Don't Get Your Hopes Up

FB Fan Page: One of our regulars comes in alone for a meal now and then. I waited on her one brunch shift and was pleasantly surprised when she left me $10 on a bill that was around $20. Very nice tip and I appreciated it. ...more

Women With Children in the Workforce

FB Fan Page: Stories like this make me wonder if there really are people out there who don't have mothers. Maybe they were spontaneously generated in primordial soup. Maybe they should go back to the black lagoon where they belong. ...more

Tales of Woe

FB Fan Page: There is a theme here: From Slightly Cranky Waitress: ...more

Mugs 'n' Jugs 'n' Poetic Justice

FB Fan Page: Perhaps I should feel guilty for thinking this is funny... or perhaps not. ...more

Give Waiters a Tax Break

FB Fan Page: So, you work in a restaurant as a waitress. You need specific clothing, for example, maybe a white button-down shirt and black pants. Or black shirt and black pants. Or a shirt with the company logo on it and khaki pants. ...more

Please Bring Water

FB Fan Page: Funny how such seemingly tiny things grow to massive importance. ...more

The Reservation

FB Fan Page: When schools have events we get busy. We are a "destination" restaurant. Families who are going to be in town call to make their reservations. ...more


FB Fan Page: ...more

Things We Don't Want to Hear

FB Fan Page: ...more

I'll Have the Fish

FB Fan Page: If you order the fish, then I will bring you the fish. ...more