing says summer more than Linguine with Fresh Clam sauce. Easy to make. Simple to enjoy. This recipe has been handed down through my Italian family from generation to generation. Today, I make it with a brand new twist: Knorr Homestyle Concentrated Chicken Stock. Substituting some of the Knorr stock for olive oil makes this mealtime favorite lighter and perfect for a summer time dinner. ...more

"I Can No Longer Get It For You Wholesale."

My mother used to always get everything wholesale. That was back in the day before the internet. Back then, my mother used to know people. People who owned their own business and were the manufacturers of what she needed. Being a manufacturer herself, she knew manufacturers of furniture, clothing, housewares and food. Back in Brooklyn, she personally knew the manufacturer of Pollio Foods. Not too far from her own Brooklyn factory, she and I used to drive over to the factory where Pollio himself hand made Italian cheeses such as ricotta and mozzarella using the techniques he mastered from his hometown in Italy. Mother used to buy the cheeses while they were still hot off the conveyor belt. I used to eat at least one mozzarella ball in the car while waiting for her to pay the bill. ...more

No-Cost Games The Kids Can Play This Summer.

When I was growing up, play time for me did not cost anyone a lot of money. Just give me a simple two cent stick of chalk and a sidewalk and my friends and I would amuse ourselves for hours. It was called hopscotch. A simple connecting box drawing etched on the street with either a bottle cap, small rock or twig as the marker. ...more

Never Ever Throw Away Any Food.

Back when I was a teenager, living at home, I picked up a peach out of a bowl my mother had placed at the center of our breakfast table. As I went to take a bite out of the peach, my eye caught a blemish on it's side. Without skipping a beat, I tossed the peach into the trash because I no longer wanted to eat it. My father, who watched the whole less-than-a-minute episode, shrieked in horror and pulled the peach back out of the trash. "You don't throw food away", he said. "You just cut off the bad piece and eat the rest." And with one full scoop, he cut the bruised part off with a knife and cut the remaining peach into chucks, placed them into a tall glass, poured red wine over the whole lot and placed it in the refrigerator. "Later", he said "I'll have a nice glass of Sangria". ...more

Great Summertime Bargain Wine.

One of my friends hosted a party a few weeks ago. It was an outdoor bar-b-que. In addition to a cooler filled with soda and water, she had a huge pitcher filled with red wine and bobs of peaches floating around in it. One taste and I was hooked. I drank glasses of it all day long. It was smooth, didn't give me a headache (like some summer wines can do) and made me feel relaxed and comfy the whole day through. ...more

The Beauty Of Beans.

Our parents and grandparents knew the importance of adding beans to their diets. They're little gems packed with protein, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamins and very easy on the pocketbook. ...more

This Is A Man's World. Don't I Look Good?

The other week I ran out of my Oil of Olay face moisturizer. I've been using the product for 20+ years and have always been complimented on my great, almost wrinkle-free skin. ...more

Zucchini Bread Recipe from The 1970's.

Every August, just as the zucchini's are ripening on the garden vine, I use a few of them to make this zucchini bread. The recipe dates back to the mid 1970's when I first discovered it and I've been using it ever since. Two small zucchinis, hand shredded on a grater, supply the 2 cups of zucchini the recipe calls for. Recipe: 3 cups white, all-purpose four 2 cups shredded zucchini 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1/2 cup raisins or chopped dates 1 cup vegetable oil ...more

Got leftover veggies? Make a frittata.

I save every little bit of leftovers during the week. This week I saved sauteed onions and red peppers, one half of a tomato, a half package of goat cheese and a crumbled sausage link. What to do with all these little tid bits? Make a frittata, what else? A leftover potato, mushroom, spinach or broccoli will also do. As well as bacon or ham, cheddar or swiss cheese. Whatever you couldn't bare to toss away yet was too small enough to utilize in another recipe will work quite well in a frittata. ...more

From 60 to 70. What To Expect?

I'm reading a new book this week entitled: Creative Aging by Marjory Zoet Bankson. Ms. Bankson makes an enlightening statement in her introduction regarding aging. Bankson states that on her sixtieth birthday, friends her age told her that the decade from 60 to 70 would bring about three things: the end of her career, coping with a major health crisis for either herself or her spouse and an uncanny necessity to seek deeper spiritual roots. Maybe. ...more