How to Prepare a Wonderful Pre Prom Party

Put a twist on the typical pre-prom gathering with a cocktail party. A nice addition is to create a designated primping station for the girls to touch up their hair and makeup before everyone goes to dinner or prom. Grab some sodas, ice cream and champagne glasses, and get the party started. Take plenty of pictures to post online and share....more

Kansas City’s New Design Destination

We are in the middle of a massive undertaking at the Mission Rd. showroom. Our old showroom (about 3,000 sq. feet) is currently being expanded to cover total 10,000 sq. feet. The goal of the renovation is to transform our cabinet showcase into a full service design center, featuring everything from custom cabinets, solid and engineered stone, hardware, flooring, tile, art, and furniture....more

Next Career, No Body Fluids

"Next career, no body fluids."That's what I tell myself....more

What Makes a Company Great to Work For?

I was lusting after some companies on the Outside Magazine 50 Best Companies to Work for list the other day and it gave me many flashbacks to my time in corporate pondering - what makes it great to work here (wherever "here" may be for you)? ...more
I absolutely LOVE the company I work for. The administration is supportive and really seems to ...more

Bad weather is bad for buiness

It’s been a long week the winter weather finally hit us.  Business has been slow especially in the evening and I can’t say I would want to get out either.  I hate the cold weather and snow and ice on top of it I want to stay home also. ...more

2 > 3

Two is greater than three. Sure that’s not true if you’re talking about numbers, but I’m talking about letters. It feels great to have two letters behind my name now instead of three. That’s right folks: I’m officially a REGISTERED NURSE!!!...more

I Don't Feel Bad About Making Me a Priority

As an accountant, my winters can be extremely stressful at the office.  Long, late hours, take out meals in front of the computer, and a growing task list drain my energy and leave me feeling like a zombie.  Through trial and error, I have found a way to deal with my work stress and not completely lose my mind.  On Amanda Runs New York, I talk about how I figured out to handle my stress by working a little bit less....more

I'm going to need a new tagline.

My first task, when I decided it was time to take myself seriously as a writer by beginning to build my platform, was crafting my tagline:Finessing Bipolarity. Writing horror. Studying ghosts. All without forgetting to feed the chickens.That line is attached to every profile, on every social media site I have. I love that line. Especially the part about the chickens. I imagined, when I penned it, that I would always have at least a couple of hens tucked away in the backyard.Life is full of surprises....more

5 Steps to Create a Strong Vision for 2012

While this post encouraged you to create your vision for 2012 in late December - it is not too late! For many, the New Year IS the time for reflection, re-visioning, and realigning your career and business. Consider these 5 excellent tips to do it well. ...more