Chilling More, Hustling Less This Holiday

I used to be the kind of person who went gangbusters over the holidays. As a kid I loved every minute of it. Even though my mother never decorated until after my birthday on December 19th, we lived it fully. (She wanted my birthday to be special and separate from the holiday. She was that kind of awesome mom.) As an adult, I tapped into the obsessive and addictive part of me and got swept away in the holiday madness trying to create more. ...more
"The challenge with this is that family members I love aren't really up for new adventures. ...more

Menu Planning & Sealed Pots

I’d hoped to menu plan the whole month yesterday, but never actually got around to it! Oops. Anyway this is what I have so far….this week only ...more

Menu Planning & Sealed Pots

I'd hoped to menu plan the whole month yesterday, but never actually got around to it! Oops. Anyway this is what I have so far....this week only ...more

Making a Difference - Interview with Melissa Zgola, MS, MA

As I spoke with Melissa Zgola, MS, MA, a professor at Capella University, I started to notice a very similar pattern.  Not only did she face the same issues within education, but she was discouraged from pursuing a career in IT.  And let me tell ya, IT isn’t exactly a field where you can pick up skills as you go along.  Most of the knowledge that one has in the field has to come from education, as well as trial and error.  There is a real math and science to most things and without the proper education, it’s hard if not impossible to succeed....more

is it fair for an employer to refuse to hire smokers?

A reader writes: I recently applied to two different hospitals for employment and found that both of them enforced strict anti-smoking policies that included nicotine tests upon hire. One website stated that if you failed the nicotine test, they would provide you with a program to help you quit and then you could reapply. The other stated that it would allow you to reapply again in 6 months ....more

Man potentially faced $40k in fines for renting out home to traveler!!!

OMG! I have young professional friends who routinely use Airbnb to get affordable housing when traveling. It’s a neat service that allows people to rent a room from a personal home or allows a host to rent out his or her home to travelers ....more

How To Instantly Save 50% On Your Grocery Bill $100 Giveaway

Do you want to know what’s the biggest secret of the TV extreme couponers who are able to save incredible amounts of money on their shopping bill? The biggest secret is that most of the savings that they get doesn’t actually come from the coupons that they use. All those coupons that they clip from the Sunday papers, print online from sites like Grocery Coupon Network and store away in complicated fashion in a huge coupon binder aren’t actually where ...more

5 Creative Blogs You Should Be Reading

Creativity is an important element in marketing and finding the right inspiration is imperative for engaging your audience and sharing interesting content across social media. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fantastic blogs that are sure to inspire and unleash your creativity. Whether you’re looking for curation resources or interesting insight, these blogs provide marketers with fresh ideas and thought-provoking perspectives. Check out the list below and be sure to bookmark these sites for future reference!...more