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5 Online Security Using PayPal

Sometimes home security begins online. Many millions use and rely on PayPal for convenient and secure ecommerce transactions. But is it safe? The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is “it depends”. PayPal has numerous redundant measures of protection in place to protect their user accounts. PayPal falls under many of the same rules and regulations as banks and retailers.  They don’t have a choice to be secure or not, they have to be. But PayPal is just like everyone else, they are under constant attack....more

Family and Flex Time During Crunch Season

Family and flex time can be difficult under normal conditions. What about when you work in a high-pressure career where there is a definable crunch time. What then? Learn more about this and what options you have to remain in your career even when you've got a family. Read this story on flex time and the Big Four accounting firms at The Glass Hammer. ...more

5 Ways To Improve Your Productivity Right Now: Part 1

When you believe that something is impossible to do, you don’t even try, or you do it half-heartedly. So when it doesn’t work, given your low level of effort, you do what? You say, “See, I told you I couldn’t do it.” “It’s impossible! I knew it was!” This is the famous self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you can get better and be more productive, then you can, and you will.Here are the first three of five opportunities for you to make immediate positive change:...more

How To Avoid Teacher Burnout

As I enter into my fourth year of teaching, I have entered the stage when about half of young teachers burn out. Between the third and fifth year, half of the teachers who started teaching will quit. As with any job, there are those who were just not a right fit for teaching. However, to assume that half of those who wanted to be teachers were not a good fit for teaching is ridiculous. Some of the teachers who burn out the fastest are the best. Why? Because they give their all....more

Machines Guns & Manolos: Surviving the Mine Field that is my Dating Life

Several years back a couple of women got together and wrote a dating book that set the dating world on it’s head…..and in my opinion, set the Women’s Movement back about 40 years. It was called The Rules. I won’t bore you with the list that these two women came up with. Suffice to say they hearken to the day when Ward was wooing June, burgers were served by gals on roller skates, and women saved their virginity for marriage....more

Stop Complaining, Start Changing What You Allow

We treat others how to treat us. We control our own schedule and destiny. We tolerate way too much. As a result, stop complaining about the things that you allow. Stop complaining and start taking personal responsbility to change the situation. Great post on how to do that. ...more

Pretty Women

 I went shopping today.  Those of you who know me will understand why I am now sitting with my feet up, wondering why I was ever born. I am not a shopper.  Even if I had some money, I still wouldn't be a shopper.  Well, unless you count Amazon; THERE I am a shopper.  The prices are better and there are no crowds.Today's jaunt, however, was for milk and bread, which Amazon doesn't have.  Hence, I went shopping....more

Having my own "play" time and not living through my child

So I started playing tennis again. And as I played, I couldn’t believe how much it meant to me. Because I was truly having unadulterated fun: a feeling I think I tend to deprive myself of. Oh, and my nine-year-old daughter felt relieved. Here’s the story. After occasionally playing for the past 25 years and previously playing for my high school team, I finally decided to get back in the game. I signed up for a weekly doubles clinic, and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time I played...which must have been super annoying to the other players for an hour and a half....more

what a great post. i've been wanting to get back into soccer lately. when i was at my nephew's ...more

Scam Artists Sell Over $4 Million in Fake Tickets Every Month

Second-hand ticket retailer viagogo has revealed that scam artists that have been selling fake tickets are collectively reeling in just over $4 million a month, or $49 million a year. Viagogo found that more than 67,000 fake music festival tickets were sold last year. In 2011, that number could reach 100,000. Most of this scamming occurs during the summer, the most popular season for concerts....more