my boss got involved in my conversations with another employer

A reader writes: ...more

Your Passkey To Personal Success


Preserving Carrots–Ready For The Crockpot

We had our first hard freeze a few days ago, so the past couple weeks have been all about harvesting and preserving our garden before that freeze.  We finished just in the nick of time, and we’ve got nearly all of the food canned or in the freezer.  Whew! ...more

Working for Free: When Does It Make Sense?

Work for free?!? Pshh. Never! Right? Well … Generally speaking, I think writers should always be paid for their work. Your time is money, right? But there are no absolutes, and sometimes working for free really does make sense. When to Work for Free Sure, you want to be paid for your efforts. Can't blame you there (me too!). But sometimes doing some work for free can be really beneficial in the long term. ...more
Aside from portfolio building, sometimes I like to think about working for free as part of my ...more

For The Family - Alienation Red Flags

Dear Parents,I know I took last week off from reaching out to you. What can I say? I needed the break and maybe you did too. I don't want to overwhelm anybody....more

Communication - Gotta Love It!

I always like to ask people, what made you pick up the phone and call me? Not surprisingly, Communication is the #1 reason people give me. Be it trouble communicating with a spouse, parent, child, or even sibling, not feeling understood by a loved one is incredibly painful and frustrating....more

going on vacation during a job search

A reader writes: My current (temp) job is ending in a week. I have the good fortune of having enough saved up that I don’t need to worry for several months, and I’d been hoping to take 2-4 weeks to travel and unwind. My trouble is, I haven’t found a new job yet, and I’m getting scared that if a good opportunity comes up while I’m away, I won’t be available for an interview. This area isn’t lacking for jobs, ...more

REVISION {Project of the Month}

This month, I have two major projects to revise (in addition to regular work*). ...more